TexasFred discusses Race, Ethnicity, Slavery, Opportunity, Life and Human Dignity

TexasFred discusses Race, Ethnicity, Slavery, Opportunity, Life and Human Dignity

For many years now I have had a great number of people call me a racist, even though they based those accusations on topics that were NOT about race.

Mainly I have been called a racist because of my beliefs regarding illegals in America and what I believe needs to be done to stop them and the invasion we face from them.

How many major races are there in the world?

The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid.

Nowhere have I ever advocated closing our borders to persons of any color, race or nationality, but I have, and still do advocate the removal of ALL Muslims and illegals from this nation regardless their ethnicity, but back to the point. 

I have never advocated the removal or denial of admission to ANY race, but I am called a racist anyway.

I know there are *Major Races* across the globe, with minor divisions and sub-races but for the life of me, I can’t find ILLEGAL listed as a RACE, yet I am called a RACIST because I have serious issues with ILLEGALS.

Now don’t take me wrong, I KNOW there are still REAL racists, individuals that hate a person simply for the color of their skin, I am not one of those people, but I have seen it first hand; Whites hate Blacks and Native Americans, yet many Blacks and Native Americans hate Whites, and I don’t even want to get started regarding Asians, Pacific Islanders and so forth.

Back in the 1970’s there was a very *tilted* mini-series named Roots, it was supposedly a depiction of Black slaves and the lives they led during the slavery period and in years after the Civil War.

The American entertainment industry contributes to racism and racial divisions more than ANY social or paramilitary group anywhere.

Roots was a contributing factor to much intense racism, from all concerned and now the series has been remade and is being re-released. I am sure it will play a large part in a resurgence of racism, and not just in the South.

I have NO issue with *Black Pride*, if I were a Black man I would be proud of myself and my race as much as I am as a White man.

If I were a Black man I would have worked my way to the top of my field, just as I did as a White man. I would have raised my children to be decent human beings and encouraged them to seek as much education as possible, just as I did being a White man with White children.

I don’t hate anyone for their RACE, if I have an issue with a group of people it is because of their actions and deeds, their demands for reparations, their demands for welfare and FREE anything and everything imaginable simply because they are Black and/or their ancestors were slaves over 150 years ago.

No one born in the United States since the end of the Civil War has been nor every owned a slave. We have enjoyed a national freedom for ALL of us, all Americans, and we have ALL had the same opportunities for education, jobs, homes and happiness.

We have ALL had the opportunity, but it seems that there are some, Black and White, that have done everything imaginable to keep racism at the forefront of American politics while doing everything they can to incite some degree of racial division.

There are many individuals in America that strive to be the best they can be and to make their lives, and the lives of their families, as comfortable as can possibly be imagined.

These people are the best of the best; proud White and Black individuals.

Then we have White Trash and Niggers, the cretins that make everyone look bad.

American Blacks



There are *sorry* individuals from ALL races and until that segment of the population is educated and learns what PRIDE is, there will always be great racial divisions in America and the demise of this nation will continue.

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6 Responses to TexasFred discusses Race, Ethnicity, Slavery, Opportunity, Life and Human Dignity

  1. Tex Reynolds says:

    Back in the early 70’s the powers that be decided that the Army was racist and started the Racial Awareness Program. Before the program there were issues but they were primarily caused by self-segregation by both some whites and some blacks, but these were few. After the RAP seminars there were increased incidents of violence and in some case riots based solely on race. RAP promoted the judging of people as a race and not as individuals. Prior to RAP military leaders weeded out the malcontents and radicals, after RAP they were forced to promote them. We need to consider individuals as individuals once again. People should not be stereotyped and the key is getting to know individuals but respect and friendship is not given away it is earned.

    • BobF says:

      I enlisted in 1973. In the Air Force we called them Race Relations Classes. In those classes you were made to feel that White Males were responsible for every failure or evil ever bestowed upon Blacks. Black and White Airmen who worked together and partied together after work would now go their separate ways after the duty day was over. Blacks and Whites who roomed together would now ask for new roommates. Those classes caused problems that never existed before.

