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West Dallas business owner kills 2 suspected burglars in 3 weeks

Monday, October 15th, 2007

A Ledbetter-area business owner fatally shot a suspected burglar Sunday morning – the second time in three weeks that he killed an intruder, Dallas police said.

James Walton, owner of Able Walton Machine & Welding in the 2000 block of Chalk Hill Road in West Dallas, was alerted to the intruder when his motion sensor system activated about 9 a.m. Sunday, police said.

Mr. Walton, who also lives at his business, went downstairs with a shotgun and fired at a man who had broken in. The intruder was later identified by police as Jimmy Gannon of Ferris.

Police said Mr. Walton also noticed another man outside Sunday. Mr. Walton shot and wounded that man. He escaped, but a witness eventually led police to him. The man, whom police did not immediately identify, was questioned by officers Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Gannon, 37, was taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center, where he died.

Police said Mr. Walton is allowed to protect his property. No charges were filed against him Sunday, though the case will be referred to a grand jury, police said.

“He’s got a right to defend his property. What gives a stranger the right to go in and vandalize or burglarize his business?” said Dallas police Sgt. Gene Reyes. “He’s within every legal right to do this.”

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West Dallas business owner kills 2 suspected burglars in 3 weeks

I love it when the good guys win one, and this is also one of the biggest reasons I love living in Texas, we have very generous gun laws and the right to protect the home or business is an absolute RIGHT…

About 18 years ago I was living in Dallas and we were burglarized one night, about 2:00AM, I was lying in bed reading, my wife was asleep, my son was asleep in between us, my twin girls were about a year old, they were in their baby beds and my oldest girl was asleep in her bedroom…

I heard the window open in the front of the house and heard the blinds being moved around so I got up to see what was up, it was cold that night but it was stuffy in the house and I assumed that the oldest girl had got up and opened a window, well, long story short, I walked by the bedrooms and the babies were asleep, I walked by the oldest girls room and she was out like a light so I looked in the living room and there the guy was, disconnecting the TV and VCR…

Well, he didn’t get too far, I kicked him square in the groin and kind of put his lights out for him, but when the Dallas P.D. showed up the very 1st question they 1st cop on the scene asked me was, “Why didn’t you shoot the SOB? It would make a lot less paperwork on us, and we don’t charge a homeowner any extra for removing dead carcases from the premises…”

And he was damn serious too, and by now ALL the kids are up and I looked at him and said, “Do you have kids at home officer??” and he said no, he didn’t, all I could do was shake my head in disbelief, “I caught the guy FOR you, you see I have my wife, 4 kids and the dog here and you ask me WHY I didn’t shoot him?? Shoot in the dark with a house full of KIDS?? I have NO problem with shooting him if these kids or the wife is in danger but this guy will NEVER have kids, I blew his balls up with that kick and YOU ask ME why I didn’t shoot him?? I put him DOWN and he stayed down, what the hell else do you want??”

His Sgt. told him to go 10-8, he’d take the rest of the report…

I am fully in support of the right to keep and bear arms and in using a gun to protect yourself and your property, and now a days the kids are grown and it’s just 2 of us here in the house and it’s easy to keep a precise account of where WE are, but with gun ownership comes owner responsibility, and I applaud this business owner and his actions, but if you’re not 100% sure of your target or the consequences of firing in the dark, a good ass-kicking and an arrest isn’t too bad an outcome either…

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Prosecutor Accused in Sex Sting Kills Himself in Prison Cell

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

DETROIT — A federal prosecutor accused of flying to Detroit last month to have sex with a 5-year-old girl committed suicide Friday in his cell in a Milan federal prison.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John D.R. Atchison was found unresponsive, taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead at 10:17 a.m., Federal Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman Felicia Ponce said.

Atchison, of Gulf Breeze, Fla., was being held in a special housing unit in the prison, about 36 miles southwest of Detroit.

The administrative detention area houses all levels of prisoners, and Atchison had a cell to himself, Ponce said.

An investigation into his death is under way, she said.

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Prosecutor Accused in Sex Sting Kills Himself in Prison Cell

Ya know, once in a while I just can’t help but think that Mr. Rogers theme song is very appropriate, “It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood, oh won’t you, won’t you be, MY neighbor?”

We can all be neighbors and celebrate this cretins departure from Planet Earth and his journey into the depths of HELL, and I hope it’s really hot you son of a bitch!

