Obama: $900 billion to fix health care

Obama: $900 billion to fix health care

Declaring that he is determined to be the last president confronted with reshaping health care in America, President Barack Obama proposed a 10-year, $900 billion plan Wednesday night to overhaul a system that he said had left the country at “a breaking point.”

In a prime-time address to a joint session of Congress, Obama laid out the specifics of his proposal to change the way Americans’ medical care is paid for, responding to critics who have complained that he has not set forth precisely what he thinks the new program should be.

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Obama: $900 billion to fix health care

“In a prime-time address to a joint session of Congress”, and anyone that fell for this truckload of Obamanure must have been smoking a joint. A BIG one. 10 years and $900 billion? I remember a time when they threw out numbers like $25 million and everyone just cringed. Then it was $500 million, and Oh My Gawd, then it was a BILLION. Well folks, get ready, TRILLIONS is about to become the new millions, but, there is good news. When we’re ALL broke, it can be a gazillion dollars and it doesn’t mean a damned thing, we’ll ALL be in the streets.

Obama outlined what he called the favored proposals of extremes on both sides of the health care debate: a single-payer system like Canada’s, in which the government provides coverage for everyone, and a dismantling of the employer-based system, leaving individuals to buy insurance on their own.

Look, I realize that The Obamessiah is touted as being the smartest guy around, but I don’t think he’s smart, I think he’s dangerous, devious and a hater of the American way of life.

Here’s my take on it; Canada is a great pattern for health care, if you happen to be a Canadian. If I wanted to have Canadian style health care, I would move to New Brunswick and take up life on the old family lands, but you see, I don’t want a damned thing to do with ANYTHING Canadian, not their government, not their way of life and certainly not their socialized medicine.

What do you call your government when they are pushing with everything they have to force SOCIALIZED medicine on the people of this nation? I call it a SOCIALIST government. I don’t care what the Obama lovers and wanna be Obamabots have to say, this is the United States and WE set the trend, WE set the standard and WE raise the bar on everything! WHY should we have to accept a 3rd rate medical system that we already KNOW isn’t going to work?

In blunt language rarely heard from a president from the halls of Congress, Obama used words like “bogus,” “demagoguery” and “distortion.” He dismissed the death-panels claim as “a lie, plain and simple.”

Wow, I had no idea he was going to point out the things HIS administration was doing. :P

Without naming Bush, Obama blamed his administration for bequeathing him “a trillion-dollar deficit when I walked in the door of the White House … because too many initiatives over the last decade were not paid for — from the Iraq war to tax breaks for the wealthy.”

OK, Obama has a point here, Bush did take over with a budget surplus, passed on from the Clinton administration. We won’t go into WHY there was a budget surplus, you know, things like cutting our military and Intelligence services to the bone, just a few little things, but I will not go into deep details on that one. Bush made a ton of mistakes along the way, and personally, I still think he is in the running for the honor of being the dumbest SOB to ever inhabit the White House, a strong 3rd place in MY opinion, but I digress.

Here’s the BIG question, WHEN does this become Obama’s problem? When does he assume the responsibility for the debacle that IS the American money market, finances, jobs, Iraq, the War on Terror, uh, oops, overseas contingency, all of that? When does it become HIS nest?

Obama says that he wants to be the last president confronted with reshaping health care in America? He could well be. America is very close to being bankrupt. If America doesn’t get out of this tailspin it’s in, there won’t be an America very soon, and I see NOTHING from Obama and his minions that can or will change this. Yes, Obama did inherit one hell of a mess, but he knew that going in, if he didn’t want the job and the responsibility, he should have stayed OUT of the presidential race. As of now, all I have seen him do is make things worse.

And I say again, STOP blaming Bush, he is a former POTUS, accept what’s there, shoulder the load and do what ever it is you’re going to do, or TRY to get it done. We, the Conservative of America will keep on fighting you and yours and we’ll keep on reminding ourselves, we can be rid of you in 2012.

Unless you go and pull a really stupid stunt and we get to impeach your America hating ass even sooner!

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7 Responses to Obama: $900 billion to fix health care

  1. BobF says:

    Of course he dismissed the “death panels” after the senate removed the provision from the bill.

    Why do people think Obama is so smart and has the answers? This guy has absolutely no track record of managing anything that ever made a penny, not even a lemonade stand. He never even was a manager at a MacDonald s or even worked at one. The only thing he knows how to do is suck money out of working Americans for distribution to others. That’s what he did as a community organizer.

  2. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Don’t forget that Clinton rolled in Social Security funds (creative book making) to balance the budget! That is what pushed the already strained Social Security fund into a bigger hole.

    Exactly a week after the Russian born Economist wrote an article in a Canadian publication predicting that the USA will be DONE by November of this year… Obama is on TV taking credit for “saving the economy”. We haven’t started the downward spiral known as hyperinflation yet. When he printed dollars (a trillion or so) against nothing but our DEBT, that is what he set us up for! I wonder how he plans to “blame Bush” for that one???

    I’m with you TF, I do wonder when this administration is going to quit shoveling the Obamanure at us, and take responsibility for the even bigger messes they are creating, but even more vexing, when are stupid Americans going to quit buying into said manure???? Minds that think critically want to know!!!

  3. jd3 says:

    This number is pure fiction….and it doesn’t take a lot of calculating to know that Obama is way low…..it could break the economy….we need a solution to a problem…we do not need to just throw tax dollars at the problem…we need a viable solution….and with all the opposition why do they keep pushing? Why not back to the drawing board….we are not getting solutions from President “Change” …we have a liberal social Democrat leading our country who’s answer to every problem is to toss money at them….that is not going to work…we could digress and speak of the inherent dangers in Socialism as well but that can be left for another thread…I am sure TF will repeat one soon…

  4. johnhum says:

    “$900,000,000,000 to fix health care”

    Why, a billion here and a billion there after a while just might add up to real money!
    What a wonder present for our grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!

  5. Kate says:

    2 thumbs WAY up, Fred!

  6. Patrick Sperry says:

    Humm… Do the math… How many Americans are there (plus add in illegal’s for “humanitarian emergency care”) That is how much ? Does that much wealth exist on earth?

    Call me a “Cold Blooded Libertarian” all day long. I don’t care. This Paramedic got real used to Triage. Not fun, not nice, but it worked. One of my dual Minors in college was Economics and this is a classic case of limited resources and never ending demand.

    Guns or butter? I’ll take the “guns” because if we accept the “butter” we will soon have neither, none of us.

  7. Silver Fox says:

    Obama is a true radical progressive, I suppose that means socialist, bordering on fascist with communist leanings. However the one clear thing is that he is part of that great “Hate American Crowd” that inhabits a narrow strip of land on the far left coast of the Uniterd States stretching from the Mexican border to the Canadian line and a similiar narror strip on the east coast reaching from the rocky shores of Maine to the nations capital to the south. Also this same insane bunch can be found around many of our major cities—for some unknown reason these fools seen to love the company of one another as they are seldom found in small groups, but only in large metropolitian areas where their seems to be some safety in numbers.