  2. BobF says:

    Well said Fred…

  3. dekare says:

    It was stated above that all people, black and white, were given the same opportunity to succeed in life. Well, that is no longer true. Being black now seem to hold an advantage when it comes to getting jobs and promotions, as well as other certain benefits in society.

    How many white people have been denied a job, a promotion, or acceptance into college because that position was filled by a black person. Now, all things being equal, and the black person gets selected, would still be unfair. But now, we see MUCH MORE qualified white people passed over so that Affirmative Action can intervene and select blacks solely based on the color of their skin.

    How is a white person supposed to feel when they are the better more logical choice, have more education, more qualifications, more experience and so on, when they have been passed over and their job has been given to someone less qualified, but black.

    This build resentment.

    America is so desperate for blacks to succeed that all blacks now have to do is simply apply and they get the job…the promotion..that seat in college, regardless if someone else worked harder and was better suited.

    And yet, even this is not good enough. Blacks still demand MORE AND MORE.

    Blacks claim to want equal treatment, but if that were to truly happen, blacks would almost always be at the bottom….why?

    Why is it blacks are more prone to commit crime? Why is it blacks do not do as well in school? Why is it blacks are not as good at qualifying for promotions or jobs as whites? We must admit that either blacks truly are inferior to whites somehow or that they simply do not want to work as hard as they can to succeed. Which is it? Are they truly different from whitey of do they simply choose to be failures?

    When a promotional exam is given, and the scores must be thrown out because no blacks scored as high as whites, we have to ask why. Now, if blacks truly are more mentally deficient than whites, well, does it make sense to put these people in positions of importance when whites are obviously more qualified? And if blacks do claim to be mental equals, why are they not doing as well as whites in school and testing.

    We all admit that blacks are physically superior to whites, as evidenced by most sports. But do we seek to pass over blacks in order to place whites on sports teams in order to make it fair for everyone? Do we make sure that blacks, who are 13% of the population, only hold 13% of the positions on sports teams? Why not? We make sure blacks hold AT LEAST 13%, if not more, everywhere else. If we use affirmative action to bolster less qualified blacks in the word world, then we must do the same for whites in sports for the same reason, lest we be labelled hypocritical..Right?

    Now, if blacks claim to be our equals when it comes to smarts, but still cannot match whitey when it comes to testing for college, jobs and promotions, than what is the reason?

    Is it lack of proper unbringing? If so, why do we not address this? Why is it if we point out that black women have multiple baby-daddies, we are labelled as racist, when what we are really doing is trying to help black people? Why do we make heroes out of single black mothers instead of telling them that this is WRONG, and should not be done?

    Now, where blacks seem to fall short in the world of education and promotions at work, they seem to excel at going to prison. Again, they have stated they are as smart as whites. They also seem to have an ADVANTAGE over whites when it comes to getting into school, jobs, and promotions, yet somehow despite the unfair advantage over whitey, they still seem to end up in prison more often. Well, the reason they end up in prison more often than whites is that they break the law more often than whites. Again why?

    If you ask most black people, they will use the excuse of racism as the reason they do not succeed. They will say that the white man is keeping them down. If this is true, please, show me where this does exist. It has been proven beyond all doubt, through affirmative action, that whites are not only NOT keeping them down, but adjusting the rules in order to push them UP. So much so that it is a detriment to the average white person. You would think that affirmative action would have had the effect of seeing less blacks and MORE whites in prison, but this is not the case. Again, why?

    Well, if blacks are equal to whites in brain power, and have more of an advantage over whites in opportunities, yet still seem to fail more, I can only come to the logical conclusion that blacks themselves are the reason.

