Advice for New Shooters

Advice for New Shooters

I am really liking the flexibility the video blogging gives me, I hope my fans are enjoying it too. It makes my job a lot easier and I can cover more ground on more topics and do it quicker than before. If you’re on Facebook feel free to join us at The United States Gun Owners Association

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2 Responses to Advice for New Shooters

  1. Wayne says:

    WOW! I see that I’m the first one to post on your latest video. You give some sound advice and I have been asked by friends here in Florida to take them shooting. I now have several handguns (my wifes’ included). I always give the the P22 Walther to shoot first if they’ve never fired a pistol before and, like you said, I let them load the first round, no magazine full of potential disaster. The outdoor range we have here is usually not crowded during the week, so there is no pressure to shoot and get done so someone else can have a spot. If they seem OK, Then we can go with a larger caliber bullet. I’m fond of my S&W 9mm because the ammo is cheaper and I like to shoot often. I get good buys on ammo at the gun shows, which are frequent here in southwest Florida. My Ruger .44 magnum is literally a pain to shoot (I’m a little older than you) and a dozen rounds downrange satisfies my lust for noise. I will keep it in my collection as I have a fondness for revolvers. I won’t go on about the rest other than a neat little carry piece I call my Travon special. I’ts small, light,and fits easily in my pocket. That said, I have been around guns since I was a little guy. I’ve hunted with my dad until he gave it up, then hunted with friends I’ve made along the hunting trips I used to go on. New York state is a beautiful area to hunt bear and whitetail, especially the Catskill Mountain and Adirondak Mountain areas. The last time I hunted was in Pennsylvania and every year I think about deer season and the buck I shot on that last trip in 1981. I lived in New Jersey and never hunted there in the 32 years I was a resident. Too many regulated areas, shotgun with 00 buck only. They eventually allowed the rifled slug but limited the areas where it was legal. Here in Florida we have wild pigs but nobody I know hunts them but I will find a buddy eventually and hook up to get the feel of pig huntin in Florida. Anyway Fred, I’m on a rant and I say again, great video and some very good advice. Thanx.

  2. Steve O says:

    Fred; No truer words were ever spoken. I have come back to the sport after being away for over 45 years. I went to a local club who have open house every Tuesday night. They are VERY SAFETY ORIENTED and have strict rules, if you brake a rule you are out no excuses. You are right start with a small caliber 22 see how it fits and then think about moving to a mid size caliber. Learn about GRIP & STANCE and then Practice, Practice, Practice. Re loading is a science all it’s own, but very rewarding. Thanks for the video Steve O

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