Barack Hussein Obama – Shameful Narcissistic Politician

Barack Hussein Obama – Shameful Narcissistic Politician

If you are easily offended I suggest you click OFF of this post right now.  The video from YouTube is bad enough, but the words I have posted after it are NOT nice, they are NOT politically correct and some will find them offensive.

You have been warned!

Barack Hussein Obama is the most self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, son of a BITCH to ever shame the people of this nation.

His reaction to the massacre at Ft. Hood, his acknowledgement of his cronies in the room, his *shout out* to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, not to take anything away from a MoH winner, but Obama needed to address more pressing matters. All of this showed the entire world exactly how shallow this narcissistic bastard son of a Muslim goat lover really is.

I have voiced my concerns, and fears, about radical Islam in America. It is REAL, it is HERE and we are only seeing a small representation of it right now. I have been called a racist and bigot for my stand against Islam and their minions of terror.

I have been accused of being anti-Islamic, and THAT is a true accusation, I AM anti-Islamic and I make NO secret of it. 

Look at it this way, who commits 99% of ALL terrorist acts across the world? Islamic warriors. Do you see Muslims standing against these actions? Do you see Muslims taking to the street to pledge their love and loyalty to the USA?

I learned all I need to know about Islam when Marine Barracks Beirut was taken down. Sept. 11, 2001 sealed the deal for me. Islam IS the enemy of the United States and FREE people everywhere.

Barack Hussein Obama has made his views clear to everyone, as clear as this uh, um mm, speaker can make himself. On Thursday we saw the Obama reaction in an unplugged, spontaneous format.

His handlers didn’t prep him. His speech writers didn’t give him a script to follow on the teleprompter, and as a result, the REAL Obama, the POLITICIAN Obama came through. The Obama that has to speak of *other things* before he could speak of the tragedy our nation was suffering. That is simply unacceptable.

Barack Hussein Obama says we’re not at war with Islam? Barack Hussein Obama is WRONG!

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36 Responses to Barack Hussein Obama – Shameful Narcissistic Politician

  1. Silver Fox says:

    If I could “can” those feelings about Barack Himself Obama I would become a rich man. Thanks for that double barreled 10 gauge blast. I enjoyed the post. I heard that speech as it was delivered live and couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and was beginning to wonder if he would even mention Ft. Hood. There is little doubt left about this muslim-butt-licker!

  2. rwehousewife says:

    YES. I saw it live. At first I thought “wha??? This must be something earlier? What is he doing?” I was honestly confused. And then when I realized this WAS it, my blood boiled.

    Fred, can you explain something to this admittedly naive little middle aged housewife?

    I just could not wrap my head around what happened at Ft. Hood. I am one of those people who wants to know WHY. So I googled “muslims in the military”. I came across this article from the Christian Science Monitor (I don’t read it) from 2006. I can understand needing good intel. But it appears to me the military has been rolling out the red carpet to muslims? I do not understand! WHY???

    Uncle Sam wants US Muslims to serve

  3. Conservamom says:

    Yep.. I was watching as well. It was shameful to see the posturing and shout outs, then the massacre. It was two minutes after he started the pep rally.. er.. speech, before he mentioned it.

  4. rwehousewife says:

    And I mean WHY apart from “they are worried about being pc”. The bigger picture! What is the big picture here? What am I missing?

  5. TexasFred says:


    We need Arabic speakers and other than that, I honestly can’t answer you regarding WHY.

    It’s NOT about Intelligence, we have Intel in Islam, ALL we need, and surely it’s not about Intel on what our enemies are doing. I mean, if these Muslims in the U.S. military KNOW what our enemies are doing, I mean specifics, not generalities, WHY are they not in chains?

  6. Nancy 2 says:

    I agree Fred, BO is a disgrace to the Office of President of the United States! However, I believe he is President by title only. It’s the people behind the scenes who are setting the agenda, writing the bills, strong arming the congress etc., which makes BO nothing more than a glorified Sales Rep. for their agenda. Think about it, with all the time BO spends in front of the camera each day (way more than any other Pres.) and all the travel and personal appearances, then of course there is the golfing and we can’t forget his date nights; so when exactly is he doing the official business of the country? He has the same 24 hrs in a day that we all have and he does sleep, so how does he manage to write the policies, and bills and study all the problems of this country and the world situation, etc, etc,. I don’t believe he is! He is just a Sales Rep. they brief him on what he is suppose to say, give him the script, wind him up with all the praise he needs and send him out to placate and appease and above all SELL.