    Racism on the part of whites against blacks no longer exist. I know this because it is almost never seen anymore. The media is certainly not hiding this, as they seem to go out of their way to report every single instance of white on black racism. In fact, it happens so little, that the rules have been changed to now report “micro-aggressions” as racism. What are micro-aggressions you ask. Well, that is when something that would never be seen as racism in the past, but somehow is now, for the simple reason that blacks needed an excuse as to why they failed. How is a white person racist if he brings to work a brown paper bag with food in it for lunch? Well, that is one typical example of a micro aggression. Micro-aggressions were invented because actual racism was made extinct.

    Imagine if a person walking down the street was pushed to the ground by a bully. Well, we would blame the bully for the reason that person fell. We would despise the bully, and feel bad for his victim. But imagine this same person walking down the street, and he keeps falling, but no one has pushed him, or is even near him. Could that person continue to blame a bully for his failure to walk upright? What if that person, without any bullies around, kept falling down. At what point would be say that the person who keeps falling is NOT a victim, but instead, an idiot who is not prepared to walk unassisted down the street on his own?

    Well, that is what black people are. They keep “falling down” and claiming it is the fault of bullies, yet no one is pusing them down anymore. At what point do we say that this person is the reason for his own clumsiness? A micro-aggression is the victim claiming he tripped on a pebble, that no one can see, that he claims was placed there by a bully. He still has the excuse for falling, but now, there is no apparent reason for the fall. The victim MUST continue to find reasons for him falling, lest he admit he is the reason himself…which he will never admit.

    So, I have to ask, when are blacks going to turn their fingers around, and point at themselves as the reason for their failures? When are blacks going to take responsibility for themselves, admit they have a problem, stop blaming others, and correct the problem?

    Because I have to say. I am tired of being the scapegoat. I am tired of blacks blaming me for their own deficiencies. I am tired of doing without for the benefit of blacks, and not only NOT getting thanks for my help, but being accused of still being the problem. I am tired of my society being degraded for the benefit of blacks that seem to not even try to take care of themselves.

    We can all agree that life is tough. When life hands us lemons, well, that’s life. But when life is tough for a black person, it’s not life that is tough, it’s the fault of whitey. Well, I have to say something to those blacks that continually see racism as the reason for their failure…”Get over yourself”. You are not that important to me. I do not have time to go out of my way to make your life hard. Life if tough for everyone. Just because it happens to you does not mean it is a fault of racism. Whites get turned down for loans too. Whites don’t get every job they apply for. Whites don’t get promoted at every job. Whites don’t get accepted to every college they apply to. You know what else. Whites don’t get jobs, promotions, or seats in college when they have lesser qualifications than others applying for that same spot.

    America WANTS blacks to succeed. We want blacks to get off the taxpayer dollar. They want blacks to get and education and jobs. They want blacks to stay out of prison, that costs taxpayers money to support. But whites can only do so much. Until blacks ADMIT they have a problem with raising their children properly. That they have a problem staying away from crime and off drugs, that they have a problem with too many black children without an father figures in their lives, that they have a problem learning right from wrong. And until they admit this, this cycle will never end.

    They say the first step in fixing any issue to first admit you have a problem. Well, we can’t seem to even take the first step. Blacks somehow refuse to admit this issue. And if whites try to help, by first pointing out this problem, well, they are labelled. So much for those wanting to help. Most of all, blacks MUST stop blaming whitey and everyone else for what is obviously their own fault. Man up, admit that you have a problem, recognize the reason for these problems, and take substantial steps to fix them. Of course, this would require hard work and effort. Are blacks lazy? Because if they are avoiding this effort needed for positive change, there must be a reason. If not laziness, what is it. Again, we need to figure out the problem.

    Blacks always seem to say they want an open and honest dialogue on why blacks are having so many issues in America. Yet the moment anyone tries to be “open” and/or “honest”, as to what these reasons are, they are labelled and destroyed. So, what it appears to me, is that blacks DO NOT want open and honest dialogue. They want whitey to admit he is wrong, they want reparations, they want free stuff, they want handouts. They want to blame on me, something I never did, for something that happened to someone, NOT THEM, over 150 years ago.

