Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo

Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama finds himself in a political box - at home and abroad - on closing the Guantanamo Bay prison, and will be trying Thursday to use a major address on national security to work out of the tight spot.

Obama takes on the explosive topic a day after the Senate, at the behest of majority Democrats, denied his request for $80 million to close the prison. The 90-6 vote followed a similar move last week in the House and underscored widespread apprehension among Obama’s Democratic allies in Congress over the issue.

In an e-mail summarizing topics the president will address, a senior administration official did not mention the congressional setback. Instead, the official said. the Obama administration was working through what he termed a “flood of legal challenges” that are left over from the Bush administration’s handling of Guantanamo prisoners.

Providing a summary of the speech on condition of anonymity because it has not yet been delivered, this official wrote that the president will work through the cases of the remaining 240 prisoners at Guantanamo by:

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Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo

The teleprompter president is at it again. He gets more TV time than Billy Mays and the Sham-Wow guy combined. Here’s the funny part, they are all selling pretty much the same product, bullshit!

Obama got *bitch slapped* by the Senate yesterday, and it wasn’t over anything that is totally earth shattering concerning the American people. It was all because even the duplicitous Dems don’t want the terrorists, uh, wait, man caused disaster makers held here in America. Our hypocritical senate stood up to Obama simply to make sure that some of the most dangerous persons on this earth aren’t being housed in their back yards! It’s as simple as that.

In spite of lawmakers’ concerns, the administration plans to send a top al-Qaida suspect held at Guantanamo Bay to New York to stand trial for the deadly 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa, Attorney General Eric Holder announced early Thursday. The suspect, Ahmed Ghailani, would be the first Guantanamo detainee brought to the U.S. and the first to face trial in a civilian criminal court.

If there are any terrorists in sleeper cells, uh, wait, purveyors of man caused disaster in the USA, that trial event may well be the trigger for these person(s) to spring into action. The catalyst if you will.

We are fighting a war on terror, uh, wait, that’s not it, we are conducting an overseas contingency operation against enemies, dang, what was that called? Oh yeah, poor, misunderstood and impoverished Muslims that are intent on killing, damn, that’s not PC either, that only wish to convert us to their Religion of Peace. That is what Barack Obama would have the American public believe.

Well here’s the REAL deal, even the Dems aren’t THAT stupid Barack. Even the folks in your own party are beginning to see you and your FAR LEFT moonbat ideologies for what they really are, the potential death of this nation, the Islamification of America.

I am not a PC blogger, I am NOT very PC in my public speech either, I call a spade a spade, and on occasion I have been a lot more explicit than that. We are fighting a WAR ON TERROR against a herd of 7th century fanatics that are intent on killing anyone that doesn’t convert to their way of thinking and believing! Islam, and it’s members, are NOT a Religion of Peace, they are, more appropriately, a Religion of Death, Pedophilia and Beastiality.

Unlike our president, I call it as I see it, and hopefully, our Congress and Senate will soon follow by doing likewise. The tide is turning here in America, the politicians are seeing it turn before their very eyes, and they are NOT stupid, they are massively egotistical, but even their egos know, without the backing of the American people, they are OUT of a job.

And you know, regarding about 90% of these elected egotists, voting them OUT and starting over is not a bad idea. Starting at the very top and working our way ALL the way through both houses and then into the state levels.

Obama is NOT trying to do the right thing by closing Guantanamo, he is looking to appease our so-called allies and not further infuriate the Islamic terrorists among us. Our Senate isn’t trying to do the right thing, they are playing politics as usual, they are a lot more aware of the current mood of the American voter than they would like to admit.

We have the American politician on the defensive, almost on the run, and that is exactly where most of them need to be kept! And for what it’s worth, when the executive director of the ACLU says, “I left the meeting feeling discouraged that President Obama plans to continue with many of the same policies of the Bush administration”, you know that some serious pressure is being exerted on Obama from somewhere in the legislative branch!

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6 Responses to Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo

  1. WashingtonArmory.com says:


    This is the problem that people like you and I have. We are able to make up our OWN MINDS and not cave to pressures exerted by a “need” to be liked (PC is a disease) by everyone. I have accepted that I will not be liked by some, Hell there are even some who know me personally who hate me but tolerate me because they know that even though I wholeheartedly disagree with what they say I will take all comers for their right to say it. Face it (not that you would ever disagree with this comment) Obambi cannot make a desicion on his own to save his life. We all will have to pay for the poor leadership skills that the mindless voted into office!

  2. TexasFred says:

    Yeah, they have a right to say it, but we have a right to tell em to STFU too… :P

    And I have been known to do just that… :twisted:

  3. Patrick Sperry says:

    What surprised me was that the dems look as if they are tossing their beloved fearless pointy eared leader under the bus over this. Hell, I figured that they would be up there asking “hey camera guy…”

    But the purple lipped pitch man just can’t sell the idea that safety is bringing a bunch of ruthless ragheads to the mainland, and doing that right now, or at least in the next fifteen minutes or you will lose your bonus…

  4. ng4779 says:

    It says something when your deepest support from Harry Reid on Guantanamo is zilch.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Obama is still resting on his Planet. The Demorats are basing their decision on Reality. There is actually that disparity.


  6. Katie says:

    I have never seen anyone flip-flop so often and so fast as NObama does. The Olympics are over and so there is no need to tryout for the Gymnastics team any more.