Obama seeks hike in post-presidency payments

Obama seeks hike in post-presidency payments

President Obama sought to increase the amount of money available for the federal government to spend on former presidents in advance of his White House exit.

In his budget requests for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, Obama proposed hikes in the appropriations for expenditures of former presidents, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service published Wednesday.

The report, which discusses the pensions and other federal benefits offered to former commanders-in-chief by way of the Former Presidents Act, specifies that Obama’s 2017 budget proposes a nearly 18 percent hike in appropriations for expenditures of former presidents. He successfully requested an increase in such appropriations for fiscal year 2016.

“The President’s FY2017 budget request seeks $3,865,000 in appropriations for expenditures for former Presidents, an increase of $588,000 (17.9%) from the FY2016 appropriation level. The increase in requested appropriations for FY2017 anticipates President Barack Obama’s transition from incumbent to former President,” the report reads. SOURCE

Obama Smirk

They’ll get Hillary before they get me…

I guess everyone knows by now; I HATE Barack Obama.

Obama is attempting to RAPE America again and is the sorriest SON OF A BITCH to ever sit in the Oval Office. Every time you think this POS Kenyan bastard can’t sink any lower, he finds a new way to do so, and grins like a jack-ass as he does it.

The Obama regime cuts G.I. benefits every time they can and in every way they can, his evil regime has hit Social Security recipients extremely hard, not getting ONE RED CENT in a cost of living raise in the last 2 years. 

And before some Liberal RETARD has a brain fart and tries to tell us how Social Security is an entitlement, paid to recipients due to the generosity of the United States government, think again you brain-dead waste of skin.

Social Security is supposed to be a TRUST FUND held for the working men and women of this nation for a time when they become disabled or until they reach the age of retirement and begin to draw back the money that THEY paid into the fund.

No one in the federal government GAVE Social Security a penny, but when the government needs money they have NO PROBLEM with hitting the funds and withdrawing whatever they need as they leave a promise to pay it back.

They haven’t, and I doubt they ever will.

The same goes for the military personnel of this nation; those folks write a blank check to the federal government, one they back with their lives as they go where they are needed any time they are needed.

Military people are DYING waiting for needed medical treatment from the Veterans Administration. Sometimes they are dying because OF the V.A. and the less than sanitary equipment used in the care they DO get.

And Barack Hussein Obama, a totally useless excuse for a human being and a total disgrace to this entire nation has the audacity to ask for an increase in the benefits for ex-Presidents as his time in office comes to an end.

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12 Responses to Obama seeks hike in post-presidency payments

  1. dekare says:

    Fred, I agree, that obama never fails to impress when it comes to showing how low he can go.

    I am all against government payments to leeches and slugs who think they deserve money from We The Taxpaying People. But there are two payments that should be, above all others, made, and kept up with inflation. Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits.

    The first is really not money from the govt, but in fact, is people getting their money BACK from the govt. The money was taken by force, with the promise it would be given back with interest at a later time. If the govt wants to end Social Security, then fine, but then end the collection of it from our paychecks. However, For those that have paid in all these years, well, they keep getting their money back. Social Security is a ponzi scheme at best, and a profit making scam for sure. The govt collects and earns interest from each person way more than that person gets back. And the govt gets to keep the difference. Plus, if that person dies early, well, that’s a windfall for govt. If we took the money that the govt collected, which is what, about 13% of our salary, and invested in even a safe investment, over a lifetime, that is some serious money. plus, if you kick off, that money gets to get handed over to a loved one to use as they want. But when the govt gets involved, well, now they think it is their right to take our money and do what it wants.

    The second, Veteran’s benefits, well, it may not have been money they got from our boys who served, but they got something way more valuable…their lives. Every soldier that served, even if it was for just a few years, well, that was the best years of a person’s lives. Ask anyone what the value of being in your twenties would be worth today. And for those that have served, they will attest that the money they were paid was not all that great. Men and women serve, not for the money, that is for sure, but because of something inside them. Well, that is what the men and women who served have given. And that was the minimum cost. For many, it was time away from their families, time from building an education or a career, and time serving in some of the most hellish places on the planet. Many men came back missing parts or worst, peace of mind. I don’t care how tough out boys are, when you get body parts blown off of you, or worst, see your buddies reduced to goo in a flash, well, that takes something from you. There is a value and a cost of having the greatest military the world has ever seen, and is the SOLE reason America is a super power. Without our military, all of our other achievements mean nothing. What could is inventing the computer, or the next great medical cure, if you are controlled by a communist regime. Hell, those things would never have been invented but for a soldier providing the very freedom needed by those great inventors to invent. That is why EVERY SINGLE GREAT INVENTION EVER MADE, was made by free people, and mostly in the U.S.A.