    Yes, your great great great grandfather was denied a fair life. But what does that have to do with you today. Don’t talk to me about slavery and persecution. My people (Polish/Slavic) were enslaved, tortured, and killed by the millions. Only this was not a century and a half ago. It was in the day of my grandfather. You see, there were these dictators in Europe that overran my homeland, enslaved my family, raped my women, and killed my by the millions. They were not collected and viewed as a commodity to be bought and sold. They were viewed as worth less than a slave, and were simply made to kneel down and be shot in the back of the head and thrown into a mass grave, unmarked, with hundreds of others with my same heritage. And for what. Because they slavic and viewed as subhuman. My grandfathers family, his brothers and sisters, his aunts and uncles, all killed.

    Yet do you see me blaming my failures on this? Nope. I worked hard for what I had. I applied for many jobs before I got one. I applied to lots of colleges before I was accepted. I busted my ass to get good grades. I was turned down for law school admission three times before I was finally accepted, and then only after I busted my ass to increase my LSAT scores, among other positive things that helped my qualify for admission. And you know what, my skin color was NOT a factor in my being admitted. Nor was the fact that my grandfather changed the family name so that it no longer sounded polish and he could get a job in construction in New Jersey in the 1940’s. So don’t tell me about history, persecution, and being labelled.

    All of us know why blacks are more likely to end up in prison than succeed in life. But we are not allowed to discuss these reasons. And until blacks admit, on their own, that is they who hold the keys to their success and failure, nothing will change.
    Whites are not the reason blacks fail to succeed. Racism is not the reason blacks can’t get ahead. These are excuses…not reasons. And until blacks take that first step, and admit what they real problem is, their lives will never get better. They do not need husksters like je$$e jack$on or al $harptongue to help them. They need to get rid of people like these bozos, stand up for themselves, take responsibility, take action, and do what is right. All of us really are rooting for their success. We just hope they take that first step in the right direction. I can promise this. If they take that first step, the rest will come easier. I promise.

  4. Sandy Says says:

    Hillary Clinton, who is the front-running presidential candidate for the Democrat’s who does?t do interviews, and how doesn’t answer questions, finally sat down with CNN on and said, “People should and do trust me.” New York Times columnist Bill Safire must be rolling in his grave. A 1996 essay of his, “Blizzard of Lies,” began, “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our first lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.” White House Press Secretary responded: The lies he catalogued back then included her phony explanation for a 10,000% profit in 1979 commodity trading, which “amounted to a $100,000 bribe”; the firing of White House travel aides, “who were then harassed by the FBI and Justice Department to justify patronage replacement by Mrs. Clinton’s cronies”; and “lying when she denied actively representing a criminal enterprise known as the Madison S&L.”
    “She is in the longtime habit of lying,” Safire wrote nearly two decades ago, “and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”

    “Trust me” is a game the Clintons have been playing for a long time.
    No candidate has ever been less qualified to hold the office of President…
    And considering the present occupant of the White House, that’s really saying something.

    And I blame the Progressive Nazi Politicians, because this is exactly what they do . I blame the over 40% of the American population who are ignorant enough to vote for stooges like Hillary Clinton…
    Everyday we get new articles and more and more proof that she is a crook, lair, thief, and a corrupt politician, and so on we all know for decades that this old shit stain is a corrupt hag, the question is, will she face jail time for all this lawlessness!? Will there ever be a end to this dog and pony show with Hillary Clinton!?

  5. Wayne says:

    Cry “racist” and the argument is pretty much over as the liberal mind perceives they have won the argument. Something about a pigeon comes to mind I have worked with people of other nationalities my whole working career and have found that education is everything. If people are working in a given field, no matter their formal education, the common ground of successful results allows all involved to share the satisfaction of a job well done. I believe Donald Trump when he says he will bring people together.

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