    Fred you were right when you said, BO’s true self was revealed when he had to speak without the benefit of a script or teleprompter. It revealed what I have glimpsed of him before, a dispassionate response to the plight of Americans but when you contrast that to the very passionate speeches he made about Islam and the promises he made to them, I can only surmise that his allegiance lies with Islam not with the United States. He has promoted and supported the Islamics of this nation at every opportunity, he refers to the Koran as the “Holy Koran” and often quotes from it. I have never heard him quote from the “Holy Bible” or reference it in anyway. He has indicated he is in favor of adopting or allowing Sharia Law courts into the United States siting their effectiveness in Europe. Islam is where his passion lies and if he could have his way the Islamafication of these United States would be his highest priority.

    To say that, the administration of BO and those who he actually represents, is a threat to the traditional American way of life is a gross understatement. They are, in my estimation, the greatest threat to the sovereignty of this nation that we have ever faced and if they are not stopped before the end of this presidential term they will have successfully dismantled our entire system of government and replaced it with a socialist dictatorship….in my opinion.

    Once again thank you Fred for your astute insights! :)

  7. We now have the foxes guarding the hen house…. I personally stand by everything you said Fred!!!! Every word.

  8. Basti says:

    It’s the same old bullshit that’s used every time some rag-head commits an act of terrorism. It’s not their fault. Moderate Muslims deplore. It’s our fault etc, etc, etc.

    My first hand experience with Muslims came many years ago in the P.I. I saw first hand how Muslims treat non-Muslims. Since then Its been all down hill with Muslims with me. Never met one I liked and personally I’d like to see all Muslims in the US given three (3) choices: Convert, get out, or die!

  9. TexasFred says:

    It’s not too often that Basti and I disagree, and it’s not too often that I am MORE of a hard-ass than Basti, because I gotta tell you, Ol’ Basti IS a hard ass.

    But I think he’s going SOFT in his old age, he said, “I’d like to see all Muslims in the US given three (3) choices: Convert, get out, or die!”

    That’s 2 choices too many Basti… I don’t give a damn if they convert or not, once a raghead Muslim, always a raghead Muslim..

    Choices 2 and 3 are SPOT ON! :twisted:

  10. minuteman26 says:

    POS POTUS is going to attend the memorial service at Ft. Hood with the first ho. Another photo-op. The troops must be underwhelmed.

  11. Gawfer says:

    his *shout out* to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, not to take anything away from a MoH winner,

    As a point of fact, Dr. Joe Medicine Crow did not receive the Congressional Medal of Honor; that is for military. He received the Medal of Freedom. If Obama had half a brain not indulged in narcissism, he wouldn’t have made that error.

  12. TXSonOfLiberty says:

    I’m not offended in the least Fred!! Good post, as usual! I also have some additional information I picked up on several other blogs, Including “This Ain’t Hell…”

    You mentioned; “….his *shout out* to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, not to take anything away from a MoH winner,….” Apparently Dr. Joe Medicine Crow is not a Medal or Honor recipient, but rather a Medal of Freedom reciptient….one which Obama gave to him!!!

    If this is true, we have a POTUS/CIC that can’t tell the difference between the two medals. WOW…and double-dog WOW!!! What an absolute POS!!!

    We are in trouble Patriots. I believe there’s going to be another Civil War!!! Let’s be prepared to kick some progressive/collectivist/marxist/communist/islamic booty!!!


  13. This… just pissed me off… I’m to pissed to post anything coherent, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  14. Don says:

    What do you expect from someone who is an outstanding candidate, but had ZERO experience at running anything. The man is an embarrassment to the United States of America.

  15. Longstreet says:

    Fred, if I may be allowed to direct my comment to Nancy 2 – Madam, I have believed, since early on in the campaign, that Obama is simply the front man for a Shadow Government, which is now running the United States government.

    I, too, watched his television performance and found myself screaming at the TV and yelling for my wife to “COME SEE THIS” while declaring to her: “You are not going to believe this!” I was repulsed by it. He placed politics before any, ANY, expression of sorrow for the dead and wounded and their families. I found it incredulous. Totally unbelievable.

    I have said it before and I stand by it today: The election of Obama was the greatest victory for ignorance EVER in the history of this country. I believe it to be an anomaly and one which I HOPE; I repeat that — “HOPE,” will be corrected in 2012. But, honestly, if American voters were dumb enough to do it once, they are surely dumb enough to do it AGAIN! It scares the hell outta me!