    So, that money is NOT an expense. It is a payment due for services rendered. And a hell of a bargain if you ask me.

    Obama loves to say how payments for this and that to those that don’t deserve it, are “investments”. He loves to tell us how much the govt in “investing” in this program or that one. Programs that will reverse global warming, or programs to help muslims in space, or programs to help iranians get jobs or teach siberian hookers on how to properly unwrap a condemn. What I want to know, is how many of obama’s “investments” have paid off….and I mean paid off for the benefit of We The People…not him and his ilk.

    Now, that POS wants a raise. Me and mine haven’t seen a raise in over 5 years, and despite the summer of recovery, the recession is over, the employment rate is rising, and all of his other lies about how great the economy is doing, all because of him, well, those of us still in the trenches of the work world, know he is full of shit.

    If obama got paid based on his value and effort in making his “company” profitable, well, that SOB owes us money. I don’t have to spend the next 20 minutes typing out all of the failures that jerk has produced to tell you how worthless he has been. But he thinks he deserves a raise.

    I’ll tell you what barry, how about you get our credit rating back up to par, and we’ll discuss you salary then. Or maybe we can give you a few extra bucks from the profits of that Keystone pipeline project that would have brought in so many jobs and other benefits to We The People….oops…crap…that’s right, you screwed over on that too.

    I will say I am not surprised he is trying it. I would expect no less from a pathetic pustule of a man like him. I bet if I compare his net worth in 2008 to now, it is worth a lot more than just his $4ooK a year we have been paying him. Why is that? Did he “invest” so wisely, or was it something else. You know what…if I made $400K a year for the last 8 years, I would be set for life. But for good old barry, well, he needs to live the rest of his life like a true 1% percenter. Nevermind the speeches he will be paid for by every liberal commie garbage enterprise he will get from here on out as well. He wants more money, but thinks all of us should continue to live on either the pathetic payments people get from the govt, or from the retirement nest eggs that so many of us have lost, or no longer have due to his piss poor efforts at screwing over our economy. FUCK HIM!!! (Sorry, but that needed to come out…censor it if you have to). Maybe he and mooch can live off those nice lunches that he expects our kids to survive on. God know mooch needs to do something to work off that moose ass of hers…is it me, or is she getting a little hefty since becoming first wookie?

    He wants a raise in his pension….I think it’s clear what he needs to be told about his request.

  2. James Shott says:

    Hey, lighten up, man! It costs a lot to play golf when you have to pay for it yourself.

    • TexasFred says:

      It’s been out of MY range for a while now but my Son still plays… He got his 1st Eagle yesterday, I think it blew his mind, he got boogies and double boogies after that… LMAO

      • Hugh Petersen says:

        Hey, I got a hole in one last summer and I don’t even like golf. Back to Obama: In my opinion he is public enemy #1.

  3. BobF says:

    As retired military, we got no cost of living raise either and they’re raising the amount we have to pay in order to get our “free” medical for life we were promised for serving 20+ years. The jug-eared jackass thinks that wealthy former presidents need more from the American people while others to paid into the system get nothing…jerk.

  4. dekare says:

    Just found this and thought it worth showing here. Seems the jews always know how to get a better deal. I would gladly trade leaders any day.


  5. Charles Meredith says:

    I’ll give you a comment. Barry Soetero gets nothing.
    This lying poser piece of diarrhea gets only what is the law NOW!
    let him shrivel up to nothing.
    Maybe the Communists in his support team can sip him a few hundred thou more now and then.
    The sooner Barry bathhouse returns to Chicago the better. Chicago deserves him!
    The sooner he passes away from venereal disease, the better off this USA will be.

  6. Wayne says:

    This is the New World Order in your face. Players and Pawns. Do I have to tell you which is which?

  7. Bunkerville says:

    The moving van driving up to the WH cannot come soon enough. No doubt he will clean it out much like the Clinton’s did.

    • dekare says:

      And you know before Trump moves in he is going to have to change EVERYTHING…the curtains, the carpets, re-upholster all the chairs and couches, burn the mattresses, all of it…just to get that “SMELL” out.

  8. Capt Ron says:

    Do you think he will apply for “sustenance” at the welfare office because he is black?

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