I wonder, will there be an outcry of wrongful death as happened HERE and HERE?? I mean, were this pervs rights violated?? Just because he went to Detroit with the express intent of having sex with a 5 year old girl?? We just couldn’t live with ourselves if we denied him a constitutional right now could we??

Yeah, THAT was sarcasm, personally, I want to see the death penalty applied to ALL convicted child molesters, if they are PROVEN guilty, beyond a shadow of a doubt, hang the bastards, on the Court House lawn, in full view of ALL, any so-called adult that would harm a child is a sick individual, any so-called adult that would molest a child is the lowest form of humanity on this earth, and their suicide, or execution, is an event to be celebrated, this guy, just like the one in Murphy, TX recently, was an officer of the court, he KNEW better, there was no excuse for his actions, his attempt to molest a 5 year old girl, and this piece of trash will not be mourned by me or my friends…

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Craig Poses Dilemma for GOP Colleagues

Friday, October 5th, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) - Facing untimely resignations, an unpopular war and a troubling 2008 election landscape, Senate Republicans didn’t need another headache this week. But they got one anyway when Sen. Larry Craig vowed Thursday to serve out the last 15 months of his term, despite a court ruling that left intact his guilty plea in a sex sting operation.

The Idaho Republican’s decision gives his GOP colleagues two unpleasant choices. They can resume pressuring him to leave, and risk being seen as disloyal politicians who go harder on alleged homosexual misdeeds than on heterosexual wrongdoings.

Or they can basically ignore him for months, and endure more TV comics’ taunts about a conservative senator convicted in a case involving public bathroom stalls.

Judging from comments in the first hours after Craig’s announcement, Republican senators were unsure exactly where to land. Outright confrontation with Craig, however, seems unlikely.

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Craig Poses Dilemma for GOP Colleagues

A dilemma?? Sen. Craig creates a dilemma?? Personally, I see NO dilemma, I see a potty pervert that got caught trying to line up a partner and like any other potty pervert that got caught, he has suffered the consequences of his actions, he just doesn’t have the dignity to step down from an office that should be filled with public trust, decency, honesty and morals, things that are only a dim notion to potty pervert Sen. Larry Craig…

And to the 99 other pandering asshats sitting in the Senate, GROW A SET you bunch of gutless wimps, what part of WRONG is WRONG did you guys miss?? Or are there a few more closet peter puffers hiding out under the banner of so-called Republican Conservatism??

“Oh, they’ll NEVER suspect me of being a homo that picks up total strangers in a public rest room, I’m a U.S. Senator and a Republican, I have a cover that can’t be blown…”, pun definitely intended…

It doesn’t matter if the guy is a flaming faggot or some philandering fool cheating on his wife, the standards that a U.S. Senator or Congressman should be held to have got to be the highest in this land, you people need to learn to lead by example, not by whatever you think you can pull off in the closet, no pun intended…

Censure Sen. Craig, demand that he remove himself from the venerable halls of the U.S. Senate, him, and any other pervert or lawbreaker among you, police yourselves and for at least once in American history, install a TRUE and unshakable sense of dignity to your ranks, make America PROUD again, and hope like hell Craig doesn’t have a list of ALL of the wrongdoings that none of you spineless asshats are ever going to stand up and admit on your own…

Actually, I’d love to see it happen, Sen. Craig gets his pink panties in a wad and does a TELL ALL on the U.S. Senate, goes on Oprah and gets her blessing, cries on her shoulder and declares himself a reformed person, OUT and proud and now wants to become an outed libber homo Dem representing all the other oppressed homos in the world, do a potty pervs of the world unite drive, ALL of it, the whole 9 yards of Drama Queen hysterics, THAT would be priceless, and I believe may possibly be more of a dilemma than Sen. Potty Perv presents in his current state of embarrassment…

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Court to Consider Lethal Injection

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to consider the constitutionality of lethal injections in a case that could affect the way inmates are executed around the country.

The high court will hear a challenge from two inmates on death row in Kentucky - Ralph Baze and Thomas Clyde Bowling Jr. - who sued Kentucky in 2004, claiming lethal injection amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

Baze has been scheduled for execution Tuesday night, but the Kentucky Supreme Court halted the proceedings earlier this month.

The U.S. Supreme Court has previously made it easier for death row inmates to contest the lethal injections used across the country for executions.

