Border agent killed in unusual violence within U.S.

Border agent killed in unusual violence within U.S.

CHULA VISTA, California (AP) — Federal investigators scrambled Friday to find whoever shot a U.S. Border Patrol agent in the head in an unusually violent attack within the U.S. that has left a baffling trail of evidence.

Agent Robert Rosas, a 30-year-old, married father of two young children, was killed shortly after 9 p.m. local time Thursday while responding alone to a suspected border incursion near Campo, a town in rugged, arid terrain in southeastern San Diego County.

He was shot in the head and multiple times in his body and was dead when backup agents arrived, said Keith Slotter, special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Diego bureau.

Rosas was found outside his patrol vehicle near the border fence, with blood evidence indicating at least one suspect and possibly more had serious injuries, perhaps by gunfire.

Investigators don’t yet know how many shots were fired, if Rosas fired any shots himself and how many guns were used.

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Border agent killed in unusual violence within U.S.

Hopefully, Agent Robert Rosas was able to take out at least some of his attackers. That won’t bring Rosas back, it won’t raise his children or console his wife, but maybe it will offer some degree of comfort to his grieving family. And to the Rosas family, my personal condolences as well.

Police in Tecate, Mexico, announced late Friday that they had arrested a man walking near the crime scene with a Border Patrol-issued weapon shortly after the shooting, the Los Angeles Times reported. The man, Ernesto Parra Valenzuela, 36, was injured and taken to a hospital, according to a news release.

Sadly, even if this guy turns out to be the one that murdered Agent Rosas, Mexico will not extradite him if the USA is insistent on enforcing a death penalty case against him. At best, if this suspect is returned to the USA, tried and found guilty, he would face life in prison.

Federal officials have expressed growing concerns that the drug cartel battles plaguing Mexico could spill into the United States with the targeting of U.S. law enforcement officials.

The cartels already have their people in place, some 12-20 million of them, depending on which source you believe regarding the number of Mexican ILLEGALS already in the USA.

I have been called a racist for my views on ILLEGALS, and that’s OK, except for one insignificant little thing, ILLEGAL isn’t a race. But a certain self proclaimed erudite professor hasn’t grasped that fact yet. So, I am going to give him another reason to call me a racist brute. By the way, the brute part, that’s the part he was correct on!

Close the borders of this nation, NOW! Round up ALL ILLEGALS in this nation, NOW! Deport ALL ILLEGALS from this nation, NOW! Get ALL United States National Guard troops OUT of Iraq and Afghanistan, NOW! Bring those troops home and station them on our southern border, heavily armed, with orders to shoot DEAD any person or persons crossing our border at anything other than a LEGAL U.S. border crossing. That puts an end to ALL ILLEGAL INVADERS in this nation, it frees up countless BILLIONS of our tax dollars and the USA can once again be a prosperous nation, once the GARBAGE has been removed that is.

Now I have to pose this question; I wonder where our military and police hating President stands on this? I mean, was Agent Rosas acting correctly? Was he racially profiling these assailants? Did he violate their civil rights?

After the recent words by our President regarding “stupidly” handled police matters, and the obvious disdain Obamanure has for our police officers, I think those are fair questions.

And another fair question I believe, are these the people that Obamanure and Company want to give amnesty to? And free American health care? SOURCE

Investigators said they were searching for at least two suspects and have notified hospitals on both sides of the border to be alert for patients with suspicious or unexplained injuries.

SAN JOSE (CBS 5 / AP) ― Three people in connection with the Thursday murder of a Border Patrol agent in San Diego County were taken into custody at a hospital in San Jose Friday afternoon, law enforcement sources told CBS 5.

Agents with the Department of Homeland Security swarmed O’Connor Hospital to take the two men and one woman into custody. Authorities say they traced the cell phone of one of the people. Officials have not disclosed how the three people are connected to the case. SOURCE

It looks like DHS and the Border Patrol are making a full court press on this, and rightly so. My only hope is that the Oval Office doesn’t yank the rug out from underneath them.

Are my views of how to handle the INVADERS that rape our welfare and medical system, murder our police officers, spread their filth, disease and drugs and generally bring this nation down to 3rd world status brutal? Maybe they are. Maybe I am a realist. Maybe I’m a real patriot that loves my nation and cares what happens to it.

Personally, I don’t give a DAMN what happens to these ILLEGALS. I have made that statement on numerous occasions in the past and will likely repeat it many more times in the future. The ONLY thing I care about is the USA, Her LEGAL and LAWFUL residents, how WE are treated and OUR standard of living and health care.

