A few thoughts regarding Decision 2016

Decision 2016A few thoughts regarding Decision 2016

I have a few things to say about the political race for the White House and Decision 2016, this is presented as an OPINION piece, MY opinion. Feel free to state YOUR opinions in the comment section of this post.

Trump Wins South Carolina

Donald Trump swept to victory in the South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday, putting him in a commanding position as the race shifts to a slew of delegate-rich contests. SOURCE

I don’t know where this thing is going, I have NO idea, there’s a lot of time between now and Super Tuesday and many unpredictable things can happen on the American political scene.

I have 2 choices, in this order; Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Either one can win the GOP nomination and I will vote for whichever of them wins but if Marco Rubio were to somehow pull out a miraculous win I would have to do some serious soul-searching before I could vote for him.

I would never vote for Clinton or Sanders and I honestly believe that Marco Rubio would be just as bad as ANY Democrat could possibly be.

I know this; whoever wins the GOP nomination had best be prepared to go to WAR with the Democrats choice, I mean a dirty, nasty WAR filled with lies and dirty tricks.

It’s going to take a strong candidate to beat the Dem choice, there are a lot of Dem voters out there and none of them have a lick of sense.

Bush suspends campaign, bows out of 2016 race

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush suspended his once front-running campaign for the White House on Saturday, following a poor showing in the South Carolina primary.

“I’m proud of the campaign that we have run to unify our country,” Bush said. “But the people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision. So tonight I am suspending my campaign.” SOURCE

Poor little *Jebby*, Mama Bush couldn’t do the trick, big brother George had little, if ANY influence on the race and America has spoken; the BUSH dynasty has ended and well it should. 

If American voters have a brain to call their own they will make sure that there is NO chance that a Clinton dynasty ever surfaces. Dynasties may be great for ancient Chinese emperors but I believe America needs to keep it fresh, recycling the Bush or Clinton families does nothing to further the needs of this nation.

Clinton beats Sanders in Nevada caucuses

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her supporters breathed a sigh of relief Saturday following a narrow win in the Nevada caucuses.

“I am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there,” Clinton told a crowd of cheering supporters in Las Vegas. “Some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other.” SOURCE

Other than the fact that she placed American security in grave danger, not taking into consideration her list of numerous bad decisions and lies, I can give you FOUR excellent reasons to NEVER let Hillary Clinton hold office in this nation again.

1. Christopher Stevens
2. Sean Smith
3. Glen Doherty
4. Tyrone Woods

Do you need any *better* reasoning?

And here’s one last little tidbit that really pisses me off and stands as a testament to everything I can stress regarding WHY we must take the Dems completely out of office.

Obama Skips Scalia Funeral, Here’s A List Of OTHER Funerals He Was Too Busy To Attend

Barack Hussein Obama is the sorriest, most self-centered, egotistical excuse for a human being this side of a mass murderer like Pol Pot, Stalin or Hitler.

ANYONE that calls themselves an American and claims to love this nation but is stupid enough to vote for a treasonous Dem such as Hillary Clinton or an avowed Socialist like Bernie Sanders is a disgrace to the human race and ALL Conservative Americans and has NO business breathing FREE AMERICAN AIR!!

Next stop; Super Tuesday. Let’s see if Americans are smart enough to save this nation.

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55 Responses to A few thoughts regarding Decision 2016

  1. Robert says:

    Well, my top two is Cruz/Trump in that order. I was dead set against voting should any other candidate win the GOP nomination for the same reason as you. BUT….

    Like I said, the death of Scalia changed things. While I know that Rubio wouldn’t be much better than Clinton running (Or ruining) this country. Having her pick 2 SCOTUS judges flips the bench for a very long time. If Rubio did win, he would be at the very least be forced to pick a CENTRIST judge (IF Cruz wins, we can expect a more Constitutional Judge) which is better than the LEFTIST ACTIVIST that either of the Democrats would pick.

    The death of Scalia changed things very drastically for me. The big picture is the damage done long after you and I are memories. Not saying I’ll jump for joy over voting for Rubio if I had to, but nose holding might just occur.

    • TexasFred says:

      When do we get enough of this *holding of the nose* bullshit? When do we stop accepting the lesser of the evils?

      Sometimes you have to totally destroy something before a NEW version, a BETTER version can come to fruition… As much as it pains me, maybe we have reached that time; all in or screw it all and tear hell out of it…

      • Robert says:

        We reached that point in 2012 Fred. We knew there’d likely be one SCOTUS pick at risk. burned the village down. This time, within 4 years, could be 3 picks. That’s a big nuke to use. Like I said, not sure how I’d react if Rubio is the guy, just hoping he isn’t.

