Philly Mayor Rejects Islamic Ties to Police Shooting, Calls for More Gun Control

Philly Mayor Rejects Islamic Ties to Police Shooting, Calls for More Gun Control

Philly Mayor

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

On January 8, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) rejected ties to Islam in the ambush shooting of Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett and suggested the big lesson is that we need more gun control.

Hartnett was shot with a gun that was stolen from a police officer’s house. And the suspected gunman, Edward Archer, “allegedly told authorities he targeted an officer because police defend laws that are contrary to the Quran.”

6 ABC reports that Archer “confessed” to having carried out that attack “in the name of Islam” and that Archer “pledged his allegiance to ISIS.”

However, during Mayor Kenney’s speech, while flanked by city and law enforcement officials, he said, “In no way, shape, or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam, or the teaching of Islam, has anything to do with [the shooting of Officer Hartnett].” SOURCE

Ladies and Gentlemen, I say this in ALL sincerity; the man pictured above, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is, in MY mind, the truest definition of a Liberal Moron as we are likely to ever see.

A Philadelphia Police Officer gets shot by a Muslim TERRORIST, shot with a gun that was, according to news sources, a gun stolen at some point from a Police Officer, and the Mayor calls for MORE gun control.

I don’t think Mayor Kenney understands what *gun control* really is.

This picture below is of the Officer that was shot with the stolen gun;  Jesse Hartnett, and he reacted exactly as he should have, he fired rounds and shot the SOB Muslim that shot him. 

Officer Jesse Hartnett

Philadelphia Officer Jesse Hartnett

One of my friends that is a representative of the Texas Municipal Police Association made a statement about how well over 24 hours AFTER the shooting of a Police Officer by a Muslim Terrorist, Jihadist, whatever you want to call him, a Muslim none the less, Barack Hussein Obama has yet to say so much as one word regarding radical Islam, the violence against Officers or anything at all pertaining to this unprovoked attack on American Law Enforcement.

My friends, the most anti-American and anti-gun president in American history has made it his goal to seriously restrict our Second Amendment rights, and if possible will, in MY opinion, attempt to confiscate ALL guns from the hands of American citizens.

It will NOT happen my friends, it can’t happen, not if we ALL stand together to defend this nation, our God given rights, our liberties, our homes and our families and friends.

Deo vindice.

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16 Responses to Philly Mayor Rejects Islamic Ties to Police Shooting, Calls for More Gun Control

  1. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    Nothing “alleged” about it … the police said they recovered the weapon and confessed. The most amazing part is this POS mayor followed the statements of the police officers with his bullshit nonsense. And, nobody said — are you effin kidding me?

    Watch the video …

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard this ass-clown. This moron just started as the new Mayor of Philly a week or two ago. It should go over well with the police force.
    He takes political correctness to a new level.
    He pandered the black Muslims for votes, now it’s payback time.

  3. HGPSURF says:

    You are totally right and I am sure all of your readers know this, too. This Moron Mayor should be removed from office immediately but we all know that won’t happen in this age of insanity. I heard even before the shooting that Kenney had made Philadelphia a sanctuary city. Hard to believe there are so many fools in Philadelphia to have him elected mayor.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      Philly is just a step up from Chicago. Half the city’s on welfare, they wouldn’t want to loose the free ride the Democrats offer.
      The town is a shell of itself. Damn shame, it use to be a nice place.

  4. Ron Stabb says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama was on the horn with Kenney making sure he towed the Democratic liberal line before his speech.

    • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

      That is so not true … Obama was hiding in his “special” closet for fear that he would have to wish the police officer a speedy recovery or comment on Islamic terrorism in the continental United States.

  5. Wayne says:

    I watched the news conference live on Fox. When that asshole stepped up to the mike he couldn’t wait to blurt out that outrageous statement. We, as a country are in more trouble than we can imagine if this is what people like the Philidelphians elect. The outright lies about this false religion have to be stopped and Trump is the only one with the courage to even approach the subject. First thing to do for a republican as president is to purge the government of ALL muslim influence. I mean Ellison and the other muslim asshole in congress. The brotherhood should be declared a terrorist organization and thrown out of the country along with CAIR, MOA, ICNA and the rest of the alphabet soup crowd. Islam is here to dominate. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE.

  6. Deron Santiny says:

    Typical Liberal response. I’m sure that before long he will be blaming the Officer for being on the road at the same time as the Goat Raper. He is nothing but a puppet for the Halfrican and will do and say whatever he has to for votes.

