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Self-Described Pedophile to Leave Calif.

Aug 26, 4:50 PM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A self-described pedophile is leaving California after a judge ordered him to stay away permanently from places where children gather, the man told a TV station for a report that aired Sunday.

“I have to leave the state, really, I can’t live here under this Orwellian protocol,” Jack McClellan told KABC. “It’s nightmarish.”

McClellan did not say where he planned to go, and he did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone by The Associated Press.

McClellan has been unemployed and living out of his car since arriving in Southern California this summer from Washington.

McClellan, 45, came to the attention of authorities for a Web site where he posted photos of children in public places and discussed how he liked to stake out parks, public libraries, fast-food restaurants and other areas where little girls congregated. His Internet service provider took down his Web site more than a month ago.

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Self-Described Pedophile to Leave Calif.

OK folks, he’s going on the run again, does anyone have a description of his car and a license plate number?? If you do, let’s get it out there, put it in comments here, send it to me in an email, I WILL post it, McClellan is going to try and find a new place to ply his trade and we need to deny him that privilege… We CAN do it…

EDIT: I mis-read prohibition for probation and have retracted that part of the post, but we MUST not let this sicko get out of site, regardless of where he goes, turn the heat up, make his life a living HELL…

EDIT TO ADD: Jack McClellan is 45 years old, 6′1″, and weighs 195 pounds.

He drives a Blue 1993 Ford Escort two-door with Washington license plate 915WEX

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10 Responses to “Self-Described Pedophile to Leave Calif.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Fred the order/injunction is not “Do not leave” , he has the right to travel or re-locate, I suppose the order was written to facilitate his moving out of Cali.

    I hear he is headed North to the Seattle area, I haven’t got wind of a LP# or make of car yet, I am sure it is out in the LE community.

  2. Sues Says:

    Yep, I’ve got it all- pic of car, and plate. It’s posted on WFI on this post here - Jack McClellan Alert

    Here’s the info - Jack McClellan is 45 years old, 6′1″, and weighs 195 pounds. He drives a Blue 1993 Ford Escort two-door with Washington license plate 915 - WEX

    Here’s the jpg of the car - Jack McClellan’s Car

  3. Southern Sass on Crime Says:

    jack mcclellan, again…

    Texas Fred has dug his heels in with the jack McClellan story , and I cannot , yet again, think of anything else that needs to said. Sooooo…I swiped his post :-p
    Self-Described Pedophile to Leave Calif.
    August 26th, 2007
    Aug 26, 4:50 PM (ET)

  4. Robert Says:

    I knew Sue would have the info, if anyone has it she would….. Well done Mrs Sue.

    I hope the folks in Seattle will take care of this moron, I have doubts though, it is a very liberal area, they might just offer him a job as a pre-school teacher.

  5. Rose Says:

    It is a shame that those like Jack McClellan can just up and move anywhere. In other news Lindsay Ashford site is closed.

  6. Wendy Says:

    I don’t understand how posting his thoughts about children like he has done, and because he has let it be known that he likes children in a bad way, how is it that this is not against the law? He is flaunting this crap in our faces, knowing that he can get by with it. Why don’t we change the laws and have the state that if you publish things like this it is a felony? Why are we not protecting out children and grandchildren better than this? The fact that he has let all of us know that he is after children, that should put him under the jail….I am sure it would save a child….Once he has kidnapped, raped, and killed one of our children, it will be to late….he needs to go to jail now just for the thoughts he is having. I say lets all stand together and keep him out of our states….I live in Texas and I don’t want him near here. I have a grandson on the way. I want my little Conner safe from unsafe men like this…

    Wendy , From Tyler, Texas

  7. Denny Woll Says:

    love what you’re doing here, but am troubled by your site, as a single father of 2 sons, I’ve been troubled for about 10 yrs now as to why people like you, against all the sicko’s in this country, don’t seem to want to address a very serious problem in this country. Female rapists are showing up more and more everyday in this country, only to be set free by a sick justice system in this country. The double standard seemed to follow me through my many yrs in the military as well. As a father of 2 sons, with total custody of them, maybe you and your followers need to concentrate some energy that way toward to sick women getting away with raping our sons in this country. I know there are alot of sick men in this country, I also know there are thousands of Illegal Mexicans raping and killing our own as well with the same outcome, our govern ment and the do gooders in this country look the other way. I wish to only hope you luck in your endevor but fell you need to direct some of that energy to these other sicko’s like the ped. women and Illegals in my country. Thank You , Denny Woll

  8. aude Says:

    I suggest if you see him, follow him and if you see him near any child boy or girl take a picture, either it be in a store line etc than call cops and give Police picture and keep track on him so cops can find him as some cops may blow it off or not follow it up unless they can find him than and now.

  9. Lily Says:

    It would help if you could post a picture of him. I saw some live footage of him on the news so there must be a pic of him somewhere.

  10. sheldon Says:

    I am an over the road trucker and am outraged by the actions of this creep even though i only travel within the new england states i am keeping a close eye out for him i have his plate number and type of car he drives i will not rest until something is done to get this guy off the streets. i am glad that there is people out here trying to do the same and i think this is a very good way of doing it he won’t stop on his own. anyways keep up the good work people and i fully support what you’re doing. thanks, i’ll make sure if i do see him that i get on here or the phone and let you know whre and when i saw him.

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