Black Power: A Done Deal

“Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.” SOURCE

Black Power: A Done Deal
By Fred Reed

Fred ReedIt is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit.

Courses of instruction in the schools, academic rigor, codes of dress, rules regarding unceasing obscenity, all must be set to suit them, as must be examinations for promotion in fire departments, the military, and police forces. Blacks must be admitted to universities for which they are not remotely qualified , where departments of Black Studies must be established to please them. Corporate work forces, federal departments, and elite high-schools must be judged not on whether they perform their functions but on whether they have the right number of blacks.

Do laws requiring identification to vote threaten to end multiple or illegal voting? The laws must go. Do blacks not like Confederate flags? Adieu, flags. Does Huckleberry Finn go down the Mississippi with the Jim, or did Conrad write The Jim of the Narcissus? These must be banned or expurgated to please blacks who haven’t read them or, usually, heard of them. Do we want to prevent people coming from regions infested with Ebola from entering the United States? We cannot. It would offend blacks. Full Story Here 

Statements like those in the opening of this post, the *Dear White People* part, always seem to come up, and when it does it inspires many of us to fall back on the writings of Fred Reed and his story that I have posted for your enjoyment.

I have something to say and it may hurt a few feelings, hell, it may cost me some readers, but when you post nothing but the TRUTH, that’s the chance you take.

For many years I did business with a man named Bruce Irvin and we were as close as friends can be. We worked together, we trusted each other and we depended on each other for protection; we were closer than most real brothers.

Oh, did I mention? Bruce was BLACK.  

Bruce and I were discussing *racial issues*, and I am talking at least 25 years ago, and we discussed how sorry some folks can be, regardless their skin color.

We talked about *White trash*, *ghetto trash*, except Bruce called them a lot worse than that, he called them NIGGERS, and when he saw the confusion he had caused by using this term he looked at me and said, “Fred, I am a well-educated BLACK MAN, I am well spoken, I make a great living for my wife and kids and I am a professional at everything I do.”  

Bruce went onto say, “YOU know the difference between a BLACK MAN and a nigger, and I know that you hate niggers, but my Brother, with YOU being White I have to tell you straight up; there is no way in hell you can hate a damned nigger anywhere near as much as I do.”

He told me how *niggers* made people like him look bad and that some folks just didn’t have enough sense to know the difference.

Made sense to me.

As years went by I knew many wonderful Black folks. I have several Black neighbors that make me think of Bruce and how he was the hardest worker I had ever seen and how his exemplary behavior made me proud to call him my friend. These neighbors are an example of what ALL people should be.

We all suffer, White, Black and everything in between when a few *niggas* talk their stuff and don’t have the sense to realize that the very people they stand FOR are the exact same ones that enslaved them all those many years ago.

Blacks in America have risen above the *bad times*, Blacks have educated themselves and their children, they have placed themselves in a position to get the GREAT jobs and to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, and that makes me very proud.

The *nigga* speaking in the opening of this post, and the racist Blacks that follow him, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and any other organization that is based on being BLACK to be a member is exactly what is wrong with America, just as much as is the Hispanic gangs and White TRASH.

When Americans put RACE behind them and start defending this nation against the REAL enemies, the ILLEGALS and gangs that are taking over America, Muslims that are trying to take over America and the Liberals that see nothing wrong with America being taken over, then, perhaps we can ALL grow, together, as a United PEOPLE in a United States of America where ALL people are created equal.

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10 Responses to Black Power: A Done Deal

  1. Tex Reynolds says:

    In the ’70s the Army started a thing called Racial Awareness Program. It’s purpose was to point out the differences in racial thinking and attitudes. It did nothing but create friction in previously cohesive units. The main reason for it’s failure is it taught to catagorize people by race instead of as individuals. It took years for the Army to recover from the chasm caused by RAP training. The simplest way for racism to disappear is for everyone to judge people as individuals only.Do not to stereotype, become a un-hyphenated American.

    • Wayne says:

      I never had a problem with black people in the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts, The J.Cs or anyone in my trade. There were black boaters in every marina I kept my boats in. Nobody seemed to be unfriendly or exhibited any animosity to these people because we shared common interests and I assume the same moral values. It’s a shame when all the news that’s fit to print is dedicated to pushing the blacks as victims meme. I belong to a large, national organization in Florida and I can tell you that race doesn’t have any influence in our agenda. I do however share Freds’ view on race and apparently you do too. I refuse to call myself a Staten Island American just because I was born there.