        • TexasFred says:

          Yeah, I hear you, and I DO understand but sometimes the only way to paint a masterpiece is to use a new canvas…

          Remember, Cruz is My Senator, and I still think he’s a douchebag, but compared to what most of the U.S. has, I suppose he’s not THAT bad…

          Yes he is… He’s a douchebag…

          • Robert says:

            Well I think Trump is far ahead in douchebaggery than Cruz but his wife is hot. I think Trump is a HUGE risk, his “Evolution” to conservatism his “Deal making” statements bother me. We got a lot of deal makers out of 2014 congress. Lindsey Graham and McCain are great deal makers, not good deals but deals… So Trump is risky. But he’s one of two. I know with Cruz he’s not evolving he’s been a conservative and he’s stood up against the GOP when everyone said he would kill any political chances for the Republicans in 2014 yet they won. He has done the right things which is more important than saying the right things sometimes.

            • TexasFred says:

              Life is a risk… Who knows what the future holds, but if Clinton or Sanders get in the Oval Office we either FIGHT or die..

              • dekare says:

                Fred, I too agree. I am not without some doubt on Trump. But he says what I want to hear for sure. One thing I do know, is that if we get any other politician, regardless democrat or republican, nothing will change. Both lead to the destruction of America, and the conversion to communism and NWO, only with republicans, the conversion taking slightly longer.

                For GOD’S sake, an admitted socialist and a lying felon and murderer are running for president, with a damn likely chance of either of them winning. Does that not tell us how far down we have fallen as a country?

                I HAVE TO HAVE FAITH IN SOMEONE. And for all the reasons I have stated in other comments, is why I feel Trump is our only real choice.

                As a country, and as the land our Founding Fathers have gifted us with, we are doomed on our current course. If Trump does even half of what he says he will do, I would consider that a win…a step in the right direction in reversing the horrors our govt has done to us.

                I also feel that if Trump is successful, it will lead to the destruction of the liberal/communist party and better yet, the downfall of the republican party was we know it. Trump, again if successful, will either fundamentally transform the GOP to one that cares about We The People think, or he will invigorate a new party. A party of the Lion. “We Are America, Hear Us Roar” (I like it). And drive a stake in the heart of the dying out of date GOP full of their RINO’s.

                A party of We The People.

                Everything has a shelf life…a life of usefulness. And at one time, the democrats and the republicans both represented We The People. But they have forgotten that. They became powerful and corrupted. As the saying goes…”Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

                Both parties are acting like typical govt DMV employees, who no longer care about helping their “customers”. They have this attitude of irritation, and feel that their jobs would be so much easier if only We The People would simply go away.

                It’s time for a revolution. Not one of guns (yet), but of voice. We The People will be heard. And Trump is our voice. We will not stand aside and shut up in the name of special interest or political correctness. We will speak our minds, and we will NOT do anything to benefit other countries to our detriment. I no longer care if anyone likes us. They can despise us all they want, but they will fear us, and will respect us again. I want America’s enemies to come to the same conclusion that Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto came to after bombing our Pearl Harbor. That they have woken a sleeping giant. That they have pushed our goodwill to the point where we have decided to stand up and push back.

                You see, I have always been proud of my country. Even our mistakes, as that is how we learn and grow. I do not believe that America is a downright hateful country. I believe that we are the most caring and charitable people to have ever existed on this planet. And I feel that if we extend our graciousness to others, they ought to feel a little thankful to us. Not complain about it and say it’s not enough. No country has done more for blacks or minorities. No country, even in today’s horrible economic state, has more opportunity than America. If you want to know where the best place to prosper is, simply look to see where everyone is going. No one is illegally crossing the border to get into mexico. No one is floating in a Dixie cup over 90 miles of shark infested waters to get into cuba. Millions of syrians and other middle easterners are trying to flee to china. So, no matter how much people say America is awful and needs to be fundamentally transformed, none of that seems to be stopping anyone from dying while trying to come here.

                I have to have Faith. I have Faith in Trump. I am Princess Leia and Donald Trump is Obi-Wan. I believe Trump is my only hope, and I am asking for his help. In fact, I am betting my life on it. I hope I am not wrong. They said Reagan was going to ruin America, but he turned out to be a damn fine president. I hope Trump is our next Reagan. I hope all of those naysayers are proven wrong. I would love to see Fox News, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and all those other supposedly conservative mouthpieces admit they were wrong. Sometimes, salvation comes to us in the most unexpected ways. I hope Trump is my salvation. What choice do I really have?

