Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 30

Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 30

We Are at War

Islamic State claimed responsibility for attacks on Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train in the Belgian capital on Tuesday which killed at least 30 people, a news agency affiliated to the group said.

The coordinated assault triggered security alerts across Europe and drew global expressions of support, four days after Brussels police had captured the prime surviving suspect in Islamic State’s attacks on Paris last November. SOURCE

Have you ever been SO angry that you just had to sit back for a while in order to get your emotions under control?

That was me this morning, after I read about the attack in Belgium and after having seen the live broadcast of Obama and Raul Castro in Cuba as he, Obama, gets his hand raised in some kind of Communist victory salute by Raul Castro, and then Obama goes *limp-wristed* as he telegraphs to the entire world exactly what kind of emasculate FAGGOT he really is. This is NOT a Photoshop either.

Limp-Wristed Faggot

Maybe he’s getting his *creds* known for the after party when he leaves the White House for the last time. Bath House Barack rides again, or maybe he gets ridden, as the case may be.

As I was scanning the news just now there was a flash on an online news source proclaiming, “White House to order tighter security at U.S. airports after Brussels attacks”, and that is a good thing I’m sure, but from what I have seen of the TSA people, they would be hard-pressed to stop a little kid with a *super soaker*, much less a terrorist with a bomb. 

Think about this; by the time someone gets TO a TSA checkpoint they are far enough into an airport to go ahead and detonate whatever it is they have and inflict some serious damage.

We have been lucky America, lucky that we haven’t had another attack such as the Boston bombing or some other mass-casualty event, but it’s coming I believe.

It could be a *dirty bomb*maybe, perhaps a *suitcase* nuke, possibly a biological attack, and should the Russians or Chinese really have the know-how, possibly a chance of an EMP blast that would truly wipe out the technology that we are nearly 100% dependent upon, the possibilities are LARGE and frightening.

The *religion of peace*, the most incredible misnomer of all time, has done it again, and will continue to do so until they, as a people and a*cult* are wiped from the face of this earth.

We are doing it to ourselves my friends, well, our government and the Libs, the bleeding hearts allow ALL Muslims into this nation and these Islamic bastards immediately demand that we acquiesce to their demands, they want us to turn America into a Muslim compliant 3rd World hell-hole.

Europe has already done it, and I have NO sympathy for France, Belgium or any other nation that has allowed the Muslim hordes to take control, but unless it’s stopped, and I mean RIGHT NOW, America will have them running wild, shooting our people and raping our women.

We have to hold on until we have a new President, and somehow, I just don’t see Donald Trump allowing the Muslims to take over America.

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20 Responses to Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 30

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    Very good.
    I turned on the TV this morning, saw the headline and turned the TV off.
    Just sat there for a while and thought. I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming. Everybody knew it was coming. I’m surprised it took this long.
    This liberal way of life is a total fucking failure and people want more! It is beyond my comprehension that Clinton leads Trump in the latest poll.
    Hold on to your seats…All that horrible shit Fred mentioned is coming to a theater near YOU.

  2. dekare says:

    Reminds me of a game my mother used to play with me when I was a very small child, and my mother would ask me how big I had gotten, and then hold my arms up in the air to show how big I was and make the statement.

    Here is my caption choice for this terrific photo:

    “How gay is Barry?….SOOOOOO GAYYYYYYY!!”

    At this point, there is nothing left of this guy for me to even try and like. All I can do is wait for his time to be us so that We The People can rebuild and reverse all of his doings.

    • mystere says:

      Fred, the attacks are going to be from some unpatriotic white Muslim symphasizers flying planes into buildings and landmarks again. They’re the ones that the TSA will likely give a pass to. I take it you heard about the stewardess who got caught trying to smuggle huge stashes of cocaine this week through her carry on luggage-the one who took offher Gucchi pumps to run away from authorities. That’s the kind of carelessness the TSA will exercise to let the pilots slip by and launch attacks.

  3. TexasFred says:

    All over Facebook people are saying *Pray for Brussels*… Pray for Brussels? Really??

    OK, pray that they wake the hell up, pull their heads out of their collective asses, along with the rest of Europe, and kick the Muzzies OUT! They have done this to themselves, I don’t even feel sorry for them…

    And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re doing it too, and soon it’s going to be OUR turn again…

    • Ron Stabb says:

      Yes Sir,
      ‘All you need is love’, ‘prayer heals all’, fucking peace signs and candle light vigils.
      Here they come in droves on FB. Those fucking feel good memes will be everywhere asking for Amen replies.
      All that shit has worked so well in the past…Why not?

