Secede Texas, and do it NOW

Secede Texas, and do it NOW

After the latest debacle from the FBI regarding Hillary Clinton and her email habits, if the voters of this nation can’t affect wholesale changes in the powers that run D.C. in the November elections then WE as a nation are truly SCREWED…

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Today the United States went on *life support* and the words *and justice for all* ceased to mean anything for WE, THE PEOPLE.

I am not at all surprised that Hillary Clinton is NOT being charged after the FBI debacle and the incredibly *chicken shit* speech made by Director James Comey, who works under the direction of Loretta Lynch and the DOJ, but damn, I honestly thought a lot more of the FBI than this, that is, until today.

Comey raised questions about her judgment, contradicted statements she has made about her email practices, said it was possible that hostile foreign governments had gained access to her account, and declared that a person still employed by the government — Mrs. Clinton left the State Department in 2013 — could have faced disciplinary action for doing what she did, but was NOT now going to face discipline or charges.

A huge piece of America died today my friends, and if Hillary Clinton and her bunch of miscreants make it back into the White House, well, you might as well pull the plug, we, as a FREE NATION are over and done.

The words *Lock and Load* and *Keep Your Powder Dry* have been used for a very long time, and are used still today, but today they mean more than ever before.


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38 Responses to Secede Texas, and do it NOW

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    A better idea would be head to DC. Bring torches, baseball bats, tar and feathers.
    If there were any real Republicans left, they could do it tonight.
    When you gents are ready, let me know. I’ll meet you there from Pennsylvania. I’ll bring a couple of my friends with me.
    The second wave can bring the heavy artillery. Shouldn’t take long.

    • TexasFred says:

      There is NOTHING worth saving left in D.C. It’s time for a total revolution and the emergence of a NEW Republic… And make damned sure we don’t fall back under the thumb of D.C. politics ever again…

      • Ron Stabb says:

        After what happened today, we should be doing this tonight:

        • TexasFred says:

          Torches don’t work very effectively against A-10’s, Bradleys and Abrams tanks…

          • Ron Stabb says:

            I guess you’re right. It would still be fun. I’m so fucking pissed off right now. And the sad part is we all knew how this was going to turn out.

            • Ron Stabb says:

              Deep in our heart.

              • dekare says:

                Could you imagine if 5,000, wait, 10,000, no, 20,000, make it 50,000 armed men and women showed up on the capital steps and demanded justice. Our own little Ferguson, only done right. No violence (unless absolutely required for defense), no looting, no burning. Just an organized group, with a few chosen speakers and a show of force. That was the purpose of the 2d Amendment…to make the govt once again, afraid of We The People.

                For far too long, our “betters” have acted way beyond their given powers, and no one called them on it. So, they kept doing it.

                Kinda like Hitler when he made small military incursions into neighboring lands, and when no one stopped he, he grew bolder and bolder, until…well, we know the rest.

                Our politicians have not been afraid of us for some time now. Then know that we will gripe and piss and moan, and we will choke on whatever they shove down our throats, but in the end, we end up swallowing, without detriment to them.

                Thomas Jefferson said it best:

                “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

                This oh so necessary act must be done on occasion to remind politicians who they work for and who REALLY is in charge. It has not been done for some time.

                Mr. Donald J. Trump, Sr. is America’s last best hope. It sounds corny, but OMG, he is. And I pray he has the ability, the tenacity, the cooperation, and the luck to do all the things he has promised…and more. I am not a person who typically has faith in people, and see others as someone to praise, but if Mr. Trump does half of what he says, he will be my hero. And if he succeeds, I am sure that history will judge him on par with the likes of Reagan, Jefferson, and Washington. Hell, we may need to make room for him on Mt. Rushmore. Better yet, replace him with lincoln (-**hock - spit - ptuuii**-preserved the union my ass)

                And if Trump fails or turns out to not be what he promised, or worse, hiLIARy wins, like Fred has stated, it’s game over, kaput, lights out, experiment failed, we tried and we lost, if we could keep it, but alas, we could not for we have failed you Mr. Franklin, and ourselves, and our children, may God forgive us.

                And if biLIARy return to the whitehouse, their will be only way left to save our beloved republic. Our soap boxes have been taken from us in the name of “hate speech” and political correctness, our ballot boxes have been stuffed with fraudulent votes (after all, it’s not your vote that counts, but who counts your vote that really matters)…which leaves us with one final “box” option. And if we do not act soon, that option will be taken from us (or at least they will try). In fact, if hiLIARy does get back in the whitehouse (I do hope she brings back the dishes and silverware she stole), I kinda hope they come after our guns. Then, it will be they who made the first move in prompting the second shot heard round the world. They will finally understand that supposedly stupid preamble of “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State…”

                Of course, this option scares the pants off me. It will not be glamorous or romantic like we see in the movies. It will be treacherous, and tens if not hundreds of thousands will die. Our biggest hope will be in those that took the oath (the same oath I took many many years ago), and are high up in power in our military, (or can drive a tank), or whoever sees the true meaning of his oath.

