Texas, the GOP/RNC and where it goes from here

Texas, the GOP/RNC and where it goes from here

I’m starting to think a video blog may well be the way to go. It still costs me the same to operate but now the world can get a look at ME and know I’m not some weak-assed kid blogging from a basement somewhere.

I think there will be a mixture of video with written blogs, maybe a blending all together, but I am seriously liking this video thing.

Too many times people have told me that the written word is easily misunderstood because there’s no voice inflection, well, they can’t say that any more.

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15 Responses to Texas, the GOP/RNC and where it goes from here

  1. Jay F. says:


  2. cary says:

    If this unfolds as you have outlined, I will be moving to Texas. Whether or not the wife joins me is up to her.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I can only wish you luck. I support my local push for a 51st state as well, the State of Jefferson. Its flag along with the Gadsden flag adorn my cabin.


  4. Wayne says:

    Good video Fred. If the situation really gets that bad, my wife an I will sail across the Gulf to Texas. I assume a government gone insane will try to shut down highways and make gasoline so expensive you won’t be able to drive five miles a week. The wind blows for free and although I love me some high speed powerboating, I also love sailing. I believe Corpus Christie is almost directly across from Cape Coral. It would be a nice few days on the water.

  5. dekare says:


    I like the idea of states succeeding. I wonder if it would be something the leaders of Texas would try to do. What do you think? Would they?

    We live in a time of things we would never think could happen, happen. The communist grip on this country is pretty tight now. They have not only infested the dems, but the republican party as well. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the parties anymore…Nothing at all. Choosing between a republican or a democrat politician is like choosing which end of a turd you want to eat first. Either way, were eating shit.

    I have heard of a majority of the stated getting together, and changing and/ore reversing all the damage by obama and his ilk, but it never seems to get past discussion. I don’t know, I suppose that a lot of people, our leaders as well, are waiting to see what happens this next election.

    Hell, I bet no one thought the Civil War would happen…until it did. Same with WWI, which was initiated over the assassination of a duke. Who would have thought it turned into what it did. So, anything is possible.

    I feel that our country is going to be communist if we continue as we are. The commies have been trying to gain control for over a hundred years and they have realized that an outright fair fight will not win it for them. Hell, Hitler taught us how to take over. He tried to take over violently, with his beer hall putsch, which didn’t work out too well. When that didn’t work, he simply ran for office, and took over that way. No war necessary…at least no declared war, as his thugs stirred up lots of shit. What I find amazing is that a man who violently tried to overthrow his govt, was allowed to come back and get into politics again. I mean hell, he went to prison, got released, and was handed the keys to power…who the hell does that but a stupid society.

    And here we are now with a majority of idiots gladly handing over the keys of power to the same maniacs who lust for power and will abuse it the moment they have it. Hell, these commies no longer even bother to hide the fact that they are commies. The thought of an admitted socialist like bernie sanders or admitted liberal progressive like hiLIARy loves to say, would be completely unheard of during the 80’s in the time of Reagan. Satan has removed his disguise, and told the world that evil is good, and people are okay with that. They are flocking to make him their leader.

    Like it was said in Star Wars. “So that is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause”.

    Sad sad sad. And the worst part of all, we were raised to be good patriotic, live and let live Americans…and we find ourselves in what feels like the apparent minority. It goes to show that the only thing needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. And we were so busy letting people run their own lives, and do their own things, and everyone has rights and blah blah blah, that we let evil slowly creep in, believing that few would buy into it’s nonsense. Boy, were we wrong.

    If Trump wins, and if we ever get back on the right track, or if states secede, we need to make sure things like this never happen again. I used to think Joe McCarthy and the House of Un-American Activities was unnecessary, but I now believe that this is something that we very much need.

    I mean, look around. We let things like the pledge of allegiance, promotion of christianity, white pride, the American flag, and God, become offensive, and thus had to gotten rid of. We were stupid when we didn’t take action and nip that shit in the bud. Kinda like when Hitler crossed his first border an nobody did anything, hoping that it wouldn’t happen again. Or that they would stop at just that one “infraction”. Had we stepped in, we would not be in the mess we are today.

    So, when Trump takes over, and gets rid of of the EPA, the Dept of education, and all those other hateful and harmful agencies who seem to take over and make rules with the effect of law, with no congressional oversight an no one to answer to, we need to make sure it never happens again. I propose that any govt agency created be so for a temporary time frame and for a limited purpose. After that, it is disbanded. Follow up with term limits on all politicians, and make all laws for a limited time frame. If it is a good law, then it is worth re-voting on it every few years or it simply goes away. That will keep the lawmakers and agency creators busy enough to keep them from mischief. And I hate to sound totalitarianistic (is that a word), but we need a method of stopping people from subverting our way of life. We either maintain our republic or lose it. Crap like buring the flag is not free speech,it is the original hate crime, and offensive. And since hate speech and offensive behavior is not to be tolerated according to our betters, well I say let’s start there.

    And if Trump doesn’t get the nomination….well, I suppose times will get interesting.

  6. Trencher says:

    *Good video

  7. mystere says:

    First off Fred, your video confirms the way I imagined you to be. Your voice matches what I heard in my mind, tone, pitch, accent and everything else. God put it in my mind, and it proved it.

    Second, I hope Trump’s candidacy isn’t brokered by Rinsed Prius and The RINOs, aka the Dingocrats Cover Band. They can stick their Kazoos up their wazoos! Somebody sent me a heads up about a planned attack on Donald Trump by Mitt Romney the Sunday before Mitt went Trump bashing a few weeks ago. Rafael Eduardo Cruz’s sleazy attack using Melania Trump’s GQ photo is the latest slimy attack orchestrated by Rinsed Prius. Even that previous RINO Michael Steele wouldn’t have stooped that low.

    Third thing: It looks like California just might be the state that will bring Donald Trump over the top to clinch the GOP nomination. For once, my vote and Bloviating Zepplin’s will play a crucial role. We live at the 2 ends of the state: B.Z’s in Humboldt County’s metropolitan area, while I’m in Orange County, 1 county away from Mexico…San Diego County is one of the 2 border counties. Orange County is one of the conservative bastions that can deliver the victory to Trump. We see the trouble Democrats are stirring up for us and don’t like what we’re seeing. That ape in Sacramento and his drunken sidekick aka Governor Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin are the poster children for libturds who ruined California for everyone for the next 500 years. Yes, I said 500 years! But that’s another topic for another blog.

    I plan to give my piece of mind to Rinsed Prius, warning him and his RINOs they better not broker the convention and stick us with their establishment pet RINOs. I already replied back to one of their emails recently, and plan to reply again with a stern warning.

  8. Ron Stabb says:

    I’m liking this Fred. Balls of steel. Keep a look out for Drones flying overhead.
    I’d expose my identity but I’m wanted by the FBI for taking the warning labels off my couch cushions.

  9. Petermc3 says:

    An indépendant state Texas could declare war on Mexico and build a wall from Brownsville to El Paso. A state, any state that can build thousands of miles of highways, and these stupid noise barrier walls like we have here in NJ, can surely build a wall to keep the cartels and Santa Ana’s troops out. Keep the videos coming Fred. There’s nothing like seeing the face of a real American who looks like the real Americans our generation knew growing up..

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