  7. Braden Lynch says:

    Tried to come to this site using a work device and was blocked because it is a “hate speech” site. Funny, but I never thought that speaking the TRUTH was considered hate. Well this is the 1984 Orwell we were warned about.

    So, let me just say for the record that mayor Jim Kenney is the stupidest person on the planet (after Joe Biden). He is beholden to his moronic constituents, who want their free stuff and he must be so PC so as to not see the islamic terrorism connection.

    I pray everyday that the evil politician, judge and gun control advocate bastards who want to disarm us are killed by the very criminals and terrorists that they support. To make me vulnerable by disarming me only increases the threat that criminals present.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      I wonder how and who determines that this is a ‘hate speech site’? Maybe they track catch words like fucking nigger and Muslim piece of shit.

    • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

      As far as anyone can see, Texas Fred’s site is a hate speech site: Texas Fred appears to hate:
      — People who do not respect the Constitution of the United States;
      — People who want to subvert the government of the United States and impose any form of totalitarianism — be it Islam, Communism, Socialism, or Fascism;
      — People who violate our laws and trample their neighbor’s rights;
      — Crooked self-serving, lying politicians from any party;
      — People who do not uphold their sworn oaths;
      — People who face an existential threat where the enemy tells them in advance what they are going to do, and then people make excuses and claim that’s not what they “really” meant;
      — People who are useful idiots and apologists for those who would trample our rights;
      — and, people who mistakenly purchase Glocks.

      In that sense, I must be a hater too.

      The idea that anyone owns a “word” and that you can be prosecuted for using that word by the government makes one want to ask: Have you read the First Amendment, you fucking moron?

      If that is hate speech, sign me up because I stand with Texas Fred.

  8. dekare says:

    The only news coverage this seems to be getting is the media’s insistence that it is NOT islam related. I mean for Christ’s sake, the shooter SAID he is committed to Allah, and that he was killing this cop in the name of ISLAM. It’s like a talking fish has jumped out of the water in front of this mayor, and started yelling “I’m a Fish…I’m a Fish”…and the mayor looks up and tells everyone around him….”It’s not a Fish”…WTF?!?!

    This story will be gone in quick time, and you will see no stories about it. As you all know, this story quadruple dips into the two things liberals do NOT want American Citizens to see….Black on white violence, Violence against cops, Violence and Death on the part of Islam, and Gun Control would not have stopped this shooting at all. That’s FOUR (4) things that liberal everywhere deny deny deny as things that happen.

    In fact, I bet anyone that every time there is a shooting, and all the facts are not yet available, Democrats and liberals everywhere pray to whatever god they worship to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the shooting be a white male republican conservative christian who is a member of the NRA…you know they do. Does anyone believe I am wrong on this?

    I hope that Trump wins. If so, I hope, as stated above, that he cleans house. That anyone with this ridiculous liberal mindset is tossed out of office. Sadly, this will not happen, as republicans do NOT represent those that elected them. Sadly, republican politicians seem to constantly focus on getting votes from groups or people that WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THEM…EVER! And in the process, step on those of us that did vote for them.

    Whereas, liberals stick together. They NEVER try to get the conservative vote…as they do not give a crap about anyone not like them. Instead of trying to win the love of conservative, they simply shout them down, try to marginalize them, and belittle them any way they can to get them to shut up. If republicans worked 1/10 as hard as liberals in trying to appease the conservative voters that voted for them…they would be a huge success. But nope, they are either RINO’s or big tent thinkers, or just plain stupid morons. Conservative politicians like Ted Cruz should be the norm…not the exception. But nope, this slippery slope into communism has a tight grip on the government, and it in the hopes of a Trump presidency that all of this turns around.

    And it has to…you see, I am tired…SO DAMN TIRED of being labeled as a bad and evil person in my own country, when in fact, I LOVE my country. You see, unlike moosh-hell, I am proud of my country and always have been. I like what are Founding Fathers gave us, and believe we need to get back to the values that made us great. But instead, I am the enemy of my country…I am supposed to be ashamed of how I think, and I am to be destroyed because I believe that communism will not work. I am an outcast in my homeland. That should not be how good law-abiding citizens should be made to feel. I want my country back. Is that so bad?

  9. Ron Stabb says:

    Kenney needs to eat crow and resign. He should go work for Obama.

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