Official: No immigration raids for ’10 census

WASHINGTON — Census workers know it will be difficult counting illegal immigrants for the 2010 population tally and even tougher if those immigrants are hiding from enforcement agents.

“If you have federal officials going door to door trying to count people, and federal officials going door to door trying to deport people, it doesn’t work,” said Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

To make it easier, the Census Bureau wants immigration agents to suspend enforcement raids during the population count, the Census Bureau’s second-ranking official said in an Associated Press interview.

Deputy Director Preston Jay Waite said immigration enforcement officials did not conduct raids for several months before and after the 2000 census. But today’s political climate is even more volatile on the issue of illegal immigration.

Enforcement agents “have a job to do,” Waite said. “They may not be able to give us as much of a break” in 2010.

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Official: No immigration raids for ’10 census

Suspend the deportation of ILLEGALS they say?? Is the Census Bureau part of the failed attempt by Bush/McCain/Kennedy to let the illegals stay here??

I have a plan for the Census Bureau folks, count ‘em on the way OUT and color ‘em GONE, but I really don’t think you’re going to have much of a problem in that area either, Bush and Company aren’t going overboard to deport any of Mr. Bush’s wetback buddies, the only way the Immigration people are going to be allowed to do the job that NEEDS to be done is if we elect a strong anti-illegal President in ’08, and if we don’t do that, by the year 2012 we may have a Mexican as the president…

Don’t scoff at that suggestion, Bush is working his ass off to get this North American Union in place right now, he is still stinging from the AMNESTY bill defeat and Bush is NOT one that takes setbacks well…

One lawmaker said she thinks “it’s nuts” for the Census Bureau to ask for a break in enforcement.

“I don’t know what country the Census Bureau is living in,” Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said in a telephone interview from her district. “I can tell them the American people have grown sick and tired of their immigration laws not being enforced. They are not going to tolerate enforcement being suspended for any amount of time.”

We already don’t have enough enforcement of our immigration laws, to even suggest that they be placed on hold while the bean counters count the beaners is simply ridiculous, if enforcement isn’t stepped up, and I mean SERIOUSLY stepped up, the USA is going to look like the border areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, very Hispanic…

I know there are many other places in the USA that have problems with illegals but in the border states we are on the front line of this invasion, and here is where the battle needs to start, by closing the border and putting enough National Guard troops on the border, with a full compliment of combat gear and let them do the job that the Guard is intended to do, protect the USA, after we secure the USA, we can clean up the USA, but Bush won’t do that, and the WHY of this has cost Bush to lose at least as much support, and possibly more, than the Iraq debacle has…

We have room for people from other nations, as long as they come here LEGALLY and leave once their visas are expired, or they can stay if they are willing to become American citizens, tax paying, English speaking, valuable members of American society, anything else is unacceptable, and we MUST elect a president that feels exactly the same way and WILL issue orders to our Immigration people to DO their duty, anything less is not enough…

If a man, or a woman, as the case may be, isn’t prepared to defend THIS nation, that person doesn’t need to be leading this nation…

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5 Responses to Official: No immigration raids for ’10 census

  1. Chris says:

    The census takers have a duty as American citizens to report criminals to the authorities. That means, if they have to call ICE every 10 minutes to get criminals rounded up and deported, then SO BE IT! In fact, that’d be a great way to multi-task our resources. Have an enforcement team with the census takers so that the illegals can be deported as soon as they are found!

    They are everywhere! It shouldn’t be that hard to start rounding them up and shipping them back to wherever they came from. Yes, it will be difficult to accomplish, but the actual task is easy enough when you break it down. You find the bad guys, you deport the bad guys. Just find the “migrant worker” sign in your city and wait for them to show up to be picked up… and while you are at it, ticket anyone trying to hire them!

  2. The Hermit says:

    If you want to spend all day counting illegal aliens, all you have to do is go to Gainesville, Georgia. The entire town has been absorbed by illegals since the late 1980′s. The taxi cabs are all Spanish language companies like Cab Fiesta and Cab Norte Americano. The shops are all spanish language, and virtually everybody you see is Hispanic. The Census folks can find all the illegals they want there, and to spare.

  3. Big White Hat says:

    Hell, we didn’t take advantage of the “marches.” Why would we actually use the census?

  4. TexasFred says:

    Big White Hat Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 7:04 pm
    Hell, we didn’t take advantage of the “marches.” Why would we actually use the census?

    Exactly, and until we get a POTUS that is serious about securing the USA nothing else WILL be done…

  5. jo says:

    The candidate that seriously takes on this problem, and is willing to follow through on our laws will get my vote. Who knows…I just wish the illegals would flee our country with the same speed they enter it, and with twice the problems they have caused.

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