                (Damn, I could not keep it short, could I?)

          • dekare says:

            I liken our current situation more like a computer, stuffed full of spam, bloatware, useless and redundant programs, all on old operating system pieced together with patches and updates. It has gotten to the point that it can no longer be made to work properly or efficiently anymore.

            It’s time for a complete hard drive wipe (like with a rag?) and complete system reformat and restore, along with a new updated operating system.

            That is our American government today.

          • Joel says:

            I see name calling, (of Ted) but I don’t see any reasons why. Please explain.

            • TexasFred says:

              Probably because Cruz is a douchebag, just my guess… We are ALL entitled to an opinion, that one is mine, but I am not here to answer questions, I am here to opine…

              • Joel says:

                Opinions are usually based on some thing or things. I see no reason to call someone names “just because”,…… or something.
                What’s your beef with Cruz?

                • TexasFred says:

                  If you like him, support him, and I will support my favorite candidate as well, in the end I believe Trump will be the winner but should he not be the winner I will support what I see, once again, as the lesser of the evils, Ted Cruz.

                  If you like Ted Cruz, good for you! I’m happy that YOU are happy but don’t think I’m going into all the reasons why I don’t like Ted Cruz and why I STILL think he’s a douchebag.

  2. dekare says:

    Fred, you know I cannot seem to ever respond in a short and concise manner. I am wordy beyond compare when I have something to say. On this, you have stated exactly how I feel. I could not have said it better…I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

  3. Stephanie Thompson says:

    Agree for the most part…but I won’t have to think twice if Rubio is the nominee versus Clinton, Sanders, Biden or ??? Really, what is there to think twice about?

  4. Wayne says:

    You’re spot on Fred. Just the fact that Rubio is being pushed hard by Fox and Murdoch should send up a red flag. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

  5. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    I agree with Fred, but my personal preference is Cruz/Trump. Anything else is really establishment/socialists. If it is Rubio, I stay home because that would be a de facto vote for open borders.

    However, I think Clinton will be indicted after she secures a majority of the delegates so the party can freeze out Sanders and replace him with a Biden/Warren ticket.

    If you are not aware of Warren, be very, very afraid. She is the architect of the extra-judicial, extra-constitutional Consumers Financial Protection Board that has access to every facet of your life without judicial or congressional review — it’s funded by the Federal Reserve and is untouchable. One bright spot, Warren couldn’t be confirmed to head the agency, so she settled for being a Massachusetts Senator. In many ways, she is to the left of Sanders when it comes to private property — including your bank account.

    We are totally screwed and the media is for the socialist/establishment ticket.

  6. NativeSon says:

    My only opinion/comment: if Cruz is a douchebag, I guess I’ve never known a douchebag before-they must’ve all bee the post (used) liquid contained therein, OR WORSE! I would take Cruz hands down over anyone I remember (0ff the top of my head), since Reagan! He has not only READ the U S Constitution, he ACTUALLY EXPECTS US TO BE GOVERNED BY IT!!!??????

    Just my.02….

    • TexasFred says:

      I’d take him too my friend, if we can’t have Trump, but I still think he’s a douchebag… If you remember back a couple of years, I never supported Cruz for the Senate race until he was the only choice we had left… And here we are again… Same deal, if he’s the one the GOP/RNC want, and they rig the election for, he’ll still be a douchebag but he’ll be Mr. President Douchebag…

      That’s about a dimes worth there… 😛

  7. the unit says:

    Well if he gets elected and is sorry and enough from the house will impeach and enough from the upper house will convict it’s a new day that we haven’t seen in a long time.
    He may say…you are discriminating against me because of my comb over. I’ll just smile and say “You got elected because of your comb over, you’re getting fired ’cause you ain’t no good.” (paraphrasing old joke)

  8. Petermc3 says:

    I have five reasons why Trump must win, two sons and three grandchildren. Why are so many pussy whipped republicans afraid of a nominee who will piss all over the Incredible Bulk and her shit stained pant suits? Because they’re pussy whipped that’s why. Has anyone listened to the bullshit this witch is pushing and at last count half the country is eating up? The future belongs to the bold. That spells Trump to me. P.S. Fred, when it comes to douche baggery Cruz is strictly amateur hour when measured against the uber-corrupt pieces of human offal from New Jersey masquerading as United States senators.

