Donald Trump Runs His Mouth on the Abortion Issue

Donald Trump Runs His Mouth on the Abortion Issue

Abortion is a topic I try to avoid. I don’t know why Trump feels he had to make an issue about abortion, the President has NO say in this, it’s a matter for the courts and Trump is once again shooting himself in the foot.

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4 Responses to Donald Trump Runs His Mouth on the Abortion Issue

  1. Wayne says:

    The interview with Chris Tingles was a sandbag question and if you listen to it you realize that DT was asked “if abortion was illegal” would he prosecute the woman? Well, if abortion is “illegal” then someone broke the law. Who broke the law? The doctor or the woman or are both guilty of breaking the law? I’m with you on abortion and someday I hope to be able to tell you why, face to face. Until then Fred, right now, abortion is legal and free contraception is available to everyone. When the MSM sets traps to get someone to respond to a hypothetical question like Trump was asked, who is being played, the public or the candidate? I agree, DT shot himself in the foot on this one. I”m surprised nobody (think Megan Kelley) asked any of the Republican candidates when they stopped beating their wives.

  2. Petermc3 says:

    As the world burns abortion takes center stage and Trump whose public speaking skills are as well honed as his do-lap comb-over needs to grow a pair of antenna so he may sense and avoid the well laid traps set up for him. The left’s Trump anti-women circle is now complete thanks to Donald himself. What’s the next issue/trap, transsexual bathrooms?

  3. SeafarerChief says:

    I believe that Trump was set up on this one and if he doesn’t grow a set of antennae to detect these setups he’s gonna loose what ever position he has gained.

    The establishment, and that includes just about everyone, is out to nail DT to a cross no matter who or how it’s done. Stocking up on more ammo.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Chris Matthews or other CNN-oriented “journalists” don’t exist to do anything but prompt their own agenda and mindset. You have to be sufficiently adept to realize this and shame if you aren’t. Matthews’s goal isn’t to further anything Trump wants. He wants good TV and that doesn’t include agreement.


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