Lutherans Urged to Accept Gay Clergy

A national assembly of Evangelical Lutherans urged its bishops Saturday to refrain from defrocking gay and lesbian ministers who violate a celibacy rule, but rejected measures that would have permitted ordaining gays churchwide.

Still, advocates for full inclusion of gays were encouraged, calling the resolution a powerful statement in support of clergy with same-gender partners. The conservative group Lutheran CORE, however, said bishops will now feel more secure in ignoring denomination policy.

The 538-431 vote came on the final day of a weeklong meeting in Chicago - and after emotional debate over how the denomination should interpret what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Like other mainline Protestant groups, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been struggling for decades to reconcile differences on the issue. An ELCA task force is near the end of an eight-year study on human sexuality, which is expected to culminate in the 2009 release of a social statement that will heavily influence church policy.

I don’t know if you personally believe the bible or not, I don’t know if you subscribe to both Old and New Testaments if you do, it really makes NO difference to me what your personal preference is, KJV, NIV, Catholic or whatever version you may read, enjoy or believe, that’s your preference but I want someone from the Lutheran Church, from ANY church, to show me, chapter and verse, where it says God is OK with QUEERS, show me, in graphic detail, where the bible says God approves of homo’s in HIS church and wants them to be ministers…

I’m not one of the Fred Phelps moonbats that thinks that everything that goes wrong with America is because the libber left and apparently a lot of so-called Christians are OK with their membership being homosexual but the bible plainly states that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, and yes, that IS old testament, but it applies as much today as it did when it was written…

The assembly voted to refer proposals on ordaining gays and blessing same-sex couples to the task force so the panel can make policy recommendations part of its report.

The current clergy standards require ministers to “abstain from homosexual sexual relationships.” Earlier this year, Bradley Schmeling, an ELCA pastor in Atlanta, was removed from the clergy roster after he told his bishop that he was in a relationship with a man. However, even before Saturday’s vote, liberal-leaning bishops had refused to enforce the rule.

In the adopted resolution, the assembly “urges and encourages” bishops to either refrain from or “demonstrate restraint in disciplining” ministers who are in a “mutual, chaste and faithful committed same-gender relationship.”

I’m not a Lutheran, but I am guessing that Lutherans consider themselves to be Christians, well, here’s my take on the whole thing, don’t let some homosexual supporters take you down the path to hell, if you have a Christian church, keep it Christian and rebuke the homosexuals and their supporters…

There is nothing normal about a man having sex with a man or a woman having sex with a woman, and that behavior is being forced upon us by a few deviants much the same way the pedofreaks try and justify their own sick perverted existence, and all I can say is, don’t fall for it…

If America doesn’t regain the moral high ground and become the Christian nation that it was founded to be, America will be down the tubes and we’re already a long ways into that downward spiral…

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Lutherans Urged to Accept Gay Clergy

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EDIT: To those of you sending me the nasty little emails, forget it, my feelings aren’t easily hurt, for those making the moonbat comments, bring some PROOF, bring me chapter and verse where GOD says it’s OK to be a faggot, show me where GOD contradicts himself and I’ll let your comments thru to the blog, otherwise, go find you a nice little faggot loving ‘social club’ and hold a service there…

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6 Responses to Lutherans Urged to Accept Gay Clergy

  1. gunz says:

    Agreed: They may want to consider renaming this so called church from Lutheran to Luciferan if this is where it’s going.

  2. Robert says:

    Fred Phelps and his idiot cult are not too far off when it comes to this issue.
    Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of GOD.
    I’ll go one step further; if one makes choice to take it in the poop shoot, one should not expect an accepting eye from society.

    YES I said it, Homosexuality is a CHOICE. It is not a birth trait, it is not a fate predestined, it is a CHOICE. and when you choose to be a faggot, you should be bannished to San Francisco with the rest of the butt pirates.

    The Church in question, might as well be a Mosque, in the eyes of the lord it is as sinful to be a faggot as it is to worship false prophets, and idols.

  3. Sage says:

    The bible is very clear about the qualifications of their leadership i.e. pastors/minister etc. They are to be “men” with one wife not given to drink or excesses.
    Homosexuals or women are prohibited by God’s decree to be leaders in ANY position in His church. Modern ppl have a problem with it, then get a life… cuz your life in the eternities are forever forfeited because of your pride and misunderstanding of biblical precepts. And I agree with Robert..Homosexuality is nothing more then a lustful driven CHOICE, and not genetic or from some sort of lousy potty training..end of statement, end of discussion!!
    ‘Nuff said

  4. ablur says:

    You got this thing nailed Fred.

    Next the Lutheran will be asking God to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Same God Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

  5. Kate says:

    There are almost as many synods in the Lutheran church as there are other denominations. sigh…. The one I belong to, WELS, doesn’t even allow the women to become pastors, much less vote at the meetings. I’d say, odds are, WELS will not be one of the afore mentioned Lutheran churchs. Guess I’d just have to change again. :/

  6. LittleOleLady says:

    *Stands clapping*

    Here, here to all of the above.. seems too many want to just pick and choose through the Bible that which they want to follow and forget the rest.

    It’s good to know that others understand in this day of women (even the homosexual ones) being ordained (an oxymoron) that women are not meant to be in places of clergy.

    That bit about ‘Let your women remain silent in the Church’ (and for those that don’t believe me, it is in the Bible) gets to a lot of ‘em.. ;-)

    I have a question though.. I believe that homosexuality a choice, it is brought upon these people by that great deceiver (satan) and they won’t understand that.. that said my question is this.. if they claim they are born that way then why are they doing everything in their power, having ‘pride’ parades etc.. and trying to FORCE us not only to accept them for their deviant lifestyle, but to allow our children to be taught that lifestyle CHOICE is acceptable in schools? Why are they so intent on BEING those teachers??

    If it is SO ‘natural’ that they are born that way then why is any of this important.. I am heterosexual but do I have a ‘non-butch’ haircut and get out there with a ‘heterosexual pride’ bumper sticker/t-shirt and go to a ‘pride’ parade and run around dressed and acting like an idiot hollering suggestively at the heterosexual guys that walk by me?

    If this was a valid ‘born that way’ thing then wouldn’t they want to just be seen as an everyday person, who would care about their private life but them and their family (though I grant there are some out there that do try to just live like normal people)… and I DO know about being different.. being born with MD you are different from everyone but I live my life as normally as anyone else and don’t run around trying to tell others ‘you HAVE to accept me, I have MD, and I was BORN that way..”, heck people would look at me and say “yeah, so? what’s your point?”

    Almost everything about these people smacks of sin.. and that ain’t morally or naturally right. Like Basti said on another post.. “It also matters not what an individual might have done that was good, if he is a homosexual it is all tainted by that perversion.”

    (Sorry it’s so long Fred, I got carried away.. :-) )

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