    • TexasFred says:

      You have got to stop holding back, just say it, you’ll feel a lot better… LMAO

    • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

      I would support Trump if I actually believed, in my gut, that he was not a narcissist who may put his ego before the American public; a deal maker who might tinker around the edges of the problem in return for a photo op or symbolic victory; a crony capitalist who would allow those who created our financial and military problems to become even stronger as the “engineered” a self-serving program, and heaven forbid, a progressive stalking horse designed to split the GOP vote and hand the progressive socialist democrats a victory when none would be realistically feasible.

      If only he had a history of demonstrating core values that were more conservative rather than self-serving waffles that included supporting Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, and others.

      How can you trust a man who “wings it,” basing his actions on his feelings which change day-to-day or after meeting someone new? An insecure man who believes he is above everyone else and viciously attacks those who he perceives to be a threat? A man who lies one day, takes it back the next day without apology, and repeats the most outrageous and unproven assertions by saying “I was told that …?”

      What I see is a man who was born on third-base (using his father’s knowledge, wealth, political connections, contractors, and fixers) and believes he hit a home run when one of his minions bunted. What I see is another Barack Obama: petulant, unforgiving, and dictatorial. And, I wish the evidence would prove me wrong and we would find a leader in Trump.

      • Robert says:

        Well, that is the risk I’ve been talking about. BUT if he’s as CONSERVATIVE as he’s campaigning he’d be our “Barack Obama” which will reverse the idiot ones disaster in short order.

        Trump is a risky bet, but as I’ve said 100 times: Donald Trump isn’t my ideal candidate, but he’s the weapon I’ll use to beat the GOP to death for their betrayals and their bending of knee’s to Dear King Obama….

      • Robert says:

        What mitigates the “Risk” that I say Trump is:

        Donald Trump is a smart businessman. To be successful at being President, I would expect him to surround himself with the most brilliant minds in the country to give him the information needed to make the right decisions.

        Risky part is more of his self absorbed ego that might rather be liked than right. Will he cave to Pelosi, Reid and Obama’s minions rather than make good on his campaign speeches? Will he make “Deals” rather than stand his ground? Will he give away the farm to make a deal? If he’s the R nominee, we will see. I’ll roll the dice.

        • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

          The only thing that would mitigate the risk, in my mind, would be a veto-proof House and Senate majority willing to uphold their sworn duties to impose constitutional checks and balances on the process. That means no RINOs like McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc.

      • Wayne says:

        I see that you haven’t read The Art of the Deal. You should read it.

  9. dekare says:

    What so many see as “wrong” or “bad” with Trump, is what I see as a virtue. So many claim that Trump is self-serving, and a narcissist. I am good with that. After all, a narcissist wants the world to think he is as great has he himself does. Well, in order for Trump to get the love that he wants, he has to first and foremost, please We The People. If he wants us to shout his name from the hilltops, and build memorials to him one day, or put his likeness on our money, he has to do more than be a good president, he has to be a GREAT president.

    So I ask myself, what does Trump want from his bid for president? Money? He’s got that and more. In fact, I think he will be the richest president we have ever had…am I right. So it can’t be the money. Power? He’s got that too. He is top dog in the business world, and rules a kingdom right now. If he wanted the power of the presidency for abusive purposes, he would be far better to do what soros did, and submit a puppet candidate that he controls, and avoid the life-draining effort it must be to run a campaign as he has so far. So, I ask myself, what does a man who has everything, want? My answer is legacy. And as I have said, if he wants to go down in history as a great man, and put a feather in his cap as the beloved leader of the free world, there is only one way to get that. Of all our presidents, most people can only name a few, and those few named are the great ones. The ones that took us from the brink and brought us into greatness. No president shines unless the country was about to fall off the cliff and was saved. Washington and the revolutionary war. Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln and the preserving of the union. FDR and WWII. Reagan and the 80’s.

    They say that every man can be a hero if only he finds himself in the right place at the right time. Well, the time is right for anyone that can become the president of America and turn this mess created by liberals around. And the president that can do this, will go down in history with the great ones. I think Trump sees that and it is his goal. He truly means to undo the mess liberals have put us in, and do what is best for We The People. Not for money or power. Politicians are beholden to those that got them elected. Those that invested money or influence, expect a return on their investment. Trump will be the same. And who will he owe for his successful bid at president? We The People. And I believe in my heart, he will do right by us.

    Trump is a true American capitalist. Think about what that means. Unlike liberals, who stupidly thing businesses should be created for the purpose of giving people jobs and stuff for no profit, a true capitalist goes into business for his own benefit.