  4. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Loved your YouTube commentary..right to the point..keep going..

  5. Tex says:

    Fidelity to Islam only, not the government.
    Women are second class citizens.
    Anyone who is not Muslim must be converted or killed.
    Sharia law is above any law.
    Tithing to Islam is mandatory for all Muslims and non-believers.

    In what way can any of these tenets co-exist with the US Constitution? The answer is they can’t ergo Islam and American principles of freedom are contradictory. A Muslim cannot be a Muslim and swear allegiance to America.

  6. Wayne says:

    Good video Fred. I was not surprised this morning when I saw the reports coming in on all the major networks. I am surprised that it took so long for the muzz to pull something like this. Perhaps they were waiting for their assets to be in place in our country. It’s almost 1:30 as I write this and I read on Breitbart that part of Denver airport has been shut down after a couple of bomb sniffing dogs “hit” on some packages by a check in counter. My son lives outside of Denver in Broomfield and he sees a lot of muslims around town but he doesn’t see a threat but then again he is one of the unfortunates who still see islam as a religion. I’m trying to get him to read about islam and sharia law just to be aware of the threat we as a nation are facing. I’m sure that there are going to be more attacks like the Boston bombing and I can’t see the governments’ attitude changing until we get a new president. Hopefully it will be Donald Trump. Islam, socialism and nationalism are what we as a free people should be aware of according to Matt Braken. You can read his piece, Tet take Two, on Gates of Vienna website.

  7. Petermc3 says:

    Their San Bernardino workers throw their jihadist buddies a party and to repay them in kind several months later their jihadist buddies kill a number of these same co-workers in a show of how muslims have adopted american values and assimilate into the fabric of america society and culture. Bullshit. Belgium itself is now being blamed for this latest attack at the hands of displaced muslim refugees/citizens due to a lack of employment and opportunity to assimilate. Bullshit. The blame rests squarely on their bleeding heart left wing socialist politicians who pamper these government dependent Islamist killers living in their midst and feign shock and surprise when they misbehave But we know of course that the socialist asshole citizens of Belgium who keep the left in power and probably deny WW II ever happened never mind the holocaust, will make this all go away by placing flowers, cards and candles at the scene of this latest carnage.
    And changing topics, maybe we should send a delegation from MLB to teach muslims how to play the game of baseball so Hillary, our president in waiting, can throw out the first ball when ISIS plays its first game in a stadium converted from a killing field to a home for their new national pastime.
    Pardon my pessimism but a self indulgent, stupid country with two Obama presidencies is surely straining at the bit to elect someone who will finish what the gay caballero from Kenya started. The american people, led by the most corrupt politicians in the most corrupt government this country has ever so overwhelmingly supported cannot possible vote to right itself on November 8th, 2016, my mother’s 90th birthday.
    …liked the video Fred.

  8. dekare says:

    If I took a bucket of scorpions, dumped them into my bed, then got in bed with them, and got stung to death…would anyone feel sorry for me? Would anyone claim I did not give the scorpions an opportunity to assimilate as the issue? Or maybe if I hugged the scorpions, and did all I could to let them know that it is okay to not kill people.

    Nope, the issue is simple. Scorpions are fricking scorpions, and I am the idiot for believing they could be anything but goddamn scorpions.

    Pray for brussels…hell no. For starters, I blame them assholes for my parents making me sit at the table all damn night until I forced those damn sprouts of theirs down my throat until I threw up…assholes. I feel bad for the minority of people who live there and are forced to put up with the shit their liberal and progressive government does, and the majority of the idiots who vote for their government.

    It is high time everywhere that all People start fighting back against liberalism. Muslims are not the issue, as they have been killing each other for 14 centuries. Muslims only started becoming an issue when governments all over the world started letting them enter their countries. Only an idiot would invite their violent neighbors over for tea, then act all surprised when they act violent.

    As we have heard, “Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims” and “What is the difference between a radical muslim and a moderate muslim?…A radical muslim wants to cut off your head and a moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to cut off your head”

    Those two statement sum up perfectly all of islam. And like scorpions, you do not invite them into your home.

