Abortion foe urges ‘Burn in Hell’ protest

Abortion foe urges ‘Burn in Hell’ protest

WASHINGTON (AP) – Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is calling on people to burn effigies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this Halloween, as part of a “Burn in Hell” video contest to protest the health care legislation in Congress.

Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, said Tuesday that the contest serves as a political and spiritual statement that “gives people a chance to peacefully vent their rage.”

“If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid force us to pay for child killing and they die unrepentant, they will burn in hell for this,” Terry said in a telephone interview.

But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called the contest “unfortunate.”

“I don’t think appealing to people’s anger and in effect inciting them to acts which either display or in any way project violent acts is consistent with rational discussion of very critical issues,” Hoyer told reporters.

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Abortion foe urges ‘Burn in Hell’ protest

I have been anti-abortion all of my life. As a youngster it was a part of my Catholic raising. Now, years later, I have long since left the Catholic church, but I am still as anti-abortion as I ever was. Not because of some religious ideology, but simply because it’s WRONG.

If it takes getting people angry, if it takes burning an effigy of pro-abortionists, if it take burning down abortion clinics, whatever it takes, the message has to be spread. Abortion kills the innocent. ALL abortions kills an innocent victim, late term abortions kill a viable human being!

Recently, one of my daughters was very sick, all of my regular readers know about it. She was also a bit under 6 months pregnant. Her baby was taken by C-section, almost 13 weeks early. That is an acceptable time frame for late term abortion.

My daughter in law was also pregnant at the same time, she was having some serious health issues and the baby was being affected by his mothers illness. For the safety of both mother and child, her baby was delivered 5 weeks early by C-section. Again, a delivery well within the acceptable parameters and definition for a late term abortion.

Both babies are alive and quite well. They are home now, as are their mothers, and they are doing all the things any other newborn baby does.

Below are pictures of my grandsons, Austin and Carson! They are 1st cousins and I am trusting in the hope and belief that they too will be raised to do what is RIGHT, not necessarily what is popular! Thank God I am an anti-abortionist. Thank God that my children and their spouses are as anti-abortion as I am! It truly is all in the raising.

I also know that there are pro-abortion people out there that are against the death penalty. That seriously blows my mind, it’s a concept I just can’t grasp. For them, it’s OK to MURDER a baby. It’s not OK to execute a heinous criminal that has brought death and destruction down on others. In my opinion, that is some serious lunacy.

Look at the picture of my 2 new grandsons. Look at the picture of ANY baby or child and ask yourself, in ALL honesty, WHAT did that baby or child do to deserve to be murdered? And then have the guts to answer yourself honestly!

Whatever it takes! That’s how far I am willing to go in an effort to stop abortion on demand. If that makes me some kind of radical rightwing extremist in the eyes of abortion supporters, then I am PROUD to wear the name!

Those 2 babies, ALL babies are precious in my eyes, and in the eyes of ALL decent human beings. I can’t rationalize the MURDER of any human, but the murder of a baby is the most heinous crime I can imagine. That said, I have NO PROBLEM with those that support abortion becoming a statistic regarding the success of retroactive abortion!

“I’ve Noticed Everyone Who Is For Abortion Has Already Been Born” ~Ronald Reagan~

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15 Responses to Abortion foe urges ‘Burn in Hell’ protest

  1. HoosierArmyMom says:

    A beautiful testament to choosing life over death for the innocent unborn. Every child deserves a chance to experience life.

    I personally would love to stick pins in the “real deal”… both Pelosi and Reid!!!!

  2. Basti says:

    I’ve never been religious and I’m still not. That said I still think its evil to kill a baby in womb just because having the baby would interfere with your lifestyle.

    Funny how the Left sees nothing wrong with killing a baby in the womb. But let it be born then grow up to be a serial killer and they’ll move heaven and earth to save him/her. Never understood that.

  3. Silver Fox says:

    Abortion not only makes you unpregant and the mother of a dead baby, but the mother of a murdered baby. Abortion is without a doubt the worst form of murder. I’ve personally never have seen a dead human fetus, but I have killed game in the past and was sickened when I found a fetus while cleaning the dead animal—I only had this happen with small animals such as squirrel and rabbits. The mere idea of literally ripping a little one from its mother is disgusting and a crime against nature and man and those who do such things should be hauled to justice in this world as they surely will be in the next. Doctors who do this are just as bad if not worst than the German guards who pushed Jewish childern into the gas chambers during WWII. No pregant woman is helped my an abortion for its a scar she will take to her death bed.