    I have owned my own company, and I am sure that almost every other business owner will agree, that when making the decision to become a businessman, the primary and number one goal is to become successful and make money. Without money and success, no business will survive. We do not take on the hard work, the liability, and out ballz on the chopping block for anyone but our own self-interest. However, before we capitalist businessmen get out of the deal what we want, we must first and foremost, provide others with something they want. We have to provide a product or a service that people will value. Customers MUST get in return the value of their money from that business. Capitalism is always a win-win (monoploies excluded of course). A businessman works hard to make his customers happy, not for the sake of their happiness, but for the sake of the business owner’s bottom dollar.

    Because unlike the govt, which does not have to worry about making “customers” happy, or make a profit, or watch cautiously over expenses in keeping them down, private businesses only help themselves by first helping others. And who works harder and puts more effort into making the customer happier? Govt, or businessmen?

    So, if Trump is a narcissist and only doing this for himself, fine. But again, as stated above, he must first give We The People his very best, and nothing less. He succeeds if America succeeds. Trump only benefits if he first delivers on his promises. I believe in capitalism and feel it is one of the most important of reasons why America became the greatest country in record time. And if my president believes in that same system, and makes a deal with the American people to put him in the whitehouse. It will be a win-win for all of us.

    I am betting it all on Trump. If anyone but him (or Cruz as my backup) takes the whitehouse, I am done with politics. If Trump does win, and becomes what all those idiots told me he would, I will get on my knees, and beg for forgiveness, and admit my mistake, and will bow out for good as well. I feel that strongly about him. I have to believe in someone. As the saying goes, we may not get the person we want. We may not get the perfect man for the job….but we may just get the man we need.

    I hope…

    The thing to loo

  10. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I swear to God I have never seen a situation like this before in my entire life, where politics have been so unflinchingly turned upside down — at a time when this nation and the rest of the planet really IS balanced on a pin.

    Sure, we’ve read and heard all that before. “This is the most important election ever, there has never been a more important time in our history,” blah blah blah.

    Except that THIS time it really IS the most important election I can remember — at a time when this nation is literally at its weakest, when the world is at its most volatile, when too many other nations are wearing their finest Politically Correct blinders, when true Evil is in the process of taking advantage of every opportunity presented to it because it realizes there is truly a massive difference between reality, as it is, versus what too many persons and nation-states THINK or WANT, in their purple skies. For Evil SURELY knows weakness when it sees it.

    At home, most everything is upside down. There is little if any of what most persons my age would term common sense, itself now a misnomer because it is uncommon. Think of something that is good or proper, and the opposite is mostly embraced now.

    I don’t recognize my nation, I don’t recognize my state, I don’t recognize my city, I don’t recognize my capital and I certainly don’t recognize its inhabitants.

    We are at that tipping point I mentioned above, when there truly will shortly be more parasites than hosts. When too many people will decide they opt for their own chunk of what I call Free Cheese. More people taking from the system than contributing.

    These are demographics and the demographics are not in the favor of logic. Free Cheesers are expanding, the deficit created to accommodate them is expanding, the number of illegal persons is likewise expanding, and all for one primary reason: the Demorats want to be elected in perpetuity, thinking — perhaps knowing — the tipping point HAS been reached and people will ALWAYS vote themselves largesse from now on.

    But then, you see, the United States as we used to care for it will simply vanish. Fewer persons will speak English. More non-English-speaking enclaves will grow and there will be even MORE “no go zones” in the US, as there are in France. And no, don’t let ANYone tell you there are NOT “no go zones” in France. There are.

    Syrians coming into the US like they are entering Texas right now — that’s the coming trend for the rest of the nation. Islam is a terrible danger. Don’t for a moment think it isn’t. Those persons termed “moderate Muslims” really aren’t Muslims. They do not practice the “religion” as it is advocated in the Koran and demanded by ISIS.

    There is a large crisis coming, even if we do re-right the Ship of State. And I for not one moment are assured we will re-right the Ship of State. If we do nothing and let things slide and continue, then the very things that make the United States truly exceptional will vanish. Our freedoms will vanish. Our ability to speak, to think, to act, freely. Then the US will be just like the countries from which people currently wish to escape.

    The questions you have to ask, then, are these: Can a Republican beat Hillary? Any one? Which one? Can Trump beat Hillary? Can Cruz beat Hillary? Can Rubio beat Hillary? Can Kasich? Carson?

