What has our *Greatest Generation* become?


Once upon a time America was the greatest nation on earth. We had leaders that would stand and fight the worst tyrants and dictators imaginable. Our troops went in and did what needed to be done. D-Day, June 6, 1944 is an epic example of the America that once was.

Americans, and American presidents, had guts, they acted in the best interest of the American people, they stood for what was right, they defended the helpless and the world was a much better place because of the men that made this D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, France. Those men STOOD and faced danger, they STOOD and showed real American courage, they STOOD, and many fell, but Europe was freed because of the efforts of these men that STOOD and met the enemy!

Recently, Barack Hussein Obama bowed low to our enemies.

Pres. George W. Bush held the hand of the Saudis and kissed their cheeks as he welcomed them into his home.

God help us all. Where has our ‘Greatest Generation’ gone? Are there no more brave leaders that are willing to stand and LEAD?

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19 Responses to What has our *Greatest Generation* become?

  1. Sam Pierce says:

    Our leadership is indeed a disgrace. Our nation is damned by an apathetic or ignorant electorate and the movement toward the PC elimination of our greatness.

  2. Kate says:

    It breaks my heart to know my father’s generation fought so hard for us to end up here. We no longer teach real history in our schools. How can kids learn a real pride in country and it’s values when history has been watered down and distorted? They can’t. Future leaders? I just don’t see any….unless they are home schooled by those who remember what was real, true, and honorable.

  3. Sam Pierce says:


    I have three that are home schooled and three more that will be… that is unless Bill Ayers’ boys Barry and Arne make it impossible to continue. Home schooling seems to be pretty popular, so maybe there is some hope for distant future leadership… maybe.

  4. Katie says:

    There was a strange sound coming from the American Military Cemetery off of Omaha Beach. It was the sound of almost 10,000 American dead spinning in their graves as Obama landed to “honor” them.

    My father and mother would have been ashamed of Obama and American leadership. This is the first time I am glad that they didn’t live to see what this once proud nation has become, and what it will become after just 4 years of Obama.

  5. Kate says:

    Well Sam, your young’uns, and many like them are our nation’s only hope for a free future. As it stands right now…..I’m very skeptical.

  6. Kate says:

    You and me both Katie.

  7. webdevdaddy says:

    It sickens me to see what our country has become and how nobody is properly standing up to this fascist/socialistic government. What we have today, is a product of a bunch of progressives who have identified the strongest parts of our society and have now broken them down.

    We need to educate our youth on how to be loving, responsible parents and citizens who believe in traditional moral values and are willing to fight and die to keep those values. That’s what my grandfather did and that’s what I’ll do.

    Shame on us for letting our society go to the commode. We need to take America back from these Anti-Americans who are stealing it from us.

  8. Kate says:

    Unless and until we take back the educational system AND the bloomin’ media, we don’t have a lot of hope for change. :? (sorry…had to add that irritating phrase)

  9. GM Roper says:

    Fred, my dad fought in the hedgerows of Normandy, at the Bulge, crossing the Rhine, and at the final battle of WWII in Europe at the Elbe the day of the Surrender of Germany. He was a patriot, and my hero. Although we didn’t always see eye to eye, I couldn’t fill his shoes if I tried. He retired from the Army in 1972 a full Colonel having went in the army in January, 1941 and moved up to full bull by his intelligence, his devotion to freedom and his hard work. Dad passed away on September 3, 2000 and I miss him terribly. However, I’m glad he didn’t live to see what has happened to his beloved Republic.

    One of these days though, a real leader will arise and we will take back our country, and on that day, dad’s spirit will rejoice as will all of the real patriots.

    Thank you for this post, it is what patriotism is all about!

  10. webdevdaddy says:

    Mr. Roper,

    This country is under attack by people even more sinister and power hungry than Hitler was. Our war is here and now. You and other patriots like us, are the leaders that will take this country back. We have the power, the will and the numbers to do so. If we all do our part, we can rid this republic of the leeches that are killing it.

  11. Snooper says:

    My Dad was shot down over Normandy while dropping jumpers during the invasion. He spent two weeks following the sounds of battle.

    My brother was KIA in Quan Tri Province South VN.

    I was in the Sandbox in ’91 and 12 years later went back.

    My eldest son served in the Sandbox and I have two Godsons serving in Iraqistan and Afghanistan.

    My eldest came back to gear up to fight here at home when the time comes.

