Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle

Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle

WASHINGTON (AP) - Invoking the memory of Edward M. Kennedy, Democrats united Saturday night to push historic health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle over the opposition of Republicans eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Barack Obama. There was not a vote to spare.

The 60-39 vote cleared the way for a bruising, full-scale debate beginning after Thanksgiving on the legislation, which is designed to extend coverage to roughly 31 million who lack it, crack down on insurance company practices that deny or dilute benefits and curtail the growth of spending on medical care nationally.

The spectator galleries were full for the unusual Saturday night showdown, and applause broke out briefly when the vote was announced. In a measure of the significance of the moment, senators sat quietly in their seats, standing only when they were called upon to vote.

In the final minutes of a daylong session, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., accused Republicans of trying to stifle a historic debate the nation needed.

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Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle

A historic night indeed! Tonight, 60% of the United States Senate pissed in the faces of American voters! Well over 60% of America is against this travesty of a bill and has voiced their opinions as such. Those opinions were ignored, and the Senate, on this very night, confirmed that they are nothing more than a tyrannical body.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~Thomas Jefferson~

I believe that TYRANTS abound! That said, if I may, let me insert my own quote into the mix. And ANY that wish to use this quote, with accreditation, please do so. Any that wish to make *the powers that be* aware that I made this statement, please be sure and spell my name correctly when you report me to those that will soon become your masters.

Once in a while, a bit of civil insurrection is in order… I believe this is one of those times… ~TexasFred~

And yes, that quote means exactly what you think it does!

Our founding fathers are crying out on this night! I feel the ghosts of those founding fathers crying out for PATRIOTS to answer their call and take up the fight against tyranny. This great nation can either respond, using any force necessary to stop the travesty that the Obama administration is trying to force upon us, or we can suffer the consequences for generations to come.

There is one alternative I believe. If this thing can’t be stopped on the floor of the Senate after debate, and some serious mind changing, it becomes law. After the elections of 2010, if the GOP can take the House and Senate back, can this thing be repealed?

I know Obama would veto that repeal, but then it goes back to the Senate for a vote on his veto, and if we can take back the House and Senate in 2010, voila, it’s gone.

Regardless, the complexion of the House AND Senate needs to change drastically in 2010.

The GOP is NOT a perfect party, not by ANY means. But returning the GOP to power, and then holding their feet to the fire as we force them to conduct the business of this nation according to the LAWS of this nation, and according to the will of the people, is the only chance the United States of America has if we hope to avoid full blown socialism, strife, insurrection, as well as a possible dissolution of this nation through balkanization.

Balkanization or balkanization is a geopolitical term originally used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with each other. SOURCE

The power to rule this nation has been assumed by the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama, but they aren’t supposed to rule this nation, they are supposed to govern! They are supposed to represent the will of the people, and that will is NOT being represented.

All 58 Senate Democrats and two independents voted to advance the bill. All 39 votes in opposition were cast by Republicans. GOP Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio was the only senator not to vote.

We are being subjected to the WILL of the Democrats, and apparently one old RINO from Ohio!

We are being told, in no uncertain terms, that we don’t know what’s good for us, that we don’t know how to steer our own lives and the way we are governed. We are, quite frankly, being treated like small children.

I can’t speak for ALL, but as for me, I am NOT a child, and I am NOT going to sit idly by and watch this nation go down without a fight!

We either take this nation back civilly, by the VOTE, and then force those in power to run it correctly, or we take this nation back by force, throw ALL of the bums out and start over.

At this particular point in time, I am seriously favoring the option of starting over.

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27 Responses to Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle

  1. WhoBeen says:

    I’m with Fred…but you already knew that didn’t you! Time to spread the word to all the nimcompoops that didn’t know better last November (08).

  2. Papa Ray says:

    It’s already war. But our side just doesn’t understand it YET.