    Further, I hope you’ve been paying attention, in the meantime, to the Demorats. The “fix” is in for Hillary. She has conveniently “won” numerous toss-ups by “chance,” you see. The delegate fix is in. Sanders is just now beginning to realize what he’s up against. The DNC won’t go for a Socialist-Demorat who advocates the rejection of SuperPacs and Big Money. The Demorats have their snuffling snot-lockers in Big Cash just as much if not more than the Republicans.

    Voters, the seemingly few voters who are left and who give a shit about this country, well and truly are fed up. They are proving it with Trump — it was the GOP, after all, that CREATED Trump — and Leftists are proving it with Sanders. Sanders = all the illogical and unsustainable Free Cheese you could possibly want.

    With the death of Scalia may come the death of common sense on SCOTUS. That too becomes a huge future issue. The court is about to go HARD aport for at least an entire generation, possibly two.

    Add the tempestuous temper of the times and mix liberally with the American Media Maggots, and you can see where this is going.

    Also interesting is the fact that Twitter is deleting the accounts of many conservatives, yet protecting Leftists and their views. As I wrote to Twitter itself — just waiting to see if and when MY account gets suspended or deleted entirely — there is STILL an account clearly entitled @KillTrump.

    But apparently Leftist media in all its lovely and tolerant iterations don’t think this may tend to be just a bit objectionable because, after all, it’s not one of THEIR people getting digitally gored. I wrote:

    “@KillTrump Hey, great to see you still have an account. Ah, the egalitarian Twitter. Good times. @twitter ”

    This absolutely WILL be likely THE most critical election in my time, and I’ve seen a lot of elections.


  11. Gary K says:

    Trump is a fool.
    He advocates building a ‘Wall’ that will keep no one out.

    A ‘Wall’ down by Brownsville will only see illegals getting a rowboat and coming ashore a few miles up the coast.
    The same thing would happen on the West Coast.

    We have 12,400 miles of border and only 2,000 of them are with Mexico.

    At least Sen.Cruz does not promise such ‘pie in the sky’ nonsense.

    • dekare says:

      I disagree with walls not working. There are a good number of countries that have walls, and they work quite well at either keeping people out…or citizens in. The Berlin wall for example. Now I do agree it was built for the wrong reason, but it worked. Yes, it did not keep everyone in place and there were breaches here and there on occasion. But overall, very few were able to cross it.

      We put wall around prisons, around any areas we want to secure, even around the whitehouse. Walls have been built since man learned to pile rocks. And they do this because it works.

      I do agree the concept of a wall this large to build and maintain seems daunting, but that is what man does. We went from the raft to large ship capable of carrying cities. We went from two bicycle builders flying for just a few moments to landing men on the moon.

      It only seems impossible because we have not done it yet. If we really wanted to build a wall and make it work, we could. And I assure you, if we do, illegal immigration will drop significantly.

      Now, if anyone has a better idea that will work that will keep people out, I am all ears. But to say we shouldn’t try because we will only fail, or we should just keep doing what we have been, which is not working….well, that seems damn unAmerican.

      American LOVE IT, when someone says “You can’t do that” or “That won’t work”. It only inspires us more, if for any reason, to prove doubter wrong.

      Kennedy said it best. “We do this thing, not because it is easy, but because it is hard”…or something like that. Meaning, Americans do shit because others can’t and tell us we can’t either.

      Walls do work. Maybe not perfectly, but they do. Otherwise, why do we still build them. And if they don’t work, what does?

      The best reason to build it is because liberals who WANT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION tell us not to. They aren’t telling us this because they care about us wasting our time and money. They are telling us this because they know full well, it will stop their plan for illegal immigration in its tracks.

      So build the wall. And if they come by rowboat, well, we will figure out a way to stop that too. I would rather deal with a handful of rowboats than a free for all of thousands of illegal aliens simply running north.

      Build the wall and whatever they think of next, America will solve that problem too. But to do nothing cause it’s too hard or might not work…well , that’s damn unAmerican.

    • TexasFred says:

      Gary K… You do know we have a U.S. Coast Guard and TX DPS with cutters and fast attack boats?? Right??

      The WALL may not work, if it doesn’t get built… Pie in the sky? I’m gonna stop call Cruz a douchebag, from now on it’s a Cruzbag…

      • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

        The wall needs to be built. It is a tool. It is a necessary tool. It works for the Vatican and for Israel. It also worked for China. But it’s only one piece of the overall scheme. Businesses must be penalized for hiring illegals. Benefits must be limited for illegals. Eliminate entitlements and deductions. Reduce the motivation for employment and the motivation for Free Cheese and more Mexicans will focus on staying on THEIR side of the line. Perhaps then they will begin to address their OWN internal struggles and issues.