    And I believe that Trump will hopefully slow the destruction of America down and maybe put us back on the path to what our Founding Fathers have planned for us. We need to shun this HOPE and CHANGE to communism and the destruction of our country as we knew it. And change happens through three methods. The soap box, the ballot box, and the cartridge box. (Is there a 4th way I missed?).

    Well, so far, talking until we are blew in the face has meant nothing to those in power. We elect our representatives, and told them what we want, and send them to DC, only to have them do the complete opposite. So, talking and asking seems to be futile. So, we properly vet our candidates, and now, we are no longer just picking the guy with an (R) in front of his name. We have chosen a guy who states with conviction, that if we send him to the whitehouse, he will do what all the others have promised but failed to. So, we have voted for him in droves, and his poll numbers reflect our disdain for those that want to ignore us, to control us and do what they want, and now it appears that my vote may not count. That it is NOT We The People that select our leaders…they do. Well, that is a complete failure of the ballot box. And if Trump is NOT the candidate due to some slimy GOP tactic, well, that will be strike two.

    And thus, leaving but only one option left. We have spoken out and made it well known we do not like what our country has become and we do not like those in charge that are destroying us. We have voted and selected our representative, and despite this, it appears they may not let us choose who will govern over us. There is but one option left to us…for now. And that is exactly why they want to destroy the 2d Amendment. They can ignore our complaints, they can rig elections, but for now, they cannot stop us from exercising our right to bear arms. And I am willing to bet my life, that if the government continues as it has been, we will lost this last check and balance to tyranny. Our supreme court is at the stage where it will be tipped in favor of the communists in power. Our leadership is infected with communists who hate the country, and if we don’t fix it real soon, we will become what all of Europe is. Scenes like what we see in Brussels will be commonplace. We will be forced to do as we are told, and let in all the terrorists and all the welfare leeches until we have a system that can no longer support itself. If the people of Brussels fail to make changes to who they let in their country now, then they deserve whatever happens from here on.

    But then again, look at the attack on the WTC in 1993, and then the success of another attack 8 years later. The Boston bombing, San Benardino, Fort Hood, Benghazi, Garland Texas, Chatanooga recruiting center. All of this has happened, and we still let these scorpions into our bed. When will We The People insist the madness stop? What happened in Brussels, and has happened all over the world wherever muslims are allowed to come in, this is the result. Even if they are not blowing us up, they still bring nothing but disrespect and hate wherever they go. They insist on stopping all of us from being who we are, they clog the streets to pray, and care nothing about the lives they impede upon, they refuse to assimilate.

    I have to ask, what positive thing do muslims bring with them wherever they go? What is the benefit to those citizens that are forced to live with them? Our politicians are supposed to do what is best for their citizens…NOT foreign muslims.

    We see once again, the thanks muslims show for those that invite them in. Brussels is only the latest in muslim appreciation. There will be more. And like Fred here, I am pissed off. Common sense is out the window. We have all been pleading and begging with our leaders to fix our broken country, and they fail to listen. I have never been so frustrated and angry, and that is not how we should feel. They work for us…but that seems to have been forgotten. We are trying to change these horrible ways, but nothing we do is working. We are told to speak up, but we are ignored. We are told to vote but now that seems useless. What is left if nothing we have tried so far has worked?

    In conclusion, I will leave with a quote from the last decent democrat politician. “those that make peaceful change impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable”. One way or another, our leaders will listen. They will do as they are told, or they will be replaced. And if they fail to leave, and let our chosen leaders take over, well…The America people have a habit of not being denied…Keep our powder dry.

  9. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough go to a baseball game and go dancing with women not their wives.

    What. The. Fuck.


    • Petermc3 says:

      That’s called dancing? In earlier, saner times they would have kicked his lanky ass off the dance floor or stuck a ciggie in his eye.

  10. mystere says:

    This is exactly that I think about 0bama in a polite way:


    I took the high road instead of shredding 0bama to pieces. The above is a link to my WordPress blog mystere’s moonbat spanker. By the way, I bet 0bama had a heaping stack of chicken and Belgian waffles before he went to play baseball with the Castro brothers.

    • mystere says:

      I hope this works!

  11. Ron Stabb says:

    This pretty much sums up what we talked about here.
    The Truth About The Brussels Attack:

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