Fred Thompson’s undeclared campaign

A campaign undeclared, not invisible

Web site asks supporters to spread word, fundraise and call talk-radio

Since former Senator Fred D. Thompson of Tennessee has not yet declared his presidential candidacy, he cannot advertise on television, on radio or in newspapers to promote his political ambitions.

But on the Internet, his supporters can turn to his official Web site,, where they are solicited for donations and asked to spread the word to friends, hold fund-raising parties and call talk-radio programs on his behalf. Visitors to the site can watch his “FredCast” and read “the Fred File” to get his views on issues like the economy and immigration law.

Mr. Thompson, a Republican, has been able to set up what looks like a stealth campaign on the Internet because federal election laws and enforcement have failed to catch up with the surge in campaigning in cyberspace. As a result, he has been able to promote his positions and raise money through his Web site, all while technically remaining a noncandidate.

Rigorous donation rules
And that status enables him to remain on television on “Law and Order” reruns without NBC facing demands from other candidates for equal time. It exempts him from the more rigorous rules on reporting donors that declared candidates must adhere to.

Officially, Mr. Thompson is just “testing the waters” for a presidential campaign, although in many ways he is behaving like a candidate. He is making his first precaucus trip to Iowa this week, and he sends out regular e-mail messages to supporters detailing his positions. He also recently sent out a video responding to the director Michael Moore’s challenge to a debate over health care issues raised in his latest movie, “Sicko,” and the video got more than 200,000 hits on YouTube.

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Fred Thompson’s undeclared campaign

And to think we thought he was just undecided, there appears to be a method to his madness after all doesn’t there… :)

Who’d a thunk it?? Fred D. Thompson woulda thunk it, that’s who, and I hope this clears up a lot of questions for a lot of people, Fred Heads have known this for quite a while, many others have suspected it and now that he’s been outed by the NYT and MSNBC, we might as well have fun with it…

I’ll bet the other candidates are sitting back thinking, “I wish I could play him on Law and Order”…

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4 Responses to Fred Thompson’s undeclared campaign

  1. gunz says:

    I’m continuing to watch & support him, and trying to get a good feel for his politics. He worries me in some areas, but I can’t expect the perfect candidate, he don’t exist.

    Only thing I know for sure is a great coffee cup was sent to me with his name on it and holds a mean cup of joe. :)

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    The Hugh Hewitt show was indicating it appears Fred may formally announce on Labor Day or thereabouts.


  3. Panhandle Poet says:

    He’s a wiley fox that one…

  4. Keith P Kneitz says:

    It is my deep hope that fred will be the next President of the U.S.A.

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