    The DNC (prompted by the White House) has actually promising a “rain of hellfire” against Conservatives.
    Next they will be saying anyone that disagrees with them will pay with eternity in hell.
    Sorry, but last I looked it was lying, perverted, anti-religion corrupt politicians and their backers are the ones who suffer from “hellfire”.

    If and when Obama ever stops being a community organizer, usurper and America’s (and the free world’s) number one enemy, the DNC won’t have to defend him. Of course they will still have to worry about defending almost all of the democrat Congress.

    The American Citizen is fed up with this democrat and RINO deception and corruption. Let alone have the DNC dis-respect us with more lies and mis-directions.

    I can tell you I believe that if a government run health-care bill gets passed, and a illegal immigrant amnesty bill , middle America from democrats to those that don’t even claim a party will do everything they can to boot out most of Congress and Obama, one way or the other.

    Also the one thing that is not vague is the disrespect and disdain that the members of Congress and the President have shown to the American public over the last eleven months. It has become apparent that Congress and the President view themselves as the masters of a people that are stupid and don’t know what they want or need. Well, it should be no big surprise that makes Americans angry because they know that the president and congress are supposed to be working for the American people. That they should be working to protect and preserve our freedoms laid down in our Constitution. They took an oath saying that.

    Many Americans are starting to understand that they are being treated like stupid peasants who need (or want) a bigger more intrusive government. They also know that they don’t want a government that disrespects them or tries to silence them as is going on now. God only knows what the next two years will be like.

    I’m afraid that it is Congress and the President and his backers are the ones who just don’t understand, or if they do- will be punished for actively working against America and Americans.

    Just as our Founders told us to do.
    Hell Fire indeed…

    Papa Ray
    Central (used to be West) Texas
    The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed - where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.
    2009 Judge Alex Kozinski

  3. Silver Fox says:

    There is no doubt, this was not a good day, but this piece of crap that will now be debated in the Senate will in the end be defeated. And should by chance those in the Senate pass it that could end up being a blessing in disguise. Sometimes America’s greatest moments come from her darkest hours. Remembering the Alamo and Pearl Harbor. The passage of this bill could just be one of those times. Of course those two events were followed by the movement of vast armies against a foreign enemy. Often the enemy within is the most dangerous and the hardest to fight and you could very well be right Fred. This could be one of those times when the vision of the founders concerning the 2nd Amendment will come into play.

    At any rate we are about to see a knock down drag out for the next month of so and it will be interesting to watch the various twists and turns of the great debate. As you say the future of the country could very well hang in the balance. I believe in the American people(at least most), but like you I have very little use for our political leaders and a complete house cleaning is in order and will begin in 2010.

  4. extex_cop says:

    I agree with you 100% on this one Fred.

    Let me add my quote….

    “Guns, Guts, and GLORY” !!

    It appears the time for talking has ended, as it has done nothing to get our wishes ( no…demands ) heard. I’m not a radical extremist, but we need to have some positive actions by those we put in office….or take them out.

    2010 Elections seem like they are too far away…changes need to happen now….and 2012 looks like an eternity from now when having to deal with the Obama administration.

  5. Texas Gun Nut says:

    I would say I can’t believe this tripe, but sadly I can.
    To take it a step further, by having total control of our health care, the libs have taken another large step further in controlling our lives. It’s not just a matter of simply controlling health care, but of controlling anything that affects our health. The government can all of a sudden declare that firearms are a significant health risk, and if you continue to own a firearm you will be denied any health care whatsoever.
    Not just denying you health insurance, but care itself.

    Anything the left doesn’t like, from fishing to hunting to driving gas guzzling SUVs, etc can then be easily regulated , all without banning one single gun or making any stricter regulations on vehicle fuel economy.