    • BobF says:

      In the Air Force, it was called Race Relations. During those classes, if you were a white male, you were made to feel responsible for every ill that ever befell the Negro race.

  2. Wayne says:

    An afterthought. I can remember reading a speech by T. Roosevelt about The Flag and something about English being the language of Americans, lest we become a polyglot boarding house. I will try to find it and post it if I can figure out how to do that.

  3. Cary says:

    Well spoken, Fred. Can’t disagree with a word.

  4. dekare says:

    I have posted this before from Chris Rock, but it seems to apply here very well. It shows that black people DO differentiate between themselves and actual scumbag niggers. Just like with decent white folks, who recognize that there are white trash.

    Sadly, black groups lump all niggers into the “decent black people” category, and when I or anyone else comment on these scumbag niggers, they push the issue and tell everyone that because I have an opinion about niggers, I am referring to ALL blacks….when the fact is, I am not. Like the guy above, I have friends who are black, and I think highly of them, and they differentiate themselves from niggers.

    And then blacks go ahead and commit the same sin they accuse me of. They call me cracker, redneck, white trash, honky, and so on, and assume ALL white folks are the same as the KKK. They are racists!!!!! They see white skin, and stereotype ME into the group that drags black people behind trucks or hangs them from trees. Well, is that not them judging me based upon my skin color. They don’t know me, but they have labeled me.

    Racsim exists, but it is reversed. There is WAY MORE racsim from blacks against whites. Blacks assuming all white folks are racists, when the fact is, it is just plain not true. Those days are long gone, but they can’t let it go. And you know why? Because without being able to accuse whites of keeping them down, they would have to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for themselves. When a black thug gets shot by the cops, it was because the cop was racist. NOT they black thug trying to kill the cop. When a black man is placed in prison, it is because the justice system is racist…NOT the fact that the black thug committed a crime. Without racism, the REAL TRUTH comes to bear, and that is simply, blacks are NOT ready to be civilized.

    Every single race or religious group or whatever has been tormented in the past. The Polish, the Irish, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Jews, and on and on and on. And you know what, they all have become successful as a group. Hell, slavery ended over 150 years ago, but blacks still act as if they were just recently freed from slavery and as if it was they themselves that had to pick cotton. NOT ONE SINGLE BLACK PERSON ALIVE TODAY WAS EVER A SLAVE!!!

    But you know what, Jews were not just enslaved, but KILLED by the millions, and damn near brought to extinction. And NOT over a hundred years ago, but so recently enough, that there are still jews alive today with serial numbers tattooed on their arms. They lived in ghettos, and unlike black slaves, who had value and were bought and sold, the Jew was thought worthless, and targeted for death with extreme prejudice. The Jews WISHED they had it as good as the black slave of the 1850’s and earlier. And you know what we don’t see today, Jewish ghettos, Jewish affirmative action, Jewish congressional committees, The all Jew TV network, and on and on. And Jews have gone on as a whole to become damn successful. Hell, how many here think it an attribute if you accountant or attorney is jewish? It’s cuz they have distinguished themselves as good at what they do.

    So for all you NIGGERS out there who think they are going to start shit if Trump wins….I say GO AHEAD. I posted in an earlier comment, that you will NOT know what happened if you do. We Honkies have lots more guns, know how to aim our weapons, and know how to organize way more than you will EVER. And best of all, we have been looking for an excuse to take that chip off your shoulder that was placed there by obama over 7 years ago. We are looking for retribution for being told we act stupidly, and that it is always our fault for your stupidity. We have been called racists so many times, that it has become a joke. I am no longer afraid of that label, as there is nothing I can do to stop it.

    Life it tough. If a white man encounters difficulty if life, it’s called life. If a black man does, it’s racism. Get over yourselves, and stop thinking whites are plotting to destroy you all the time. The face is, whites aren’t thinking of you at all. You just are not that bid a deal to us to waste our time even being aware of you. The only time we acknowledge you is when you start rioting and claiming we are the reason you guys cannot control yourselves. REALLY?

