Thompson Announces Candidacy on Leno

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Fred Thompson - veteran actor, former Republican senator - launched his bid for the presidency Hollywood style. “I’m running for president of the United States,” Thompson told Jay Leno in a taped appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” airing Wednesday night.

Thompson called top opponents Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney formidable but added: “I think I will be, too” as he rejected the notion that he was getting into the race too late, only four months before voting begins.

“I don’t think people are going to say, ‘You know, that guy would make a very good president but he just didn’t get in soon enough,’” Thompson said as the studio audience laughed. Poking at his rivals who have been running since the year began, he added: “If you can’t get your message out in a few months, you’re probably not every going to get it out.”

In a multi-phased campaign rollout, Thompson also is calling attention to his candidacy with a 30-second ad broadcast during a Republican debate in New Hampshire that he is not participating in. He also is explaining the rationale for his candidacy during a 15-minute Webcast on his campaign Internet site just after midnight.

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Thompson Announces Candidacy on Leno

Let the games begin, this just became a real horse race, the questions will be a lot tougher, the answers had better be meatier and 110% honesty and unflinching integrity will be the call that carries the race…

Fred Thompson has a different style of campaigning, we’ve all seen that but now we need to see some HARD BALL politics, no more Mr. Niceguy, it’s time for Fred to start throwing some serious body shots and let us ALL see if he is the man we hope he is, and the man this nation needs…

For much too long the American people have been forced to settle between the lesser of 2 evils when the presidential elections rolled around, and that is a bad thing, America should NEVER settle for the lesser of ANYTHING, whether it be economy, infrastructure or our elected leaders…

I encourage all of you to get behind Fred D. Thompson and support his run for the White House, I urge you ALL to question everything, demand the best out of him, I think he can deliver it, let Fred KNOW what you want and what you expect FROM him and his presidency, leave NO mistake in his mind, let NOTHING be misunderstood, give Fred a job to do and tell him what YOU want from him in that job, hold his feet to the fire, I believe he can take the pressure and do one hell of a job for the American people and this great nation…

And I hope some more of you will join me at the Fred Thompson - President 2008 Blog Roll and lets throw as much support as possible to this man, I think he will give us the kind of presidency we need and deserve, and it won’t be the LESSER of anything…

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7 Responses to Thompson Announces Candidacy on Leno

  1. RTaylor says:

    I have a pot of coffee on and waiting!

  2. Kate says:

    I called Mr. Ol Broad to remind him to tune in. :)

  3. GUYK says:

    I don’t agree with him on everything but I agree with him on more than I do any other of the leading candidates…but then I am a libertarian capitalist who tries to vote for the most fiscally conservative running. There has not been one since Ronnie and then he let congress spend more than they took in and I fell out with him. But I do like the stand Thompson has taken on the budget..

  4. Debbie says:

    I have a FRED ’08 sticker on my car. So I’m behind Fred for now. I hope he doesn’t screw it up.

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  6. Bull Jones says:

    Oh HELL Yeah!

    Me and mine are backing Fred 100%! Is he the “perfect” example of a President? Let me answer this way: Has there ever been such? Even Teddy had his issues as did Reagan. But Fred D. Thompson is the finest we’ve seen since the ‘Great Communicator’.

    Run, Fred, Run!

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