UPDATED: 4 Suicide Bombings Kill 200 in Iraq

BAGHDAD (AP) - Rescuers dug through the muddy wreckage of collapsed clay houses in northwest Iraq on Wednesday, uncovering victims of four suicide bombings that Iraqi officials said killed at least 200 people in one of the worst attacks of the war.

The victims were members of a small Kurdish sect - the Yazidis - sometimes attacked by Muslim extremists who consider them infidels.

Four suicide truck bombers struck nearly simultaneously on Tuesday, killing more people than any other concerted attack since Nov. 23, when 215 people were killed by mortar fire and five car bombs in Baghdad’s Shiite Muslim enclave of Sadr City.

It was most vicious attack yet against the Yazidis, an ancient religious community in the region. Some 300 people were wounded in the blasts, said Dakhil Qassim, the mayor of the nearby town of Sinjar.

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4 Suicide Bombings Kill 200 in Iraq

This is a follow up to an earlier story…

Now the numbers are coming in, earlier, U.S. forces said there were possibly 50 casualties, but it appears that they seriously underestimated the numbers, at 0430 MY time, about 45 minutes ago, I was up and talking to a private source that is pretty close to the action and the updated numbers ARE for real and the story seems to be fairly accurate overall…

Yeah, the surge IS working, in Baghdad, but as I said earlier, ask these folks in Qahataniya how THEY feel about the surge, and the bombers that have been run out of Baghdad and are plying their trade in other Iraqi towns now, so, overall, just HOW successful IS that surge??

Causing the enemy to rearrange their forces has only driven them to attack even easier targets, do you suppose we can get a really successful surge in the entirety of Iraq??

No, I don’t think so either…

UPDATE: At Least 250 Dead After Iraq Blasts

Full Story Here:
At Least 250 Dead After Iraq Blasts

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  1. gunz says:

    The Pentagon needs to have the Dr. Frankensteins at DARPA come up with several roach motel like traps, place them throughout Iraq, and when the feeding frenzy starts drop MOABS on them…

  2. jo says:

    yeah…what gunz said.

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