    So, I ask, no, I beg you, join us in civilized society, and drop the racism nonsense. We really do want you to be successful, get an education, take care of your kids, and have a happy life. We also want the same for ourselves. But, if you try to harm us, well, we know how to deal with you. And 13% of the population is just not going to win against the majority.

    A wise black man once said this. “Don’t start nothin…won’t be nothin” So yeah….THAT!!!

  5. Ron Stabb says:

    Thanks Fred, I always appreciate the opportunity to talk about:

    ‘Nigger’. Certainly one of my favorite words. It can mean so much to so many.
    Rarely used in Public but always used behind closed doors. (At least behind the doors I’ve come to know).

    Most whites don’t say it in public for fear of being mugged, robbed and/or shot. Or at least considered a racist or bigot by most family and friends.
    On the other hand, it’s alright for nigger to call other niggers nigger. I’m not quite sure why and I really don’t care.

    A nigger can come in any color.
    I can take a ride through a inner city(daylight only) and see groups of hoodie cannibals hanging on the street corners. The effects of them are everywhere you look. From mounds of litter to broken down cars to empty buildings waiting to be torn down or set on fire. Throw in an occasional dead pit-bull found in a neighbor’s garage.
    Take a ride across town to the trailer parks. It looks the same but mostly honkies rule the roost there. These are the white kids acting like niggers(Wiggers). They can’t even wear their hat strait or pull up their own pants.
    It’s cool to be a wigger/nigger, I guess.

    With all that said, I hope Trump gets in and straightens this mess out. The free ride is coming to an end. It ain’t going to be pretty or easy.

  6. dekare says:

    I have to say, and it is one thing I truly do NOT understand, is that there is a VAST number of blacks, we’ll call them sayyyyy….niggers…just so as not to get them mixed up with and to differentiate them from decent black folks. Well, the HATRED….and I mean the SEETHING HATRED that this group of people have for white people is incredible. They make up a hatred that I am willing to bet, does not exist on the part of whites against blacks. Yet NO ONE calls them out on this. If there is so much as a ridiculous perceived notion of a white who accidently insults a black person, unintentionally, and without any malice, well, it’s labeled as a micro-aggression, and we are told to check our white-privilege. Hell, reputations are destroyed, jobs lost, careers are ruined, lives shattered, and legal trouble with serious detriments, have all be a very real result of these innocent naive perceived attacks on blacks by white people. Yet when blacks….errr…niggers, show absolute HATRED for whites, and show honest to god real aggression, in the form of severe harm or death, well, they are still labeled as victims….victims of society, victims of their upbringing, victims of a racists justice system, and so on, and some will even go as far as to accuse the real victim, the white person that was seriously harmed, of doing something horrible that must have provoked the poor innocent black man, thus making the white victim deserving of whatever horror the blacks did. Why? Why…like the article states, does less than 13% of the people dictate how the rest of us are to be treated? It’s like blacks have an almost muslim like death grip on whites like muslims do on jews.

    Whites are the only species that has taken serious action in destroying themselves. Does anyone here believe that if one day the power shifted, and the blacks wielded majority power over everyone, they would show the same kindness as we do them? I bet if this occurred, slavery would make a come back, only whitey would be the one in chains. Tell me I’m wrong.

    Why are whites demonized so badly? Hell, white christians for that matter. Or even worse, white christian males. We are made to pay for everything wrong with all other non-whites, and even the damn planet. We are blamed for the indians, or is it native Americans? Cuz from what some new research is showing, these supposed “native” Americans may not have been here first. That these “native” indians may have pushed our to conquered another race of men who were here before them. Don’t the indians need to hand over their casinos to these people?

    And what about the white slavery by blacks that occurred further back in history, and for a lot longer than the 250 years that blacks were slaves in the Americas. Doesn’t this mean that whites should demand reparations from blacks and we need to settle up this much higher debt before darky starts making his demands for reparations. And how about a damned THANK YOU from all the blacks that are living in America today that really are Africans? As I bet there isn’t too many black Africans today that wouldn’t do anything to trade places with their counterparts here in America today. For all the blacks that would not have been here in America today but for slavery over 150 years ago….YOU’RE WELCOME.

    And why is it, only whites can be convicted with the additional charge of a “Hate Crime”, with increased penalties? I have seen a lot of hateful blacks who have targeted white people during the commission of a crime, solely based on the fact that they were white, and hated.