  4. Gawfer says:

    Preaching to the choir here, Fred. I sent you the post of the trial I may sit on as a juror next month; a 19 year old gang member who shot a 12 year old to death because he got the location of his target mixed up.

    It’s a capital case; 1st degree murder with special circumstances, but the defense will argue that the shooter is really a good boy who has been led astray.

    For the life of me, I will never understand why it’s OK to victimize those who cannot take care of themselves. And we are told that’s okay by our elected reps in congress. Says plenty about their constituency, doesn’t it.

  5. Conservamom says:

    Beautiful grand babies there Fred! (I love babies)

    My ob/gyn ask if I wanted to do an amnio with my last pregnancy (I was 35), to check and see if the baby had downs (we would have then been given the option of ‘termination’).. my son, who by the way does not have downs, turned 7 last week.

  6. Robert says:

    Usually I can come over here and offer some good mundane verbosity about your posts Fred, this one however; Nuff said. You nailed it. Well done.

    Great pics of the Grand-babies, thanks for sharing them.

  7. Vigilante says:

    Abortion is MURDER I don’t care what they call it. That little innocent baby has no way to help itself except give itself back to God and the dirty scum rat bastard that kills it should be charged with unforgivable murder.

    Robert, stop telling Fred he’s got beautiful grand babies. His chest is so puffed out now he looks like a banty rooster. LOL

    PS I think they are cute little TEXANS too Fred.

  8. Kate says:

    Beautiful babies…..no doubt about that! 🙂 But y’all don’t tell Fred I said so. sssshhhhh

    A bud, and blogger, wrote a book called The Abortionist.

    While reading it, I kept thinking, yes, that’s exactly what they should do to those who perform abortions, and those who get one thinking it’s no big deal….nothing more than a ‘tumor’. It’s disgusting that anyone could even think doing such a thing to an innocent baby was no big deal!

  9. BobF says:

    You know what I find confusing is that a woman or young girl can kill their unborn child and it’s called abortion. That unborn child is not considered an living being and therefore can be aborted by its mother. But, if you kill a pregnant woman and cause her unborn child to die, you will be charged with two murders; the woman’s and her unborn child. How can you commit a murder of an unborn child but its mother can’t? I haven’t been able to figure that out so if anybody has any insight, please let me know.

  10. Silver Fox says:

    Bob F That is confusing. I think some red states have that double murder law protecting the unborn, but many blue states do not for fear of making the unborn a person in the eyes of the law.

  11. brwnavy says:

    Children represent life to me. Anybody who would entertain even the support of abortion in whatever stage is a murderer.

    Grand-babies are a parents reward for having the courage to give birth to and raise children. Congratulations grandpa!

    “That said, I have NO PROBLEM with those that support abortion becoming a statistic regarding the success of retroactive abortion!”

    Exactly so Fred!

  12. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    Congrats on the grandchildren. Your daughters faced a decision that many pregnant women face, the problem of a mother’s health being at risk during a pregnancy yet they chose to have the babies c-section and now the babies are perfectly healthy.
    Some women choose to end the pregnancy, killing a baby that was capable of living normally. When I think about that and then I read your post it drives me insane to think that people can condone the killing of babies. Those mothers had the same options as your daughters and many of them chose abortion.This IS a matter of life and death, whether pro-abortion people want to believe it or not.

  13. slipknot says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Roe v Wade has been an outrage since it’s inception. I don’t have any children. However I love all children. Its our responsibilty as true Christians to fight this to our graves. These two idiots in Wash. could care less whether a baby is murdered. They would rather take control of our lives instead. I pray for the day when these people are opted out of office. God Bless America. Thanks for creating this site.

  14. Patrick Sperry says:

    “In effigy?” I can’t say what I’m thinking, because that is a crime in this day and age.

  15. TexasFred says:

    I thought the same thing Patrick… Light em up, watch em burn… 😈

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