Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime

Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jurors have begun deliberating whether a Missouri mother conspired with her daughter and an assistant to harass a 13-year-old girl with Internet messages that allegedly prompted the girl’s suicide.

Deliberations began Tuesday, a day after U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien told the jury that Lori Drew used a computer to humiliate Megan Meier by inventing a make-believe boy who wooed and then rejected her online.

The defense said the case is a matter of computer law and accused prosecutors of misleading jurors into thinking it was a murder case.

The 49-year-old Drew has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and accessing computers without authorization. She could be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison if convicted of all counts.

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Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime

Ya know, if you put yourself out there on the net, blogging, Live Journal, MySpace, FaceBook, whatever, you’d better have a solid grip on reality because you’re going to have detractors, no matter what your personal stance, politics or topics are.

The web is NOT a place for the weak minded, easily hurt or easily influenced, you have to have a thick skin and you learn to ignore the detractors, you literally IGNORE them.

If a certain HOT political blogger were to go *F* himself every time he was told to, or were to become depressed and suicidal over every HATE MAIL he received, he wouldn’t have any time left to post his highly opinionated work!

You let the insults roll off, let the haters rant and rave, that’s all they can do, you are NOT going to please ALL of the over 58 MILLION bloggers and only God knows how many readers that are out there in *real life*. I don’t even try to make everyone happy, I’ve always told folks, ‘If you like what I write, great, I appreciate my readers, if you don’t like what I write, click OFF the blog and don’t come back, then we’re ALL happy’.

Some folks try to address EVERY negative comment or hate mail they receive, they take it personally, and those are the folks that need to back away from the keyboard.

Me, I prefer to keep on insulting the brainless; if you know that your work bothers them, why not continue to aggravate them? They make posts about you and your (hate, racism, anti-Americanism, Love of NASCAR, Bush Bashing) blogging, pick one, there any SO many to choose from, but in doing so, they garner you all kinds of new readers and better rankings in the blog world!

Just sayin’, you know, IF there were a really HOT political blogger being insulted or attacked online.

And just for laughs, do you know what bloggers call it when they are attacked on line?? Keyboard Karate. Very few folks would have the guts to say to your face what they say online due to the anonymity and safety the net offers.

Boo-hoo, the mean woman made a fake account, romanced a weak minded kid that was gullible enough to fall for it and not realize that the net is a world where she didn’t belong. Then she broke her heart. Was it mean?? Yeah, it was. Was it deserved?? That is a moot point, one that I am NOT going to address. Does it happen every day in online communities? Oh hell yeah it does, and it’s was not the fault of ANYONE that the girl committed suicide, had it not been this particular incident, it would surely have been something else.

‘Suzy called me a pea brained poopy pants with cooties’, that is all it takes for some people.

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5 Responses to Jury deliberating whether MySpace hoax was crime

  1. Basti says:

    And just for laughs, do you know what bloggers call it when they are attacked on line?? Keyboard Karate, very few folks would have the guts to say to your face what they say due to the anonymity the net offers.


    The above statement is so true and I’ve said the same to several of these ‘keyboard commandos’ who wouldn’t say boo to a mouse in person.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Life is tough, life is unfair. I’ve dealt with it for years and I’m still here. You give up, you’re in fact weak-minded, you’re fodder for the ill-willed and the purposefully-malicious. The internet is no specialty location; it’s simply another sphere, another venue.


  3. Robocop says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Pat Houseworth says:

    Had my share of Keyboard Kommandos lobbing cyber gernades at me of late…fock em’ Mostly fellow vets who have grown knee pads of love for “The One”….needless to say, they wouldn’t have the guts to do it in person….so it’s like water off a duck.

    Hey Fred! You and yours have a Great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  5. ablur says:

    I don’t mind constructive criticism but destructive criticism will be ignored and discarded. I am already confident in the fact that I ain’t perfect.

    I would love some positive input once in a while. That doesn’t mean you like it, I mean you can clearly state where you stand on something. You don’t have to get all lathered up with foul language to make a point.

    I love a good debate.

    Happy Thanksgiving Fred and to all of your family.

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