TexasFred Shares HIS views on the LGBT Community and Lifestyle

TexasFred Shares HIS views on the LGBT Community and Lifestyle

It appears that the LGBT community has their panties or thongs, whatever, in a wad because they are offended. I guess they couldn’t get to their *safe place* or Mom’s basement.

Charles Barkley doing a Weight Watchers commercial in drag is hilarious to me but the LGBT crowd is offended.

State Farm has a great commercial featuring NBA players as a mixed race and transgendered family and tempers are over the moon. 

And Willem Dafoe *dragging* as Marilyn Monroe? That was a commercial of sheer genius, but the LGBT’s don’t think so.

Here’s MY personal definition of LGBT.

Lesbian – Female homo’s that enjoy another chicks *junk*
Gay – Homo’s that enjoy another guy’s *junk*
Bisexual – Undecided and moderately confused
Transgender – FUBAR, totally confused and delusional

I don’t care who you are, how you identify or what you do in YOUR own bedroom, just don’t try and push your perverted lifestyle off on me.

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12 Responses to TexasFred Shares HIS views on the LGBT Community and Lifestyle

  1. SeafarerChief says:

    Funny post and I didn’t get offended. since I’m not one of “those” people. I looked and yep It’s my “junk”.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Frankly, that is a GREAT commercial.

    FUCK the LGBT QWERTY JRTOEO LAOEBRPETRKNRORTY alphabet tranny crowd if they can’t take a joke.

    For one thing, the CDC says the LGBT “community” only makes up 3% of the population. http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/lgbt-only-3-of-population-according-to-cdc/

    Trannies are even LESS.

    Those are the FACTS.


    • cary says:

      Trannies are 1% of the homosexual community.

      That means, if Mr. Math doesn’t fail me, that these places are kowtowing to .03% of the US population.

      Helluva marketing strategy - make concessions for .03% in order to lose the business of 97%.

      • TexasFred says:

        That was the numbers I came up with as well, as did NBC News… .03% and America is going to bow, scrape and acquiesce to these perverts…

        Isn’t that basically the same bull shit the Atheists used back in the day to get prayer removed from school?? Few numbers but the *few* screamed long and loud…

  3. Wayne says:

    I always thought of queers as mentally ill. The thing that gets me mad is the fact that the so called adults who allow the 3% to make all this noise are just as ill as the queers.

  4. BobF says:

    As a nation, just look at how depraved we’ve become after only seven years of Obama. Can you imagine how much further down we’ll become in another four to eight years under the wrong leadership and two more activist lawyers on the Supreme Court.

  5. dekare says:

    These fags, homos, queers, lesbos, confused genderites, or whatever they are, have become what they used to be against. At one time, they were happy just not to get beat up for being different. And maybe we needed to get passed that, so we progressed to acceptance. As in, “Hey, you’re gay, well, I suppose that is fine, as long as you are a decent person, treat others with respect, and don’t push your views on others, especially young people”. But now, it has gone too far. They are now at the point where acceptance is not good enough. If you do not actively support and promote their “awkward” lifestyle, you are the enemy, and they will come after you. They are now the bullies…beating up on and abusing others. Just as once they were afraid to come out of the closet for fear of persecution, people are now afraid to say anything about them for fear of persecution. That is just plain not right.

    They have become just like the pushy nigger (not black person…but Nigger), that have this huge chip on their shoulder, walking around looking for any reason to be a victim, and attack others for any perceived wrong.

    The minority, special interest, and other non-traditional person have all been empowered by obama to attack anyone not like them. I can not help but feel that this is purposeful and meant to help decay our society. I am not sure who I am sickened by more…the homo fag lesbo group, or those that bow and scrape to them. What happened to the greatest good for the greatest number of people? Or the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one, if you are into Star Trek).

    The leadership almost always sets the tone for society. These people are acting like this because those in charge are letting them. Imagine if everyone just ignored them and told them to go away. Imagine if their tantrums resulted in nothing. They would stop. I hope when Trump gets into the whitehouse, and there is a full on campaign against PC nonsense, this shit will go away. Or is this a situation where we have let the cat out of the bag? I guess we will find out. But for now, these people are bullies, and are to be despised as bullies.

    Which I will now leave with this final quote I saw recently.

    “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” - Ayn Rand

  6. mystere says:

    I pity the queertards. Their braincells are possessed by demons.

  7. Gary K says:

    Trans-Gender number about 700,000.

    Registered pedophiles number about 750,00 and there are an estimated 1 million more of them.

    For every ONE tranny that we appease, there are more than THREE perverts that going to take advantage of the laws.

    • Gary K says:

      Actually, there are about 540,000 male to female trannies and about 180,000 female to male types.

      The probability of a male going into a female bathroom and being a ‘pervert’ is way higher than that of a confused person.

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