        And oddly enough, more real Americans will be employed.


  12. dekare says:

    Damn, my mind keeps churning out thoughts on this like a vomiting college student at his first kegger.

    For all those that believe Donald Trump is out to destroy our country, I have to point out something. If that truly was Trump’s plan, why in the world would he go thru the massive amount of work, effort and money to do this, as well as start a YUGE exhausting battle with both the democrats and the republicans, who both also want to destroy America as we all knew it?

    If Trump wanted to become the president for evil purposes he could have simply teamed up with either party, as both would have accepted him as long as he wrote a handsome check, spouted their propaganda, and promises to be a good little bitch for them. Prior to Trump telling us who he was, he could have easily put on either a liberal or a GOP suit and pulled off a convincing act that he was their guy, and they would have let him in.

    Like obama, Trump could have played the puppet, and had an easy victory with all the help of a political party and the media to boot. Tell me I am wrong. If Trump wanted it, they would have given it to him.

    But he chose the other path. The uphill climb. He used his own money, and instead, bucked both parties, and said, I have a different plan. It is quite clear Trump has not played ball with anyone. And think how much easier it would have been for him if he had.

    So, if Trump really and truly wanted to destroy America, and gain this power for all the wrong reasons, he could have done it so easily. He could have nodded his head in agreement with everything asked of him, and he would have had the backing of those that now currently fighting against him.

    So, if the road to domination and the destruction of America would have been easy for Trump, why did he take the harder path?

    Because he does NOT want to do what the other parties have in store for us. Think about this for a moment. We all know, without any doubt at all, that the democrats want to destroy America. We know that the republicans want to destroy America. And we know that the media wants to destroy America. And if all of these entities want this destruction, and despise Donald Trump because he refuses to do as they want. Well, doesn’t that say something?

    Why would Trump not take advantage of all of the help he would have received if the destruction of America was his goal?

    And that is just another reason to vote for Trump. If you feel the democrats are going to make America how you think it should be…well vote democrat. If you feel any of the other republican candidates are going to make America great again, then that’s you man. But if you feel that all of these people are trying to make America into something she was never supposed to be, then you have no other choice but to vote for the one man that all of them oppose. If my enemy dislikes something, then I am for that something.

    Those that want to fundamentally transform America are not fighting this hard against Trump because they have a common interest. They are not trying to destroy Trump and spread rumors about him because they all want the same thing. They are doing this because Trump wants the complete opposite of what they want.

    So, what do you want. The destruction of the America we all knew and loved, or the other thing. Any vote other than for Trump merely decides the speed in which the country is destroyed. You can shift into high gear and vote democrat, or take it a little slower and vote for any republican not named Trump. Or, you can back the truck up, turn around and go the other way, and vote for Trump.

    Trump has done nothing to indicate to me he plans to do anything other than what he says he will do. Trump has proven himself damn capable of doing what needs to be done. Trump is not in the pocket of anyone, and owes no one a damn thing but We The People. There are no incentives for Trump to become president other than to be a great president. If I am missing something here, please point it out to me. I want to be challenged on my thoughts. I want someone to point out something that may make me stop and think. I want someone to tell me I am wrong on this point or that point. To challenge me is not an insult, and I take it as nothing but a sharing of ideas, and a check and balance of how I think.

    If you think Trump has evil plans for America, tell me what you think they are and why. I am sure everyone here will chime in and it is this wonderful provocation of thoughts that makes all of us the better for it.

    Like obama, I’m all ears.

    • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

      dekare, it is not that Donald Trump has evil intent like Obama, it is that his particular narcissistic personality and lack of real experience, like Ted Cruz, makes him dependent on those providing advice and susceptible to the law of unintended consequences. Cruz has not backed down from his core principles and doing what his constituents expect. (TexasFred is closer to this than I am and I know he has mixed feelings to say the least — almost as if he found out Cruz carried a Bible and a Glock).

      I am at a loss to understand what his core values are because they seem more progressive than conservative. Example, if you listen to Trump, he wants to deport the illegal aliens, and then let them right back in to pursue a path of citizenship. Unfortunately, the law states that anyone that is deported in ineligible for return. There is a disconnect between what he says and the rule of law. Pretty much why I prefer Ted Cruz who has the background in constitutional law and has fought before the Supreme Court.