                And when we rebuild, we seek term limits for all politicians, as well as laws and govt entities. They all are to have sundown clauses, with stated single purposes, and time limits.

                After all, what has been more devastating than a bunch of lawmakers with a lot of time on their hands. Imagine if all laws had to repass approval two years after it was signed into law, and every 5 years after that. That will keep the lawmakers so busy, they won’t have time to worry about passing stupid inane laws created to protect me from myself. The govt is supposed to protect us from each other, not from ourselves.

                And while I’m dreaming, no law can be created for the benefit of politicians to the exclusion of We The People. Anything they give themselves, we get. And any law they make for us, applies to them as well.

                And for the IRS, FBI, CIA, MOUSE alphabet agencies who create idiotic regulations that have the full affect of the law, without the input of congreess, but still backed up by men in uniforms with guns, they have limited purposes, and then go away. And their regulations must be approved by someone who was elected and accountable to We The People.

                And don’t even get me started on liberal activist judges who create legislation from the bench (I’m talking to you Sotomayor), and judges who think they can pick and choose enforcement based on race and self-interest (you wise latina you). Same thing…term limits.

                Anyway, not only am I putting the cart before the horse, but the horse is halfway ’round the world right now and I don’t even have the blueprints for the cart yet.

                Anyway, I am a little apprehensive on out future and upcoming “peaceful” transition of power. There is so much that can go wrong between now and then. We need to be diligent. We need to pay attention to what is happening, and speak out when necessary. We need to be ready. We need to keep the powder dry.

  2. Wayne says:

    It is truly amazing, I mean, we always knew in our hearts that she would skate on these charges but to actually watch as our FBI director stammered through this explanation was mind numbing. The rage I felt when I watched this puppet of the establishment this morning…….. I don’t think I was ever so pissed off at an announcement on live TV as I was this morning. Then I saw the cocksucker in chief get off AF1 with that despicable piece of shit, I had to turn everything off. I had had it for the day. I made it half way through O’Reiley tonite and couldn’t take him either. Maybe in the morning I’ll feel better. Pray for our country and keep your powder dry.

    • dekare says:

      This made the OJ verdict seem like nothing in comparison. I mean, they guy laid it all out, to the point I was sure he was going to recommend the convict her, and then pull the rug right out from under us.

      I suppose he had to acknowledge justify the months and months of work on the case, and give us the ugly details, otherwise there would have been a lot of pissed off agents who busted ass on the case. But with that final sentence, he told all of us that he was bought and paid for. He let us know full well we live in a banana republic where rule of law is what they use to keep us peasants in line. We are no better than the rest of the world. Our leaders are as corrupt as those countries where the leaders get 100% of the vote with a 100% voter turn out.

      And how is this supposed to make me feel about our upcoming election? If they can get to the FBI, and rig an investigation of corruption, allow a woman who should be in jail for Christ’s sake, to make a run for the whitehouse, then what faith should I have in the election, which will most assuredly be just as fake as the investigation. I am sickened. If there was an insurrection right now, a mob of people with pitchforks and torches heading for DC, I would join them. This shows that America is GONE. We are not on the cliff, we have fallen. If Trump wins, it will not be his job to save our country….it’s over. It will be his job to rebuild it.

      Our Founding Fathers weep. We have destroyed the precious gift they have given us. The great experiment has failed. I can only hope we have what it takes to get a second chance.

      • Mike says:

        I feel the same way, we are going down hill and picking up speed very hour. We’ll all bitch on FB, threaten to call our Congress person, then open our fav beverage and settle down to watch tv, confident that we have done all we old and our ‘duty’. I know we can’t go to DC alone or even a few hundred people, it has to be thousands and thousands. Do we have the courage and determination? Stay tuned.

      • Mike Flynn says:

        I feel the same way, we are going down hill and picking up speed very hour. We’ll all bitch on FB, threaten to call our Congress person, then open our fav beverage and settle down to watch tv, confident that we have done all we could and our ‘duty’. I know we can’t go to DC alone or even a few hundred people, it has to be thousands and thousands. Do we have the courage and determination? Stay tuned.

  3. Braden Lynch says:

    I now secretly hope that the utter treachery of the POTUS in allowing the continued development of nuclear weapons by Iran backfires and Washington DC gets vaporized.

    Now, that would be a “reset” that the Hildabeast richly deserves.

    It might be interesting to see 50 states without any central leadership learn to play nice with each other again since Big Uncle Fed would not be in charge anymore.

    • dekare says:

      I believe that was the original purpose of the United States. If I am not mistaken, the states were supposed to hold more power over governing their people than the federal govt did. The U.S. President’s job was to conduct foreign affairs, man the military, protect We The People from foreign invaders, and occasionally, step in and assist any issues that may arise between the states that they are unable to work out amongst themselves. The U.S. Presidents prior to the Civil War, was typically a dull job, with not much going on. The president would maybe have a secretary and a few hired help here and there. Heck, back then, one could walk up to the whitehouse (the executive mansion as it was known then), knock on the door, and more than likely, the president would answer your knock.

