DA Susan Hawk seeks additional inpatient treatment

DA Susan Hawk seeks additional inpatient treatment

Susan Hawk FruitcakeDALLAS — Susan Hawk is once again seeking inpatient treatment, according to a statement released Monday afternoon from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

This treatment is Hawk’s third hospital stay since she took office back in January of 2015.

“Under the guidance of my doctors, today I’m entering a treatment facility in Arizona that specializes in mood disorders,” Hawk said in the statement.

The district attorney’s office said the Arizona facility is different from the one located in the same state where Hawk sought treatment for prescription drug use during her campaign. WFAA.com

For lack of a better description; Susan Hawk is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Hawk, whose salary is in the range of $218,000, also disclosed her pledge to continue her role as the city’s district attorney.

That’s some pretty good money for a woman that’s totally bonkers and hasn’t done much work to be *earning* that kind of money.

Since Hawk was sworn into office more than 17 months ago, she’s struggled with her mental health.

I’m not totally hard-hearted, I know, and understand that mental problems are very real and that people should, or need to seek treatment if they are suffering any form of mental illness, but for that *someone* to be the Dallas County District Attorney, well, that is an office and position that needs the full attention of someone in 100% full possession of their mental faculties, and Susan Hawk is NOT that person. 

The disclosure in May came more than four months after Hawk won a court battle to stay in office. The battle was spurred by a lawsuit filed by Cindy Stormer, a former employee who called Hawk mentally incompetent and unfit to serve as the city’s district attorney.

“She’s severely mentally ill,” said Stormer, the former high-ranking prosecutor. “It’s never going to change. The only time she can be normal is when she’s heavily medicated. Relapses are to be expected.”

Stormer filed the lawsuit last November after she was fired from her job with the district attorney’s office.

This story is very long, but it cites several other opinions regarding the way Hawk has done her job when she was there and concerns about her ability to do that job if, or when she comes back.

Upon assuming office Hawk fired several long-time staffers, some of them I happen to know, and I am of the opinion that Hawk’s *little voices* were the reasons these competent and Conservative individuals were fired.

Susan Hawk doesn’t have the dignity to just step down as she supposedly tries to get her life in order, instead, she hangs on by a thread as her own maladies disrupt the office of the Dallas D.A.

It is time for Hawk to be gone, and if she won’t leave on her own, and if the Dallas County GOP can’t persuade her to leave, then maybe it’s time for the voters of Dallas County to begin a recall of Susan Hawk.

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2 Responses to DA Susan Hawk seeks additional inpatient treatment

  1. Wayne says:

    A shame, truly a shame that someone like her couldn’t be properly diagnosed with regard to her depression. Depression can be the result of alcohol abuse or the prescription drug induced depression that comes from withdrawl from certain medications. This is a problem in all walks of life but is certainly important when dealing with matters of law enforcement. I hope she gets the help she needs to recover but in the meantime she should step down, either by her own choosing or she should be fired. Our Congressmen and women have had bouts with substance abuse and ofttimes are overlooked after they receive “treatment”. The outcome usually depends on whether he/she is a Democrat or a Republican. That’s just the way it is.

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