But until Tuesday, the justices had never agreed to consider the fundamental question of whether the mix of drugs used in Kentucky and elsewhere violates the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

OK, so the SCOTUS for some strange reason happens to decide that lethal injection is a cruel and unusual punishment, fine with me, not a problem at all from my point of view…

We still have several other very effective options at our disposal, firing squad, electrocution, conflagration, hanging, I don’t think the guillotine has ever been used in the USA before but hey, there’s a 1st time for everything, offer these options to the convicted murderers and let them decide what’s cruel and unusual

Baze, 52, has been on death row for 14 years. He was sentenced for the 1992 shooting deaths of Powell County Sheriff Steve Bennett and Deputy Arthur Briscoe.

Bennett and Briscoe were serving warrants on Baze when he shot them. Baze has said the shootings were the result of a family dispute that got out of hand and resulted in the sheriff being called.

Bowling was sentenced to death for killing Edward and Tina Earley and shooting their 2-year-old son outside the couple’s Lexington, Ky., dry-cleaning business in 1990. Bowling was scheduled to die in November 2004, but a judge stopped it after Bowling and Baze sued over the constitutionality of lethal injection.

Here’s the bottom line, BOTH of these guys are calculating and cold blooded murderers, 1 killed a family, destroyed it forever, the other is a cop killer, times 2, that’s 2 more families torn apart to never be the same again, they deserve to die and the method of their death is of absolutely NO concern for me, tie the bastards up in chains and throw em in the river to drown for all I care, they have committed the most heinous of crimes and it’s time to pay the price, and the manner in which this payment is rendered is of NO consequence, the only thing that matters is the success of the executions…

I hear all the bleeding heart libber tree huggers cry and carry on about the rights of the condemned and how their death may be horrific for them or it may be painful and cause them to suffer physically and force them to endure high levels of mental stress, well, isn’t that just too damned bad??

Do you think the murdering son of a bitch took any of that into consideration as he was killing his victims?? Should WE consider HIS comfort?? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding NO!

Full Story Here:
Court to Consider Lethal Injection

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Mom cites anger at husband as reason for burning kids

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

UPDATE: Here is an updated report on THIS story from yesterday, I guess the so called mother is trying to justify her deranged behavior, but in my opinion, there is NO justification for her actions, none, and as far as I am concerned she doesn’t deserve to live…

By WFAA-TV Staff Reports

A Haltom City mother has told police she doused her daughters with gasoline and set them on fire because she was angry at her husband.

The information about Alysha Green’s motive comes from a search warrant affidavit released yesterday.

Green apparently herded the three girls into a closet, telling them it was a game.

She then opened the door and threw a burning shirt on them.

The youngest daughter died Tuesday. Arienna Green, known as “Scooby,” was taken off life support.

Her two sisters remain hospitalized.

The oldest child, Addy, is being treated for burns on her back, legs and arms. Alexandria, 5, reportedly had more burns, though her aunt said her face escaped injury.

Green who has burns on her feet and remains in a hospital, was arrested for capital murder and injury to a child.

Full Story Here:
Mom cites anger at husband as reason for burning kids

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Sheriff: Prosecutor Tried Jail Suicide

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

DETROIT (AP) - A federal prosecutor from Florida who authorities say flew to Michigan for a sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl tried to hang himself in his jail cell Thursday but was stopped in time, the county sheriff said.

John D.R. Atchison, 53, used a sheet in an attempted hanging around 4 a.m., said Sanilac County Sheriff Virgil Strickler.

Another inmate yelled out to jailers, who kept Atchison from hurting himself, Strickler said.

The 119-bed Sanilac County Jail is in Sandusky, about 75 miles north of Detroit. U.S. marshals sometimes use it to house federal prisoners. Marshals moved Atchison after the suicide attempt, the sheriff said.

Atchison is an assistant U.S. attorney based in Pensacola, Fla., and president of a youth sports association in Gulf Breezes.

He was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after arriving for a meeting with someone authorities say Atchison thought was the mother of a 5-year-old girl with whom he alleged arranged to have sex. The woman was actually a Macomb County sheriff’s detective participating in an Internet sex sting operation.

Atchison is facing federal child sex solicitation charges.

His defense lawyer James Thomas has declined comment.

Sheriff: Prosecutor Tried Jail Suicide

All I have to say about this is, it’s a damned shame that he didn’t succeed, although prison won’t be a pleasant experience for him, he doesn’t deserve to breathe…

One down, millions to go…

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