TexasFred has returned, and has a lot to say

TexasFred has returned, and has a lot to say

I’m going to try to be more attentive to the blog, but when *real life* gets in the way I take care of those issues 1st. 

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7 Responses to TexasFred has returned, and has a lot to say

  1. Dick Robie says:


    You didn’t say a word I disagree with. Spot on. I will pass this message to a LOT of my friends. You should do the video thing more often

  2. Ron Stabb says:

    I’m with you Fred. Keep up the good work. You forgot to mention Philly. The place is a Democratic controlled shit-hole.
    Go Trump.

    Ron S


    Right on Fred. & never ever give up. Trump 2016!

  4. Mike Flynn says:

    Great to see you back, and I agree with what you said AND live the video presentation!


  5. Capt Ron says:

    Excellent commentary, Fred. You can’t be any clearer how Democrats, Liberals that is, think and operate, and how Democrats can’t run things correctly. The “gender-neutral” bathroom thing takes the cake, I’ll tell you. It’s sick. If it gets to the point that I’ll have to take my grand-daughter to the bathroom to keep the perverts off her, then I’ll do it, packing. Keep going. Fred. We have your back.

  6. mystere says:

    Good to see you back Fred. So many things have loaded the loony bin this week. The public peeing urinal in Frisco takes the fruitcake in California, along with the gender neutered bathroom at Santee High School in Los Angeles. The Westboro Pseudobaptist hatemonger cult came by to stir the turds over Santee High as well. As far as I’m concerned, both the LAUSD & Westboro Moonbats can send themselves to where the sun doesn’t shine. They’re both destined to go to the fiery eternal stinkhole if they keep it up.

  7. Bunkerville says:

    Glad to see you back and around. Your points are well made. Each week gets more absurd, but somehow we seem to get through them. Hope life improves for you Fred.

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