Obama: The 1st Week

OK, lets just take a look at these 3 headlines and examine the Obamanation and try to make some sense of his actions.

US envoy predicts ‘direct diplomacy’ with Iran

UNITED NATIONS (AP) – President Barack Obama’s administration will engage in “direct diplomacy” with Iran, the newly installed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Monday.

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US envoy predicts ‘direct diplomacy’ with Iran

GM to lay off 2,000 workers, cut production

DETROIT (AP) – General Motors Corp. said Monday it will cut 2,000 jobs at plants in Michigan and Ohio, and it will halt production for several weeks at nine U.S. plants over the next six months due to slow sales.

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GM to lay off 2,000 workers, cut production

Obama targets greenhouse gases, fuel efficiency

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama took aim Monday at the lofty but long elusive goal of making the nation more energy independent, ordering reviews that could lead to tougher auto emission standards in states and higher pressure on automakers to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

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Obama targets greenhouse gases, fuel efficiency

Obama is going to engage in talks with Iran? Or, more accurately, he’s going to have an ambassador talk to Iran? That seems to be his plan for the rest of the *war on terror* too, Obama wants to talk em to death. I am of the opinion that this BS isn’t going to work, the terrorists, and Iran IS a sponsor of terrorism, don’t want talk, they want DEATH, our death.

Iran is responsible for much of the weaponry that went into killing our troops during the heavy action in Iraq. I don’t suppose that matters to someone like Obama, he doesn’t have any use for our troops, other than as a tool to enforce HIS orders, when those orders come down. And they will!

The Dems, as a whole, see the solution to the recession as this, dump MORE taxpayer dollars on it. If you throw money at it, it’s all going to be OK as long as we throw money in that general direction. The 1st stimulus didn’t do it, another stimulus isn’t going to do it, and all the Wall Street bailouts and the rescue of the auto makers is going to do is allow them the belief that all they need to do is ask. Ask, and insinuate that you’re going to go out of business if the taxpayers don’t pony up again. And again. And again. Ad infinitum!

Then we get to the *greenhouse gas* thing from *The One*. Obama drank the Algore koolaid, that is a requirement for ALL Dem/Libbers I guess. Nearly ALL Conservatives believe that global warming is a hoax and the recent BS spewed by *The Goreacle* is just that, BS. The only thing I don’t understand is this, why wasn’t *The Goreacle* named as a member of the Obamanation cabinet? Dare *The One* shun *The Goreacle*? Naming Algore to his cabinet would be a logical progression if you think about it. Obama is running more than a few Clinton retreads.

He wants to *talk* to those that have either directly or indirectly brought about the deaths of over 4,200 U.S. troops. He wants to continue the bailouts of the automakers, and God only knows who else. He perpetuates the global warming myth. He orders Guantanamo closed and he nominates a disgusting tax cheat as head of Treasury, a nomination that has passed by the way. And just think, that’s all within the 1st WEEK!! Next week should be a real adventure!

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11 Responses to Obama: The 1st Week

  1. Hey Fred, I had a nice long rant typed up last night to celebrate our “Free Speech” (Meaning that we didn’t have to pay too much to say it, Oops maybe I shouldnt say that because the dumbocrat Libernutjobs will try and find an expert that will say that this is what the founders meant) but is was eaten by the internet (Maybe that was what Algore invented) Well if Obambi thinks he can talk the islamic radicals into submission the I say let him try, After listem=ning to his BS for two years I am almost ready to martyr myself (Just kidding Fred please don’t call the guys in white suits) I figure if he is talking to them they just might kill themselves.

    I think the solution to the Auto maker problem is quite simple, Tax the shit out of autos made by foreign companies and stop bleeding the U.S. dry while also forcing the Titanic three to perhaps tighten up on the quality (I am a master certified Ford Technician so I know about the problems there)

    And finally I am quite sure that I am not alone in thinking that Algore is a flake who should be forced to live in the arctic until he forgets the words global warming. As i type here I am doing my best to keep my house warm after the third week of sub 20F weather andmore than a few sub 0F nights. global warming my ass. This is the normal global temperature fluctuations and that is all.

    Finally for any USGOA members or gun owners in general who haven’t signed up please check out my post under 2nd amendment and write your congressmen to keep our gun rights safe!

    Thank you

    Michael B.

    “Washington Armory”

  2. Readers of TF:

    I have two recommendations:

    1. NOW is the perfect time to purchase your Ideal Gun — handgun, shotgun or rifle. Or all three. Whilst you can.

    2. NOW is the time to purchase as much ammunition as you can afford, this very second. Don’t just buy 10 boxes — buy 50 boxes. For EACH caliber. Whilst you CAN.


  3. LoneRider says:

    Y’know the stupid part is. If the American hater POTUS we have where to get on TV and say “People we must stay strong, we must support this country, I call on you, support the hard workers of this nation, buy products made by Americans, for Americans. So if your in the market for a car, go into that GM, Chrysler and Ford dealership. When your in your department store, ask for the products made in the USA. Keep us strong. ” and so on.

    With that, he could save the big three and bring back manufacturing, but the Milhouse won’t, that would require him to love to country more than himself or the power he has walked into.

  4. Kate says:

    Heard they were gonna have a one on one chat with NK too.

  5. TexasFred says:

    The son of a buck loving bitch can’t give the USA away fast enough…

  6. BobF says:

    The Senate just put a guy in charge of the Treasury (IRS) that can’t remember to pay his own taxes. We’re sure getting change.

  7. Doc Roy says:

    Yesterday, as the President of the US, the Messiah’s first TV address was through the arabic station Al Arabiya in Dubai. He relays the message to the muslim world that the United States is not the enemy of the muslim people. He mentions that his brother is Muslim that he himself has gone to Muslim schools. (I wonder which madrassa that was.) He mentions a new day in American diplomacy to all muslim nations. His Highness and Hillary will conduct the smart diplomacy. For Quedas he sez, “You is gone!” You wanna bet? I think we should watch his appeances on TV and look for a bruise on his upper forehead where he has bumped his head during prayers to Allah.

    From the deepfreeeeeze, Fote Collins, Colorado!

  8. Kate says:

    Well HE might be all buddy buddy with the Muzzies, but I’ll pass on that one.

  9. Hyunchback says:

    The only thing to say to Iran is “does your mother live in the glass crater formerly known as Tehran? Oh, I meant future glass crater. For now.”

  10. Hyunchback says:

    Hello, Doc Roy. I escaped Colorado last year for Texas.

    I miss the gun-owning people I knew, but not the rest of Colorado.

  11. Hyunchback says:

    BTW, Texas Fred, love the Evil Racist image.