Oh My God!!!

My blog got shot in the head, and the worst part is, it was done by a friend, it wasn’t a drive by from a troll, it was a technical issue, but as such, we saved a lot of it and we are in the process of reviving it as we speak.

Miracles DO happen.

Bushwack and I are both trying to make our blogs update to the new WordPress 2.1.3 system, it didn’t install as promised.

It killed several functions of Bushwack’s blog and put mine on life support, I am in the process of rebuilding now, please excuse the mess.

Also, ALL approved comment makers will have to be re-approved, nothing personal, trust me, it’s just that I had to start from Square 1 and do a total rebuild.

Please accept my apology and I appreciate your continued patronage.

And by the way, there wasn’t a thing done wrong by my buddy Bushwack, it was truly a case of ‘poop’ happens’.

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5 Responses to Oh My God!!!

  1. Ranando says:

    What a drag…

  2. Carl says:

    That’s why I still run WP 1.5 - it’s too easy to have things royally foul up trying to upgrade. The WP development folks didn’t make it easy to upgrade.

  3. Squawkbox says:

    You used C-Panel didn’t you?

    I hate to go all geek on ya, but never never never (did I say never?) use C-Panel.

    I hate upgrading WP. If you follow their Wiki you have to, backup your blog, turn everything off, delete some files and then install. I always install via FTP. Oh and if PHP and MySQL is not compatible be prepared for mucho headaches.

    I am glad to see you back up and running just the same.

  4. LittleOleLady says:

    Nope, we don’t use c-panel. We have upgraded I believe twice since we got the domain, but things had gone well with upgrades until now.