Armed protesters at national wildlife refuge say government force would risk lives

Armed protesters at national wildlife refuge say government force would risk lives

Texas Blue Bonnet LargeArmed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon—including three sons of a Nevada rancher who battled with the government in 2014—warned Sunday that any use of force by law enforcement agencies would be “putting lives at risk.”

Hours into the occupation by activists and militiamen a spokesman for the group told reporters that there has been no contact with the FBI or other government law enforcement since the occupation began Saturday night.

“They should be constitutional,” said spokesman Ammon Bundy, referring to the government. He is a son of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who clashed with the feds two years ago.

Ammon Bundy said if the government did use force to retake the Malheur National Wildlife refuge “they would be putting lives at risk.” SOURCE

Americans are ANGRY and are expecting the remainder of the Obama regime and it’s reign to be a WAR on Conservatives and gun owners.

Does anyone think there is so much as a drop of sincerity here? Republican presidential candidates are attacking President Obama’s plan to use his Oval Office powers to try to tighten gun-control laws, arguing his efforts are “unconstitutional” and another attempt to sidestep Congress.

Personally, I believe most of these cretins are doing nothing more than pandering to the American gun owners and Conservatives as they try to convince us that THEY are on OUR side and try to fool voters into supporting them.

All of this brouhaha, at least this time, has been brought on because of the way the Feds are imposing what I see as *double jeopardy* on these folks in Oregon.

The 73-year-old rancher and his 46-year-old son claim they lit the fires in 2001 and 2006 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property from wildfires. The two were convicted of the arsons three years ago and served time — the father three months, the son one year. But a judge ruled their terms were too short under federal law and ordered them back to prison for about four years each.

If these gentlemen were sentenced and SERVED their sentences and then released, HOW IN THE HELL can someone make an arbitrary decision to send them back to prison because some damned Obama sycophant thinks they weren’t penalized enough the 1st time?

Everyone is all up in the air about anticipated Executive Orders from the Head Negro in Charge and having those orders backed up by the Negress in Charge at DOJ.

I personally am not too terribly worried about what the HNIC says or does, I am in Texas and no one here gives a DAMN what the Socialist gun-grabber wants or orders. We’re going to ignore him and his BULLSHIT like we always do.

If you have any doubts about the enforcement of the HNIC’s orders, you may want to read this: Just how much can the ~Gun Grabbers~ really do?

It’s a piece I wrote a while back and is as true today as it was then, and just for good measure, Texas Governor Greg Abbott weighed in on this Obama gun grabbing BULLSHIT too.

Texas Governor to Obama on Executive Gun Control: ‘COME AND TAKE IT’. It is a GREAT time to be a Texan, if your state and it’s leaders won’t stand up to the Obama regime and their grossly illegal violations then it’s time for YOU to make some changes in YOUR state.

We wish you luck.

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12 Responses to Armed protesters at national wildlife refuge say government force would risk lives

  1. BobF says:

    The news media is saying armed protesters but of all the pictures I’ve seen, I haven’t seen one firearm. I’ve seen signs and flags but no guns. They may have them but I haven’t seen them.

    I don’t understand either how a lawyer in a black robe can order these men back to prison after they served their sentences. What happened to laws and the Constitution?

  2. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    I have a different viewpoint and many locals in the area are posting signs telling the Bundy bunch to go home. This is not a case of governmental overreach nor is it a case of governmental tyranny.

    As for why the two are being forced to spend more time … it appears they appealed the mandatory minimum sentence and an appeals court handed down a new ruling. They must serve the remainder of the mandatory minimum federal sentence for arson on public lands.

    See my posted comments at

    Let us not forget that these people were tried and convicted in an area sympathetic to ranchers — people who did not abide by poaching and arson for profit (to kill the trees and to promote sage etc. for winter forage.)

    Why the out of state Bundy’s (Nevada) invited the militia up to Oregon is still speculative and may have something to do with settling a million dollar fine that remains unpaid by the Bundy’s and is a lien on the ranch that will be passed to the protestors when their father dies. Not everything is cut and dried here.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, I know that there’s some *funny business* going on and I still believe there’s a push being made to take the nation to civil war…

      Maybe it’s not ALL being made by Obama…

      And I watched the news closely last night; these *heavily armed* folks were sure as hell open carrying, PROTEST SIGNS… I didn’t see ANY guns…

      Surely the media isn’t egging things on are they? Surely not….

      • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

        If you want to see government tyranny … look at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

        The Branch Davidians were not a cult, but a religious sect that broke off from the Seventh-day Adventists and as the media forgot to mention, they were there since 1955. Their compound was open, no children were apparently being harmed, and their leader could have been picked up without fanfare any night he went to town for ice cream. It was a media event orchestrated by the White House and Janet Reno. How is it that you say you are trying to protect the children and then attack with a tank that sparks the fire that kills the children. It seems the administration could wait longer or they would miss the news cycle with the photo op. <>

        My belief that the actual opening shot came from FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi who was also the principal bad actor at Ruby Ridge where the fight was over the length of a shotgun barrel.

