Ted Cruz has a problem with the truth

Ted Cruz has a problem with the truth

Ted Cruz Caught

This became evident in Tuesday night’s debate, during an exchange with Marco Rubio over illegal immigration. Senator Cruz, in hoping to solidify conservative support, hammered Senator Rubio on his role in the “Gang of Eight” legislation.

Senator Rubio, after explaining his position, pointed out that Cruz has supported legalizing people who are in this country illegally. Senator Cruz was clearly uncomfortable with the charge and tried to squirm his way out of it. Rubio pressed his case, insisting that Cruz answer his assertion. Cruz eventually did, saying, “I have never supported legalization, and I do not intend to support legalization.”

That is flatly untrue, Senator Cruz knows it’s untrue, and it can be proven it’s untrue.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty lays out the case here and here, concluding, “At this point, there is no reason to believe that in 2013, Ted Cruz opposed a path to legalization (not citizenship) for illegal immigrants.” You might also watch this short clip of Senator Cruz in 2013, urging his fellow senators to support an amendment that includes “a legal status for those who are here illegally.” (The claim by Team Cruz that the amendment Cruz offered was a “poison pill” is silly and false.)

Senator Cruz, for reasons of political expediency, now opposes something that two years ago he supported. That’s not admirable, but it’s not unheard of in politics. What makes things a good deal worse for the junior senator from Texas is that he’s dissembling about his record – and then he has the gall to (in the context of a discussion about surveillance) upbraid Rubio, saying “Marco knows what he’s saying isn’t true.” In psychology, what Senator Cruz is engaging in is known as projection – and combining it with dishonesty is a rather troubling mix, particularly for someone who wants to be president.

Whether or not what we saw from Senator Cruz Tuesday night is a habit rather than an unfortunate slip up remains to be seen. But as a general matter, those who excuse deceit in others end up injuring their own credibility, overlooking in those they support what they would never tolerate in those they oppose. It would be a shame if those who claim to be defenders of conservatism decide that they can distort truth and reality to get the man they want. Because the man they want may, in the end, do considerable damage to the principles and virtues they claim to cherish, like the traditional belief that truth exists independent of what we hope for and the political candidates we are drawn to. SOURCE

I went on record in the post just prior to this one when I called Ted Cruz a *douchebag*.

It appears that my calling Ted Cruz a *douchebag* has upset a couple of long-time readers and that was NOT my intent.

Maybe I was too harsh, I’ve been told that I have a propensity for harshness, among other things, and to insult or upset my readers was NOT what I wanted to do.

I say this in ALL honesty, I don’t like beets, I detest beets and I won’t eat beets for anyone, but I don’t think about denigrating others that DO like beets. We ALL have our likes and dislikes, if you like beets, go eat a bowl or 2, I have no issue with that in ANY way, eat ’em up and enjoy every bite.

The same goes for those that like Ted Cruz. If you like him, support him, and I will support my favorite candidate as well, in the end I believe Trump will be the winner but should he not be the winner I will support what I see, once again, as the lesser of the evils, Ted Cruz.

If you like Ted Cruz, good for you! I’m happy that YOU are happy but don’t think I’m going into all the reasons why I don’t like Ted Cruz and why I STILL think he’s a douchebag.

We are ALL entitled to our own opinions, at least the last time I checked, and those that try to FORCE their opinion off on others are going against everything that this nation was founded on.

I state OPINION on this blog, MY blog, and MY opinion is mine and mine alone. You are entitled to YOUR opinion as well, and are welcome to state opinion here, even if it is diametrically opposed to my own. But remember this; I don’t tell anyone what THEY should do or think, I just present news, opinion and commentary as I see it and I don’t have to justify myself or my opinions to anyone.

If that gives you a problem then take this as it is meant; feel free to leave this blog, never to return. I will miss you but life goes on, yours and mine.

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10 Responses to Ted Cruz has a problem with the truth

  1. Texasperated says:

    I supported Ted when you supported Dewhurst. We stayed friends. Now I’m supporting Ted while you support another. We’ll see what happens. I suspect we shall remain friends. I’ve cast my vote. Turnout is absolutely tremendous. Better even than 2010.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    My brother from another mother, I shall rest easy tonight knowing that I am not alone, I too hate beets. That said…. the GOP as it stands is in flames.
    It is time for these guys to shit or get off the pot, if GOP can’t field a candidate strong enough to beat an open practicing SOCIALIST, and a women named Hillary Clinton when asked if she ever LIED and she said, I don’t think so, no I have not lied, if they can not beat her lying ass, I am with you.
    Even if she went to prison, they would support her..

    Hell, maybe, Michelle, or Mike Obama may run…

  3. BobF says:

    I’m not wholeheartedly supporting any Republican candidate right now. I’m just watching and listening to them and what others I respect are saying about their favorite candidate.

    This presidential election is going to be a battle and whoever runs against Hillary is going to need all the support they can get.

  4. Tex Reynolds says:

    I like beets, blame the Aussies. They put beets on their hamburgers. An Aussie pilot in Nam turned me on to this taste treat. Obama’s rise to power and abuse of the Constitution caused me to become more familiar with the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, ergo I will not support a candidate who is not “natural born”. There are two many similarities between Cruz and Obama and the people who support them. That does not mean I will not vote for any candidate except Hillary or Bernie.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    Whatever favorables I credited Cruz for evaporated when he missed voting on the angry white hating feminist commie negro Loretta Lynch for United States Attorney General. Although his vote could not have changed the outcome and would have been purely symbolic, for me it was important he do so. Instead he missed the vote and jetted off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. To a fault politics for me has always been black and white; either you’re on the right side of the issues or you’re not. Who was it who said back in the 60’s there’s left wing and right wing but I’m in the middle of the bird. Some things never change. Tonight we find out how Nevada supports this douche bag.

  6. Wayne says:

    I can’t stand beets either Fred but I love beet pickled hard boiled eggs. Go figure. That said, I will vote Republican and hope that Trump is the nominee. Both Cruz and Rubio the RINO are not my favorites but Cruz seems to be the one to beat Rubio. I am still concerned with the voter fraud thing. Hillary could just eke out a win like the Kenyan did and wind up as POTUS. I know the electoral college elects the president and can be manipulated as well but they still need the popular vote. By the way, you can offend anyone you like and I will either smile or frown and you won’t be able to see either.

  7. NativeSon says:

    No skin off my teeth…However, if one checks “The Donald’s” stand on SEVERAL things a few years back-as compared to today…one might find a “beet farm!”

    And, for the record, I too detest when people (politicians or otherwise) attempt to rewrite history to make themselves look more palatable…just ‘fess up and admit you were wrong before and now you believe (fill in the blank) it’s so much more authentic to me :)

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I like beets but only if you cover them in some kind of dough or tempura and fry them.


  9. OregonBuzz says:

    . We are up against it folks. They, the Muslim/Marxist/Communists who inhabit the halls of our government have fully infiltrated our government and sidestepped our system of laws. We, the electorate, have only ourselves to blame. From the invasion of illegals, the subtle infusion of Socialist principles/programs over many years, to the outright disregard of our Constitution and bicameral system and its protections we have the government that our society elected and now deserves. It is now up to us, those of us who pay the bills to rise up and be merciless, because if we do not those now in power will be merciless in return. No longer can we feel free to not choose.

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