  16. extex_cop says:

    I was in my car when all this took place. I also heard Obama when he first came on the air to say something. When I heard him start I thought…WTF ? ? ?….then I realized he had to get in all his applause before he got down to the events that took place. This POTUS is the biggest POS the USA has ever had…he makes Jimmy Carter look like one of Jesus’ Disciples. Him and C.A.I.R. may think or say that we ( America ) are not at war with Islam or Muslims, the ragheads are sure as hell at war with US.

    I have a new name for CAIR….

    Council of Radical Arab Pricks… C.R.A.P. <<< because we all know they are full of it.

    When is America going to wake up and realize we are at war?…not just Iraq or Afghanistan…but most, if not all Muslims of the World. They have been commanded by their Allah to convert or kill all non-believers….now if that doesn't sound like a declaration of war….you might as well start digging your grave.

  17. minuteman26 says:

    Longstreet – What people don’t realize is that Obama is merely a puppet for Soros.

  18. Silver Fox says:

    I missed that one, but then again I’m just a stupid redneck good ole boy, but for the president of the United States—well that says a lot!! And you say he have him that medal! He is not only a joke, but a grave danger to this nation.

  19. Longstreet says:

    Excellent point! Absolutely EXCELLENT!


  20. TexasFred says:

    Of course we ALL know that this will be spun as a misspeak, words said under stress, but the truth of the matter is this, Barack Hussein Obama HATES the U.S. military, and he is the biggest danger this nation currently faces..

    The ENEMY within!

  21. James Shott says:

    It just gets worse and worse.

    Yes, he either mis-spoke, or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about — neither is acceptable.

    Yes, he’s under stress, but he asked for the job.

    The man may be — MAY be — a citizen, but he is not an American.

    God help us.

  22. “I have said it before and I stand by it today: The election of Obama was the greatest victory for ignorance EVER in the history of this country.

    Your entire statement is spot on Longstreet, as is minuteman26′s comment. But I do think the problem has been too many real Americans sat back playing couch potato and by the time they realized there was danger… the RNC had Obama running against RINO McCain!!! So many of them just didn’t vote. A lot of those individuals have since got off their couches and have gone to the town hall meetings and have had their own version of “buyers remorse”. At least that is what I think is happening. I still think 2010 will be a victory for freedom. It is all the BS in the meantime that scares me.

    Obama showed his colors when he did not attend the MOH event inauguration night. He was the first US President since it’s inception during Eisenhower’s administration to NOT ATTEND. That spoke volumes about his disdain for the US Military and it’s honored heroes. POS is an understatement.

  23. Dick Robie says:

    What a disservice to those who earned and were awarded the MOH. No disrepsect to the Medal of Freedom but wow–this guy is a real insensitive dummy.

    Fred you are 100% right on! Lived in the Middle East for 4 1/2 years–I know first hand.

    We need to return to the Judeo Christiain principle upon which this nation was founded. This President (agree in name only-he has done nothing and is still campaigning) is out of touch with reality, he IS a liar and as another post said, he is running nothing he is being run –

    God help and God bless the United States of America

  24. Robin in Texas says:

    Fred, I was not offended you are exactly right.

  25. Vigilante says:

    This is directed to Mr Longstreet

    You sir are terribly correct. This POS was elected while the “silent majority” sat on their complacent asses entranced by who would win “American Idol, or who would get voted off the island. The kenyan
    preached to the “choir” everything they wanted to hear, especially the parts about paying “fo theah moatgage, and kah”. That’s all they could hear and what they saw was a black man telling them this. I don’t claim to be the smartest person by a long shot, but…….it just has to hurt to be as stupid as they were/are. A lot of them are now suffering from “buyers remorse” and let’s hope they have realized what a lieing POS this frikken muslim is.

    Now, for the rest of the posters above that mentioned “winning” the Medal of Honor. I was always (and I could be wrong), under the assumption that you didn’t “win” the Medal of Honor as though it was some prize. You “EARNED” it for brave actions above and beyond the call of duty for your country and fellow man at the risk of losing your own life. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks

  26. MissBeth says:

    My eyes are really sore from being sick all week, so if I missed this above, I apologize.

    WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE FUCKING MEDIA TEARING INTO POS STINKY THE WAY THEY DID WITH BUSH ON 9/11????? We heard all about how Bush didn’t react properly–well, was THIS reaction by asswipe the PROPER reaction?

    I DESPISE THE G***D*** media and their idolization of this slimy, undercooked, traitorous, scumbag, snot nosed, criminal, ass licking piece of puke!

    Uh, sorry Fred–got a bit carried away with my hatred of this animal in man’s skin!

  27. US ARMY CAPTS WIDOW 05 says:

    Hi Fred!