    The time has come.

  12. TexasFred says:

    comment number 11 by: Snooper
    Today at 1:20 PM (9 minutes ago)

    My eldest came back to gear up to fight here at home when the time comes.

    The time has come.

    Make NO mistake America, the time is coming, we WILL have open warfare in the streets and fields of this nation, it’s only a matter of time, and sooner or later, we will fight here and win, or we will lose and AMERICA will die!

    To echo a patriot past:
    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death ~Patrick Henry~

  13. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    Thanks for the excellent article, Fred. As I was watching and listening to clips of Obama’s speeches, I couldn’t help but think of Ronald Reagan. Now THERE was a PRESIDENT! Hopefully, there is another out there who can and will follow in his footsteps and HOPEFULLY, the voters will be awake enough to vote that person in.

    May God continue to bless America and keep her strong enough to come through these perilous times still intact until such a leader emerges.

  14. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    Has anyone come across any photos of how Presidents, Reagan, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Truman – to name a few of the “old guys” – greeted the Saudis? Was it with simply a handshake? Were they as “close to” the Saudis as GWB (personal oil interests) and BHO (religious background) are?

  15. TexasFred says:

    You do realize?? The *GREAT* Ronald Reagan was the 1st one to install a *CZAR* on the American public?? A Drug Czar…

    And Reagan was also the 1st to allow amnesty for the ILLEGALS…

    Maybe it’s just me but he really doesn’t seem all that *great*, but, I suppose compared top Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Odumbi, he was a genius…

    It’s a hell of a note when an American president can give this nation away and still be called great, we are expecting far too little I believe…

  16. Carl Andrews says:


    I spent this AM attending a USMC “poolee” event my daughter tool part in.
    These events are familiarization excercises for young adults that are in the USMC Delayed Entry Program.

    I’m telling you all this because during a Q&A with the parents, one of the leathernecks made note of how we all should be proud of our kids, joining the military during a time of war, and how he wishes America still had more of them.

    Later, as I was talking to him and one of the other Marines, I made mention of his comment.

    I said that I was amazed at the amount of turnout considering who was in the White House.

    I know they didn’t respond due to military regs, but the looks the three of us exchanged spoke volumes.

    So yes my friend, I, like you, sometimes despair over the future of this country.

    But I can’t help but think that perhaps history will prove that Obama will simply turn out to be what he ia working so hard to become, a “bump in the road.”

    And we can hope that the patriotic young men and women I saw today may help bring America back from the edge of the abyss, and perhaps will prove to be our country’s next Greatest Generation

  17. Doc Roy says:

    The present crew in Washington is completely unworthy to even be anywhere the seat of power in this great country. What a bunch of traitors. I went to Texas A&M and the President of the University was a General Earl Rudder. Talk about a leader. Gen. Rudder commanded the attack on Ponte du Hoc at D-Day, and he showed the same courage and resolution as the President of A%M. Our present President Obama bows to our enemies as he kicks the crap out of the nation he is supposed to lead.

    God Bless our great nation.


  18. Vigilante says:

    I had 4 uncles that was in on the invasion of Normandy. Two were Marines, one was in the 82nd Airborne, and another aboard the flagship USS Philadelphia. They are all dead now but I think I can speak for them. They would remove their hats and scratch their heads while thinking “WTF!!!” Is this what we laid our lives on the line for? So some black son of a bitch could go bow to an arab, sucking ass for money and oil ? Is this what so many of our BROTHERS (not comrades) died for? So some black POS could apologize to our enemies and beg forgiveness? It’s no longer OUR country, it is YOURS now. We kept it free for you and if YOU can’t keep it free, then you deserve exactly what that muslim dickweed imposter has got planned for you.

  19. hardheadedtexan says:

    The Democraps are like kids in a candy store. They are so Money and Power hungry and could give a Rats Ass about our country, Or Us or our kids and grandkids. Selfish. As an American I try very hard to keep up with what’s going on in Usurpersiville DC, but it is impossible. They are constantly passing bills while we have our pants around our ankles. Sneaky Snakes.
    I read something the other day and it kinda lifted my spirits a little. Obama is temporary, D-Day is FOREVER. So true. We know who the true American Heroes are, and we must keep them close to our hearts. And we must fight for our American Heros that are fighting for us right now. Because they don’t have a voice or they will go to the Brigg. We must protect them.