    My point is…Blacks need to be held accountable for the racism they engage in. They need to be called out and labeled as racist to the point where their lives are seriously harmed by conducting themselves in a negatively racial manner. But they are not. Yet, reverse racism (which is still racism), is WAY MORE PREVALENT with blacks against whites than white on black. And it NEEDS To be stopped. If blacks want equal treatment, well than we need to stop with the double standards. If it’s bad if a white person does it, than it’s bad if a black person does it as well. I am not allowed to say nigger, well neither can blacks. If they get affirmative action in the form of preferred jobs, school, promotions, and so on, well, that has to stop.

    And what I really do not understand, is that blacks, since they were freed during the Civil War ( A war where 700,000 white Americans died), have been trying to stop segregation. So much so that it started getting ridiculous with school districting, bus ing, white and black neighborhoods abolished, and so on. But once we embraced this notion of fairness and no more exclusion, blacks go ahead and start separating themselves again. We all know this argument with the BET television station, congressional black caucus and all those other “whitey can’t join” committees, groups, and so on. And we let them do this, despite everyones effort to make us a county of one race and one people. Now, they even want their own black oscars as well. All because of some perceived notion of racism, because some black actors were not up to snuff, and think they should win all the time just because they are black. Well fine, but if they do create their own black oscars, does this mean they are not allowed to participate with the regular oscar awards? I wonder…

    These people make up 13% of the population, but think they should get 50% or more of everything whites get. Yet when they dominate in something where they hold the majority, no one in charge calls for fairness to whitey such as in boxing, football, basketball, and lots of other industries where blacks are the majority. They want to see more black business owners, black sports team owners, black owned businesses, and so on. Well I say, what is stopping them from achieving this? It must be racism right? Well, if it’s fairness, than I say we make a rule that only 1 out of every 8 people in EVERY organization be black, and no more. Imagine all those sports teams having a true representation of an actual cross-section of the population. Imagine those black owned businesses that only hire other blacks being told they have to layoff 7 out of 8 of their employees in order to be “fair”. That their management needs to be fair as well. Hell, if blacks had to exist in a world that was really and truly “FAIR”. they would never succeed.

    If a job requirement or a supervisors’ promotion exam is not passed by blacks, and only whites achieve the highest scores, and get the job or promotion, well that isn’t racism, that’s fairness. Whites had to study and pass certain tests and get certain schooling in order to win the prize they sought. And they had to do it with affirmative action and preferred quotas working against them.

    So, in closing, blacks need stand up and take responsibility for so many things if they want true fairness and an end to racism. They need to point at themselves, and make changes of themselves. They can start with that attitude. Teach their kids to stay in school, don’t do drugs, listen to authority, and don’t get pregnant….the same things white parents teach their kids.

    If they want to get into a good school, then study hard and do all the things that look good on resume. Again, just like whitey does. And if some blacks start going against the rules that ALL OF US have to comply with, then blacks should police their own. If a black kid robs a store or mugs a little old lady, then he needs to be turned in. Not hidden from the cops. Or protected to the point where all blacks accuse the cops of racism, when the simply fact is, the kid was a thug, and got what he deserved. You see, cops don’t just shoot black people…they shoot EVERYONE who fail to listen to authority and take their guns from them.

    If blacks don’t get something they want, it’s because they failed to earn it…nothing more. No one person or group of persons is out there controlling all of society with the goal of keeping the black man down. (Except maybe the democratic party, but the blacks deny this, and instead, blame EVERYONE but their true captors).

    So, end racism is to end the division. End the hate, the separation, the envy, on BOTH SIDES, and amazingly, all parties will truly be equal. But as long as we allow agitators to continue agitating, and blacks not being held accountable for their racism, nothing will change. If we continue blame whitey for everything, give excuse after excuse for why blacks are not successful, and maintain an unfair system where undeserving blacks benefit to the detriment of white people, the resentment will continue, and blacks will never let go of their victimhood status. We are doomed to continue on this path until the system eventually breaks down, and another war become inevitable.

    Diversity is NOT a strength…it is a division of society. The root word of diversity is DIVIDE. And as the saying goes, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. As long as America embraces diversity, it is embracing failure. And when America fails, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, we will all suffer the same. And then, all of us will truly be equal.

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