Obama accepts apology for Wilson outburst

Obama accepts apology for Wilson outburst

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama accepted a South Carolina Republican’s apology for shouting, “You lie!” during his speech to Congress, and House Democratic leaders showed no interest in sanctions against Rep. Joe Wilson.

Obama said Thursday that Wilson apologized “quickly and without equivocation” and the congressman told reporters the shout-out was “spontaneous.”

“We all make mistakes,” Obama told reporters, a day after Wilson stunned the president and his colleagues with his outburst.

Infuriated Democrats briefly considered sanctioning the four-term congressman, but decided early to look beyond it.

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Obama accepts apology for Wilson outburst

Last night, briefly, I looked upon Joe Wilson with the greatest of respect. He actually called Barack Hussein Obama a LIAR. On the floor of Congress! For ALL the world to see. It was indeed a moment for the ages.

Then, almost as suddenly as he made his outburst, he withdrew it and made an apology. Tact and decorum be damned, truth is truth and it WILL stand the light of day. A man should NEVER apologize for telling the truth and standing his ground, no matter who opposes him.

Though stunned and visibly furious at the interruption, Pelosi said she opted not to gavel down Wilson on the spot. Obama, she said, was right to pitch right back into his speech and not “give it any more attention than it deserved.”

As was said here on this blog recently, in this thread: Freedom of speech in the United States,

comment number 1 by: rwehousewife: Fred! A bunch of liberals got their panties in a wad because of what you said? Good going! Keep it up!

comment number 8 by: extex_cop: I’m very new to this blog ( just wish I had known about it sooner ) and knew right from the start it was a ‘No Holds Barred’. Glad you do it that way… I probably would not have stayed if it were any other way.

comment number 9 by: Robert: You want to know the real reason your blog is so successful and folks like Glenn Beck and a few others are as well? It’s called CONSISTENCY…

And that my friends is only a small cross section of the comments on my Freedom of Speech post. A man is known by his enemies, if the TRUTH angers the left, the libbers, the progressives, whatever they are calling themselves, too bad.

Conservatives must stand their ground, they must speak nothing but the truth, they must speak without fear from the persecutions of the Obamabots. Joe Wilson did just that, albeit briefly, for one grand moment a man stood and spoke the truth to the entire world, and the Halls of Congress shuddered.

Back on Wilson’s home turf, the uproar turned into a boon for Democrat Rob Miller, his opponent in next year’s midterm elections.

In the first 24 hours after Wilson’s outburst, Miller’s campaign coffers swelled by $200,000, according to Jessica Santillo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The contribution, she said, came in from 5,000 individual contributions.

And that is, in my opinion, not so much a backlash from Wilson calling Obama a LIAR on the floor of Congress as it is a surge in Democratic solidarity over a perceived weakness in Wilson and his resolve.

Political correctness is KILLING this nation. People are to afraid of offending their fellow man. Well, as I told a close friend and business associate today, “If you want to make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs, and I break eggs, but, I make things happen”.

Last night Joe Wilson broke a few eggs. Then he mopped up the mess, ran away and immediately began kissing asses in an effort to instigate a big group hug and a few verses of Kumbaya.

He should have followed through and given them an ALL YOU CAN EAT breakfast buffet of hard scrambled eggs! Civility is one thing, backing down from your rightful position of TRUTH is defined by an entirely different definition.

That’s what a REAL leader would do, stand his ground. But alas, I fear that we have no REAL leaders left in this nation. I haven’t seen too much in the way of leadership, not from the White House, the Congress, the Senate, right on down the line to state and local governments. Even in some of the *grass roots* groups, there appears to be a serious fear of offending those that truly NEED to be offended and alienating those that NEED to be alienated.

Once in a while you have to bitch slap some moron upside the head just to get his attention. Joe Wilson did just that, he bitch slapped the entire Obamanation, and then he tucked his tail, ran away, and became the bitch, giving Obama and Company a ton of ammunition to use.


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23 Responses to Obama accepts apology for Wilson outburst

  1. Vigilante says:

    Fred, I thought I was looking at a real conservative last night, until wilson checked and found his balls were gone and immediatley went crawling to “massa”. He then resorted right back to what we all expected of most of the GOP to be. Spineless elitest assholes. I hope S. Carolina took note and replaces this limpwristed suckass wienie when election time rolls around.

  2. The BoBo says:

    I’m a bit disappointed in him as well for backing down. I was actually happy to see that someone up in foggy bottom finally found their cajones.