      But since the Civil War, and the massive taking of power from the states thanks to the tyrant, Abe Lincoln, things went off book, and the presidency began it’s transformation to kingship once again.

      The Civil War is the one war where the good guys lost. Lincoln is only thought of as a great president because the winners of war get to write the history books. There is a reason the Civil War is called the War of Northern Aggression. It was a substantial step in the northern states telling the southern states to do as they are dictated to, or be killed.

      Hell, the south wanting to leave was no different than Britain today wanting out of the EU and once again be allowed to do as it wants for its own benefit, and not be dictated to by someone who is NOT British, does not live in Britain, and does not have Britain’s best interest at heart.

      The United States was not unlike the mafia. Once you join, you join for life. If you want out, well, you don’t get to do that. You stay and do as you are told, or you end up sleepin wit duh fishes….no what I mean. Now, stop with that silly notion of doing what you want and do as you are told to. And as far as any talk about leaving again…..Forgeddaboutit!!!

  4. BobF says:

    The FBI director read what should have been the charges against her but then said no “reasonable prosecutor” would prosecute her. Funny, just one year prior, his office prosecuted a Naval Officer for doing the very same thing Hillary did.

  5. Bunkerville says:

    I hear the death rattle.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      The political climate is scorching hot right now. Burn Obama and her at the stake, or on a softer note, impeach Obama and throw fat-ass in jail. I prefer option #1.

  6. mystere says:

    Slimy Willy either bribed or blackmailed Looney Loretta Lynchmob into stopping the investigation. There is just no way to explain it otherwise. We seriously need to get Donald Trump elected, or we’re dead. I’m not sure if you heard this, but there is a retired fireman named Larry who had a dream in 2011 where he saw Donald Trump running for President. At that time, he wondered why he didn’t see him on the ballot in 2012. When Trump announced he was going to run last year, Larry said God told him that America wasn’t quite ready for Donald Trump in 2012, so God waited for us to become ready. All the establishment politicians and their blood sucking bed buddies are afraid of Trump, and have launched attacks on him, but to no avail. Many foreign nations who have been leaching off our wealth will be paying a heavy price for stealing from us, and will have to pay back sevenfold for their theft, according to what was in Larry’s dream. Israel will be the most prosperous nation with the USA being a close second and their strongest ally. The establishment liberals and RINOs fear Trump, and will waste their money and efforts to stop him from getting voted in, so it’s time to use paper votes if your gut senses tell you to. It’s up to us to vote a true patriot into office.

  7. mystere says:

    I forgot to leave this:

    I have a great shot of Hildebeest squealing in fear. Enjoy!

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I figured out Comey’s play, and it’s not pretty. Comey reveals his flawed POLITICAL thinking:


    • Ron Stabb says:

      I watched the entire hearing live.
      I think Comey did the best he could under the circumstances. I felt sorry for him at times, he certainly earned his paycheck today. I saw no evidence of collusion to cover-up by the FBI.
      His conclusion of gross incompetence by Hillary Clinton did not warrant charges is questionable.
      He mentioned that the story running around on the internet that I thought was the smoking gun, was not the entire story and did not fit here.
      He was painted into a corner and may have prevented the collapse of the Union if Clinton was hauled off to jail at this moment.
      This is far from over.
      The Democrats on the committee were a disgrace. When they had their time to ask questions, I saw ass kissing, grandstanding, playing the race card and twisting the narrative to fit their needs.

      • Ron Stabb says:

        Comney stated that the two things that mattered most to him above everything were his family and his integrity. I believe him.

        When you think about it, it really wasn’t his call to prosecute or not prosecute. He took the bullet for Lynch. The best he could get was gross negligence with no precedent to prosecute.

  9. dekare says:

    I wonder if some henchman knocked on his door late at night and made a flattering comment about his wonderful family…and how it would be ashamed if something happened to one of them.

  10. mystere says:

    Last night’s racially charged attack on the Dallas PD is another symptom of trouble caused by the left wing extremist libturds spewing their hate. The gunning down of 11 Dallas Police officers with 4 out of the 11 dying by a brainwashed hate filled black liberal man is just the latest of sick episodes we had to endure because of 0bama’s liberal race baiting.

  11. mystere says:

    Things took a turn for the better as THE DONALD asked Mike Pence to be his running mate. I like the idea of having someone different running with Trump. He realizes a difference of opinion is a great thing to have, so that he can make wise decisions.

  12. mystere says:

    Hildebeest’s going to be oinking angry when she sees this^

  13. Ron Stabb says:

    Anyone know how Fred’s doing? I know he’s moving and has no internet at this time.
    Just hoping he’s OK.

  14. dekare says:

    Hurry back Fred. It’s like a good friend has gone on a long vacation and you miss them. And if you don’t share your pearls of wisdom with the world, how oh how will we know what to do?

    G’luck on the move. Like a good friend, we’ll all be here waiting to welcome you back when you get here.

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