Hurst mayor’s gun stance raises ire of NRA

Hurst mayor’s gun stance raises ire of NRA

He’s been called “idiot mayor.”

Worse, he’s been called anti-gun.

But Hurst Mayor Richard Ward, a hunter and gun owner, knows how to pull the trigger himself.

“It’s as if we’re going to take their first born,” Ward said of the National Rifle Association and other critics who don’t like that he’s joined a national mayors effort to tighten restrictions on some gun sales. “They’ve just been giving us fits.”

Ward is in a Texas-style showdown with gun lovers for being the only mayor in Texas to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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Folks, I am Fred Witzell of this article, and I have to say, Mayor Ward has fallen for the MAIG, and anti-gun rhetoric that saturates this nation.

There are NO illegal guns, save a sawed-off shotgun that is under legal length. Guns, in and of themselves are NOT illegal for the most part. Guns are used, by human beings, to commit illegal acts, but the guns themselves are NOT the criminal.

Even fully automatic weapons of war can be bought and sold legally in this nation, provided they are sold by a Class III Federal Firearms Dealer and all applicable taxes and transfer fees are paid. It’s that simple!

Remove unlicensed dealers from gun shows and require a criminal background check on ALL buyers. Sounds great!

After all laws have been met, this FACT remains, criminals are always going to be here and they do NOT get their guns from reputable gun dealers. And regretfully, there are a few less than honest gun dealers out there. REMOVE them. Take them out of the loop and voila, loophole closed!

Close the gun show loophole? Sounds great huh? Well for all it’s wonderful intentions, it’s a crock! Remove the criminals and you stop crime, it’s THAT simple. But if anyone wants a gun, and they have the money to get a gun, or the criminal has the know-how to steal one, they will do it.

Again I say, MAIG is misleading everyone, Mayor Ward included. GUNS are NOT illegal. Criminals that use them in the commission of a crime are the *illegal* factor, but it’s a lot easier for MAIG to go after the myth of ILLEGAL guns as opposed to going after criminals using guns.

This paragraph in the original story from the Star-Telegram is wrong:

Ward said he does regret some things he has said or written on blogs and in e-mails. After Rowlett blogger Fred Witzell called Ward an “idiot mayor,” Ward shot back, saying Witzell, a fellow member of the NRA, was “dumb” and “ugly.”

I sent Mr. Ward one email, this is the exact content OF that email. Please note the time stamps on ALL emails here, and in the previous threads as well.

from: TexasFred to: [email protected] date: Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 10:36 AM subject: To the Office of The Mayor mailed – by hide details 10:36 AM (0 minutes ago) How does it feel to be the ONLY Mayor in the entire state of Texas to sign on to this veiled attempt at a libber gun grab? I sincerely hope your constituents take you to the wood shed in your next election. You are a disgrace!

450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform TexasFred Guns don’t kill people People KILL People

My ONLY fault in this 1st and only email sent to Mayor Ward? I said he is a disgrace.

I still feel that Mayor Ward is a disgrace to Texas gun owners. That is NOT name calling, it is a statement of POLITICAL OPINION!, Mr. Ward responded with school yard histrionics.

From Ward, and again, take note of the time stamps and the address I sent MY email to and the email that Mr. Ward used to respond.:

from Richard Ward [email protected] to [email protected] date Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:23 AM subject Your latest drivel, mailed – by hide details Oct 6 (3 days ago)

Texas Fred, You are as ugly as you are dumb. I suggest you at least take your picture from your web site. If you want to see a handsome dude, go to the City Of Hurst web site.

As to your question, how does it feel to be the only Mayor in Texas to be a member of MAIG. It feels wonderful. At least one mayor has the guts (actually I preferred another word) to stand up for what is right. I am sending you an attachment that I put together. You will likely have to have your wife or child read it to you. It has some big words in it. But… have it read to you with an open mind and you might realize that we are all seeking the same thing. Get the criminals and illegal guns off the streets.

Richard Ward Mayor

That’s not what you would expect from a MATURE leader of a city the size of Hurst, or from any supposed adult, and mature person.

I have contacted the author of the original story, YAMIL BERARD, and she has assured me, there will be a correction tomorrow. I am taking her at her word.

I hope ALL of you will go to the original story from the Star-Telegram and voice your wonderful opinions, let them know what YOU think of Mayor Richard Ward and his stand with MAIG!

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12 Responses to Hurst mayor’s gun stance raises ire of NRA

  1. Vigilante says:

    It’s a gun grab attempt plain and simple Fred.
    #1. Why didn’t he just take it up with the city council and make it a city ordinance? if approved then gun shows would be checked for illegal sellers & buyers? Why sign on
    with that POS bloomberg? If he’s truly a member of the NRA
    he should realize just what needs to be done instead of listening to bloomberg and the brady idiots. As for the Star Telegram……..their story is an exact example of why journalism is dead in this country. They print the story the way THEY want others to read it, not as it happened.

  2. Silver Fox says:

    Those who claim they only favor certain gun restrictions are lying, for they simply don’t like guns and they want them removed from the public. The only way they can ever accomplish that goal is in stealthy steps one at a time. Mayor Ward and others probably have this as their ultimate goal. You make some very good points in your post and those who may call you a far-right gun nut are way off base. I don’t agree with you on many things, because I am that far right gun nut. I know one when I see one and you don’t fit the mold. Of course, I’m simply having fun , just in case anyone thinks I’m serious. Again great post. Wonder what mayor Ward will do in the next election—the gun issue may come up again there.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Silver Fox, rest assured, if HE runs, and if I am still alive and able to blog, Ward’s gun position WILL be an issue, I will make certain of that! :twisted:

  4. StormWarning says:

    Fred, the mayor actually responded to you by email and called your note “drivel?” Doesn’t he know that what he wrote can be used against him?

  5. TexasFred says:

    Storm Warning: He does NOW!! :P

  6. I’m thinking with enough of us blogging on the issue, by the time he runs, there will be many links to this incident when people Google his name. I’m sure whoever runs against him will find all the posts helpful!!! LOL!!!

  7. TexasFred says:

    HAM, if I am here and able, whoever runs against Ward will have access to ALL of this…

    But Ward is 73 years old, he may not run again, and quite frankly, if the citizens of Hurst have the stones to do it, they would re-call this disgraceful Mayor NOW!

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  9. Having followed this from the beginning all that I can say is, well? That Mayor is way off base, and yes, Fred insulted him. Ward apparently has less intelligence than a typical idiot. Moron maybe?

  10. TexasFred says:

    Dave, not so much really, a little maybe… BUT, if she doesn’t make the correction, SHE is the next featured post…

    When (IDIOT) Journalists Get it Wrong! :twisted:

  11. ROTFLMBO!!! THAT, if she doesn’t correct, will be PRICELESS!!!

  12. Top John says:

    The “mayor” is an idiot. He doesn’t even answer questions, he just acts like a typical stuffed suit and dodges them.

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