    First and foremost, my heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones to a deliberate act of murder. Murders that stole 12 innocent lives and damaged 31 others not to mention how it affects all of America and every single military post across our land. November 5 th to my way of thinking was not random. It was premeditated. It was also a diversion for the usurper to get his other evil acts completed. Our military has been infiltrated from the inside. It can happen again!

    I am a very out spoken woman and I learned a great deal from my captain US army husband who died in 2005. He would be devastated by all of this. He stood for honor and he loved America and trust me, he would loath this usurper. None of what you said offended me, in fact your honest words are probably on the tip or point of so many pens and perhaps can’t put it together and be as concise as you are. Thank you. I am outraged by this atrocity.

    We are already neck deep in very murky waters and I do now think that we are heading for a Civil War. We need and we must take America back and there is very little time in which to do it.

    I just read all the comments and listened to the video for
    about the 20 th time. The man is vile and vapid. There are other words to describe him, but for now vile and vapid will suffice.

    I do not now, nor will I ever refer to that evil usurper as the POTUS. He is not a leader, he is a vile monster. And my fear is that it will get worse before it gets better.

    Something that all of America needs to know is that this usurper was not elected, he was selected, not to mention all the voter fraud. America is on to him and his ilk.

    If it was my family member who was gunned down in cold blood, there is no way that I would attend any memorial service and have the so called POTUS there in attendance. He does not belong there. The dead are our warriors and a police officer and heroes. Their deaths must not be down played. Their memories must be remembered from honest genuine words spoken by those that knew him, not from a usurper who has such great hatred for our military.

    No doubt he will fight for the freedom of the vile deranged shooter and he no doubt slept on November 5 th saying to himself 12 down, thousands more to go. ( Meaning our troops ).

    If our military does not get a wake up call from this horrific act of violence, I don’t know what will wake them up. Everyone of them needs to stand up and say prove who you are, show us your documents or we WILL NOT take orders from you.

    I did two things when I learned of these tragic senseless murders. The first thing I did was to pray and the second thing I did was to lower our flag to half staff out of respect and honor for those murdered and their families. It may not be the precise protocol, but it came from my heart and done only with genuine respect.

    Thank you for your candor! I wish 6 million people could read your Blog.

    God Bless you and God Bless America!

    Prayers Ascending to those who died at Fort Hood and to their grieving families and to the US Military home and abroad!

  28. BobF says:

    Vigilante, you’re correct in that a person is awarded the MOH as it’s earned. But, the term “won” has always been used synonymously with award concerning the MOH. Even when I attended Professional Military Education, the term “won” would sometimes be used. Fortunately, all of us here know what it takes and the sacrifices that were made for a GI to be awarded the Medal.

    Concerning the news conference. It was like the tragedy at Fort Hood was an “oh, by the way” mention.

  29. My impression of the way Obama did the news conference was the same BobF. It is simply unthinkable that an American President (using the term loosely) could be so cavalier at a time like that.

    Considering most MOH recipients are posthumous, there is a definite difference.

  30. tedibear says:

    Well said Fred. The live media coverage made me want to shoot the tv! This is the worst terrorist attack on homeland since 9/11, which by the way was the only other time I have experienced such rage.

    Shepard Smith assured his viewers early on (when suspect was caught and we thought there were 2 others) that the military would persuade suspect to give info on the others. HA Remember his outrage at waterboarding in Gitmo? The sheep sure changed his tune when trouble came to the homeland.

  31. Silver Fox says:

    I’m ashame to admit that Shepard Smith is from Mississippi. He is suppose to be a hard news guy, but if one watches him closely he tows the traditional MSM line whenever possible.

  32. My condolences Fox… Shep is a moonbat!!!! I turn him off!!!

  33. Vigilante says:

    Miss Beth……….LOL

    I’m glad you’re feeling better,

    I DESPISE THE G***D*** media and their idolization of this slimy, undercooked, traitorous, scumbag, snot nosed, criminal, ass licking piece of puke!

    when you get back up to par, tell us what your real opinion is of “shit for brains” is. LMAO

  34. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    There really is nothing more that I can add to what you already said other than the fact that I still cannot find the words to explain exactly how disgusted I was by this man’s press conference. I just couldn’t believe it when I heard it, I still can’t believe it. It shows us how he feels about the military, the attack was an afterthought. I hate this man!

  35. Silver Fox says:

    This should be under Douchebag of the Week, but for some reason the comment box is not coming up there—I,ve tried several times. It could be my end of the line however since your other boxes come up I somehow doubt that. You pegged him right again and the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood shows he doesn’t give a shit about our troops and knows nothing about the military which unfortunately he is command of.