      My issue is that I have seen Trump’s associates in the past and some are unsavory and totally unsuitable for the task at hand — especially the greenmailer Carl Icahn who Trump has mentioned for the position of Treasury Secretary. A better choice, in my opinion, would be someone like Neil Kashkari. The fact that freebooters around him, truly crony capitalists, might be self-serving rather than patriotic is a real possibility.

      The way I see it is that Trump commands 30-35% of the vote, which means he is only the nominee if he sweeps the primaries and caucuses delegate-wise) . In essence, he appears to be a spoiler with Cruz and Rubio the real candidates. Rubio is too inexperienced and progressive for my taste and thus Cruz becomes my first pick. Cruz is the only one that can beat Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Bloomberg.

      Consider the hammering Cruz is taking from the establishment and his fellow candidates who are receiving massive media air time in uncritical forums like MSNBC and now FOX and he will be battle tested if he escapes from the media, the establishment, and the progressives.

      Like I have said before, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and here is mine. No disrespect intended.

      As I say at the end of my blog: we are so screwed.

  13. Robert says:

    I got a 100 bucks that says, if Trump is the nominee, his views will change in the general election. He will flip his views and say whatever is “Polled” as resinating with democrats and alienate his conservative followers now. I got that same bet that says IF Cruz is the nominee, he won’t alter his statements or his views in the general.

    Donald Trump is a win at all cost guy, if he thinks he can sway enough democrats to cover the conservative losses he’ll do it in a heartbeat.

    Douchebag or not, Cruz hasn’t budged from his conservative principles. That’s why he’s my guy. Oh, and the fact that he worked so hard on Heller proves his 2nd amendment stance way more than a speech.

    • dekare says:

      I’ll take that bet and up you another hundred. Trump will stick with what he has been doing. If Trump loses, he will know that over half the country is gone, and will drag the other half down with it. I bet if anything, if Trump loses, he will simply shake his head, move on to the next thing, change the way he invests money, and know that We The People and our Republic are truly lost.

    • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

      Robert, interesting point. Ask Schwarzennegger when reality crashed into the way he thought things were going to go in Fornicalia. His propositions mostly ALL got shot down and he very quickly “readjusted” his political thinking.


      • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

        Please do not disrespect the spelling of our state. Here in the People’s Republic it is spelled Kalifornika with two K’s and pronounced like Schwarzenegger says with the emphasis on the Kali.

        But, you are absolutely right. Schwarzenegger was stymied at every turn by the progressives and finally capitulated to have some record of accomplishment. He is the asshat that doubled down on restrictions on global warming and increased taxation. Kissing union ass with sweetheart deals.

        Schwarzenegger was a progressive before he took office. He even married a liberal Kennedy. Who he cheated on with his maid and then had the first lady painted out of the “official” state portrait.

        His first act was to appoint his corrupt progressive successor’s Chief of Staff, a long-time progressive lesbian, as his Chief of Staff.

        He very rarely spoke with the state’s GOP members.

        He sold out completely by rewarding a termed-out RINO, Abel Maldonado, with the Lt. Governorship for the decisive vote to get a historic tax increase.

        And, his last act in office was to commute the sentence of a murderous thug because his daddy was a ranking democrat official. No remorse, because Schwarzenegger claimed it was a political favor for a friend.

        We are screwed here … and hopefully the rest of the nation will take a lesson from a man who claimed to be conservative and talked tough. Same I am too rich to be bought rhetoric. But was one of the biggest political whores around.

        • Petermc3 says:

          Give the big lug a break. Not only was he f-__kng the ugliest Kennedy waif on the planet for years but he was also a European. Somehow he did manage not to get shot or drown any of his pretty little campaign workers. But then again he was merely a Kennedy wannabe in the land of fruits and nuts and taco huts.

        • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

          OCS, I too live in Fornicalia. I’ve spelled it that way since I began blogging in 2004. My name is due to the fact that California FUCKS OVER anything and everyone it touches, and corrupts to its core, then attempts to export its Leftist corruption whenever possible.


    • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

      Well said and worth considering.

  14. Wayne says:

    I’m tired of this talk about the experienced vs the inexperienced politician. Does experience mean that he/she has been corrupted already? Perhaps the term pre-corrupted would be a better description. Rubio the RINO went to DC and gained a lot of “experience” right away with his collaboration on the Gang of Eight bill. The guys and gals who should be representing us are interested in one thing only it seems. How do I get re-elected. This job is so great I don’t ever want to loose it. Why do most come in with low bank accounts and leave with large ones? It won’t be easy but Trump may be the man to change all this and for the right reasons. To make America great again.

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