    I’m also getting tired of hearing how this outburst was a “historical break in decorum” as if the last 8 years of constant hissing and booing from the loony leftards during every single major Bush speech wasn’t a break in decorum.

    The problem is that Wilson went against The Obamessiah. You can’t do that! I lost all respect for Wilson when he backed down just quickly as I had found it when he spoke up.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m wondering how fast the Repub so called leadership was on the phone insisting he kiss some Obama ass.

  4. “Wind, Steel, and Honor.” For a bit I thought I was looking at a man, and a Warrior. Silly me!

  5. Silver Fox says:

    Joe Wilson of South Carolina had his moment in the sun and for a brief time he was a shining star, a second John C. Calhoun, but then his star dimned and quickly faded into obsecurity and became a victim of the most dangerous threat to truth–POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

  6. johnhum says:

    I think that Wilson needs to stop acting like a hit dog with his tail between his legs. He needs to go to S.C. and hold some “town hall” meetings exposing the lies in this so-called health plan. He needs to stand up strong, loud, and clear letting the people see and hear where he stands. Otherwise, the opposition will eat him up.

  7. minuteman26 says:

    Watched the Yankees and Astros games last night because I knew Obama would be telling the big lie not unlike Hitler.

  8. TexasFred says:

    johnhum – It’s too late now, he has tucked his tail, kissed Obama’s ass and asked to be forgiven…

    The opposition is a given, I hope his constituents eat him up and rip him a new ass…

  9. BobF says:

    Truth is the most valuable thing we have…Mark Twain

  10. Infuriated Democrats briefly considered sanctioning the four-term congressman, but decided early to look beyond it.

    After all Harry Reid called Bush a liar and Nancy Pelosi call the CIA ALL LIars and then they both apologized… OH, wait… they didn’t. Maybe that’s why they didn’t seek sanctioning Wilson???? Liberals can’t be honest with themselves, let alone us! They are from the party of ” Double Standards and Hypocrisy”!!! And now we can add Liars to that description.

    I took am disappointed with Wilson’s lapse in spinal fortitude.

  11. TexasFred says:

    The convenience of selective hypocrisy and outrage, the Dems have it down to a science…

  12. Silver Fox says:

    And the MSM will follow this Pied Piper of Kenya like the bunch of rats they are.

  13. Kate says:

    Now SF, why are you insulting the rats like that?

  14. Good point Kate. Rats ARE better than the MSM.

  15. Vigilante says:

    Now today, I read in disbelief on the internet that they were asking for “DONATIONS” to help the poor old eunuch in his fight against being thrown out of office!!!! LMAO

  16. TexasFred says:

    I am guessing that the poor old eunuch is Harry Reid? 😈

  17. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    While in the end Wilson wimped out, the bottom line is that he still said what he said in front of the whole nation. He told the American people the truth about Obama, the truth that the media will not divulge. In the end when you ask people who Wilson is they will say he is the man that called the president a liar, they will have forgotten that he apologized.
    I wish that he had not backed down but even so he still got the message out there.

  18. Longstreet says:

    As a native South Carolinian, I was PROUD of Congressman Joe Wilson for one brief, shining, moment. Then I was sickened by his apology.

    But, it provides us with an excellent example of what is wrong with the Republican Party today.


  19. BobF says:

    Just wondering? Did Wilson apologize for calling Obama a liar or for his breach of protocol during the joint session? I haven’t heard him say that Obama isn’t a liar.

  20. TexasFred says:

    Wilson told Obama he was sorry shortly after the incident on Wednesday, but has refused requests to apologize on the floor. Wilson’s office says the congressman considers his initial apology sufficient. He has also been telling supporters he will continue to speak loudly about the issue and “not be muzzled.”

    Rep. Wilson apologizes, but says won’t be muzzled

  21. TexasFred says:

    I consider his apology, ANY apology, to be a caving in to peer pressure… You NEVER apologize for speaking the truth, NEVER!!

  22. Top John says:

    Slick Willy already proved that it’s okay to lie to our legislature, as long as you’re a dem.

    I wonder what would have happened if Wilson had simply said this in an interview after the address?

    His apology seems to simply be for the outburst and interruption of protocol…I believe he has not yet retracted his statement.

  23. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    My cheers for Joe Wilson were short lived. I am very disappointed that he apologized, but, even so, it was wonderful to see the looks on the faces of Obama, Pelosi and Biden when Wilson yelled out. What is involved in being sanctioned?

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