        Let us not forget, the Murrah Federal Building was blown up as a direct response to Ruby Ridge and Waco — and was aimed at the FBI.

        That is a picture of the government out of control … not pursuing action in a court of law.

    • Wayne says:

      OCS, I Have been reading a lot on this subject and several different reports elude to government shennagins, as in a vendetta against land owners who are being forced off the land the government wants to quarrantine. When I say that, I mean that our government is trying to eliminate human presence on these FEDERALLY OWNED acres and square miles of land that should be open to WE THE PEOPLE. Aren’t the citizens who pay all the bills the owners of FEDERAL lands. A lot of info. is being kept from us and I don’t trust the government’s side of this story. They seem to have the power to crush any dissent and make up regulations to suit the perceived problem.

      • OneCitizenSpeaking says:


        It appears that these ranchers were well represented and money to mount an adequate defense was not an issue. In fact they paid $400,000 in two installments (2014/2015) to satisfy a civil judgment.

        From what I read in the indictment and the court documents, it was a relative that testified against them as to the poaching and the setting of a fire to cover-up evidence. The other claim that the back-fire started on their property (with permission) and spread to public lands does not appear to be supported by testimony and an arson investigation.

        There was no appeal for jury tampering. And, the only shenanigans that could have been involved coercing testimony from reluctant family and friends and technical rulings, which would have been appealed.

        It appears that the case was thoroughly adjudicated with competent defense counsel and you will notice that the defendants are not the ones exerting claims of bias or skullduggery. They obeyed the law and returned to jail.

        Why the Bundys are involved remains a mystery unless they are trying to create a movement with media attention and massive funding.

        I can’t disagree that the environmental crazies are trying to restrict humans from federal lands or that key politicians are manipulating the system. If you want to read something that happened here in California, you might want to read: which shows the type of corruption we are facing.

        As for the need to restrict entry to certain areas, it kills me to see entire areas that used to be open to hunting and target shooting closed to protect the California Condor (a dirty bird akin to a vulture who is being kept as an outdoor pet by the conservation crowd). Or the areas that are filled with trash and graffiti — not to mention maintained trails destroyed by large numbers of dune-buggies and quad-runners.

        The key is responsible stewardship by those who use the property and zero tolerance for the type of political corruption that is being imposed by the environmental whack-jobs that want to turn everybody into vegan little girls.

    • Wayne says:

      I read a different account of the trial. Apparently the back fires started by the Hammonds succeeded and actually saved a lot of land from damage by the lightening fires. This evidence was denied as evidence to the jury at the trial. Also , it seems the judge pushed the jury in the direction of a conviction. I feel, like Fred, that double jeopardy is in play here.

      • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

        Lightning is a natural forest preservative, clearing the underbrush and renewing life in the forest … the idea that “land” can be saved from damage only occurs in populated areas, areas with commercial value, or areas that can be damaged by water runoff from denuded areas.

        Periodic and controlled burns were natural forest management tools until you found the environmental crazies spewing nonsense about carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

        And there are competing claims between the loggers and the ranchers. The loggers want trees, the ranchers hate the trees and want scrub for forage. It is also not unknown in those parts for loggers to start fires in bad economic times and then receive per diem payment to fight the fires.

        Had the original trial judge or the appellate panel inappropriately exerted influence, there would have been remedies under the law.

        This is a poor case to exert the “greater good” argument for federal lands management. As was the Cliven Bundy case where he simply did not want to pay the range fee. If the now due amounts are not paid, the liens will be satisfied when the property is transferred and it is possible that the land could wind up as BLM property if nobody steps forward.

        There are times to choose your battles and make your stand — but this one looks wonky.

  3. Petermc3 says:

    According to a socialist pig debating on FNC this morning, unlike Ferguson, Missouri, where according to him the peaceful protests featured burning and looting of their own businesses and homes by negroes and was reported as such because they were negroes by a prejudiced media that refuses to call the protestors in Oregon white because they’re white. What a crock. Government overreach is government over each by any other name. This lawless administration and its government continues to hide behind the law.

  4. GarryXDm says:

    I truly believe we are in for a very challenging Year of the Lame Duck. I do not have the answers, but somehow we need to light a fire under OUR elected representatives in Congress. To date, I have not seen much action to reign in our new dictator and remind him of the Constitution by which we live. I am beginning to believe the self-proclaimed elite in Washington secretly support our dictator’s actions in an effort for them to remain in power also. I have not seen our country in such a sad state in my lifetime, but I do know We The People have to do something about it. I am frustrated by our new Speaker of the House, and what can I say about Ole Puddin’ Mitch…

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