Secure OUR borders, protect OUR people, the American people. Only a died in the wool LIBBER, a FAUX Conservative, would see it otherwise, so be sure and take note of those that disagree and call ME a racist for MY views on ILLEGAL INVADERS and how to alleviate the problem!


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11 Responses to Border agent killed in unusual violence within U.S.

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Am truly sorry for Agent Rosas family. With all the crap going on along the Mexican boarder, you knew something like this was going to happen sooner rather than later. Hope the BP makes these guys travel in pairs with a ready reaction force on standby from now on. I’m with you Fred; close the boarder and if anyone tries to cross, shoot first and sort it out later. But alas Comrade Obama won’t do anything constructive. He’s bent on destroying this nation not defending it.

  2. hardheadedtexan says:

    How long before Dumbo apologizes to Mexico for it being the Americans fault? I’m sure the Democrat’s will blame it on our 2nd Amendment. They’ll come up with their made up Percentage on how many American Guns end up in Mexico.(again) Just more numbers pulled out of the butt’s.
    It’s just a number in Washington. One dead border Patrol Agent. But to us it’s an American and an American Family that must go on without their loved one.
    I love the name of the Article. Unusual Violence? Not really. The Mexican’s own the borders. It will only get worse because Dumbo has made us the Laughing-Stock of the World. Close the Damned Borders and Protect the Border Patrol.

  3. extex_cop says:

    I doubt the BP will change anything. As far as shooting first ans sorting it out later….maybe you have forgotten about the 2 BP agents that went to jail for shooting a drug smuggling dirt bag.
    The US needs to get off it’s a** and get the fence / wall built…and put plenty of warning signs stating anyone crossing this fence will be SHOT. Then hang their bodies from the fence like the ranchers do with coyotes. The will deter them from crossing in that area.

  4. mrchuck says:

    Your views are the same here. Exactly the same.
    But where does one start to tell our existing national government what to do???
    I send messages to all my elected representatives.ALL OF THEM!!! So what. Nothing happens.
    I contact our border people,,,nothing happens.
    We are just farked. That’s all. Wasting our time.
    I guess I will just have to wait until “they” come upon my posted land and shoot their ass.

  5. hardheadedtexan says:

    Instead of Closing the Borders, the illegals will be rewarded with Universal Health Care. Something tells me the people who are supposed to be Our Elected Officials don’t care what we want.

  6. Vigilante says:

    Seems everybody is in the right mood to do something, but what!! If it was up to me the first thing I’d do would lay out a mine field. Next, have hundreds snipers hidden up in the hills with .50 calibre sniping rifles…and with orders to shoot to kill.
    These fuckin catholic churches that want to operate an underground sanctuary for these assholes…….fine the hell out of’em. If they don’t paywithin 10 days…., close’em up. If your caught here illegaly, you’re put on a bus along with your fuckin “anchor baby” and sent packin…after a DNA sample is taken and recorded. You’re caught again, it’s the chain gang. Women are shown NO partiallity. But that’s me. Just don’t call me a racist like that Texas Fred…….LMAO

  7. Katie says:

    How about the policy to shoot first and ask questions later. Perhaps that will stop the violence!

  8. Vigilante says:

    Kate……..Right On, and as extex cop say’s …”hang a few on the fence” …. as a warning to others who’ve made it through the mine field, that they still have to get by the snipers.

  9. Vigilante says:

    a little addendum here to the last post…….
    Hang a sign with the carcasses taken from one of dirty harry’s movies “are ya feeling lucky, punk”??? LOL

  10. Doc says:

    The Mexican government will no doubt report that the Agent’s gun was used in a crime inside Mexico. Barack Hussein Obama will immediately agree that guns from America are the source of all of Mexico’s social ills, from crime to venereal disease.

    I have no problem with anyone coming to share in, and contribute to, the wealth and promise that is America. I do have a large, abiding, and stern issue with those who feel it is right to infiltrate illegally.

    Note to the President- Get rid of the illegals, beef up the Border Patrol (the federal LE agency with the most physically rigorous academy and also the one treated as a step-child), and start fulfilling your oath to protect this country.

    But then again, Obama has made his feelings towards cops pretty clear recently.

    God bless Agent Rosas and his family, and God bless America.

  11. Unfortunately I fear this is just the beginning. . .