    This goes much further than any of us wants to believe.
    Trust me, this is the getting down to the line in the sand.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I can only say this: I suspected this step would pass. And, following what might pass for “debate” on the Demorat side — should it actually become law — there will be a veritable AVALANCHE of Socialist bills and abrogations of our Constitution. Amnesty for Illegal Invaders will occur, our defense will be further gutted, our spoken and written freedoms will be diminished, our taxes will increase, CapNTax will pass, and much more.

    Sound like the End Times?

    You decide.


  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Oh, and one more thing: you’d best start creating caches for your personal firearms. Guess what’s coming down the road?


  8. HoosierArmyMom says:

    I am just absolutely sick… sick of the traitors to our Republic in Congress, sick of the ignorant people in this country that still are clueless about where “free health care” is going to take us and that it WON’T BE FREE. I’m with you Fred, this is going to get very ugly and be an all out assault on our freedoms. What is really sickening, is the fact that many a good man has given their lives to protect these freedoms for future generations and for the people of other countries… only to have the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress spit on the sacrifice and our Constitution!!!! It is a sad day indeed.

  9. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    This is so disappointing. Joe Lieberman had the chance to be a hero and instead fell in line. We will never get this repealed once it is in place.
    There is going to be a huge backlash in this country in 2010 but it will be too late.

  10. minuteman26 says:

    People - Debate be damned! We’re screwed on this one. Reid already said he would push this through using the 51 vote nuke option. The decision now is to wait and see what the outcome of the 2010 elections bring us or get proactive a bit sooner. These yahoos now have 11 months to really f..k us over until then. Thankgiving is this week. Give thanks for what you have now because you may not be so fortunate next year. And with Christmas on the horizen you might want to give each other guns and ammo for protection from our duly elected govt. Lastly if you believe in God, ask how we can resolve this mess in a rightous manner. To me the writing seems to be on the wall. These bastards have us backed in a corner leaving no choice.

  11. Lee says:

    Whenever we take another step away from the country I love I tear up. The country my children will have to become adults in will not be nearly as free as I want for them, unless something is done. What needs to be done however makes me want to cry even more, because no one wants to have their children grow up during such turmoil. I’m afraid it may come down to that if we are to preserve our United States of America.

  12. Vigilante says:

    Where in the hell did they get this “nuke 51” horseshit?? Is that another one of their “we’re gonna pass this irregardless” middle of the night bills?
    It seems as though you have complete agreement Fred, and that includes ME. You are absolutley right about governing us, but it seems as though once they get into office they get that attitude of, “WE, tell YOU what to do, You don’t tell us what to do” and then they always have their jackbooted thugs that do their bidding with a blind eye, and, a “who gives a shit” perspective.

  13. Vigilante says:


    if we all join together, do we need to get a tattoo? LMAO

    Sovereign: Big Brother Visits the Tattoo Parlor

  14. extex_cop says:

    If we do get tattoos…how about the ” Don’t Tread on Me ‘ tattoo…..that would get the phones ringing…lol

    Maybe we just need an arm-band with that on there…no pain and whole lot cheaper…plus it can be removed easily.

    Of course the libers would want all us Right wingers to have an ‘X’ tattoo ( for extremist ) on our foreheads to warn them of who we are….so we can’t enter their circle without being recognised.

  15. Doc Roy says:

    Fred, I think” something” on health care will pass, eventually , but it will look like a cowhide that has survived a buffalo stampede—an utter mess, an America destroyer.

  16. Vigilante says:

    Hey extex!!
    Shhhhhhhhhhh, don’t be giving the liberpukes any ideas. I think it might be soon enough anyway that we’ll all be getting our six’s on the forehead in order to get all our free handouts, etc. etc..They can stick their health care AND their handouts up their asses. If I die so be it, they already have that written in to the bill.

  17. Patrick Sperry says:

    Gads, now Papa Ray is holding back… As well as that fella with Pink Eyes I think…

    Perhaps now people will understand what Fred, myself, and others meant when we said invest in precious metals..?

    Don’t forget old style mothballs, powdered aluminum, and yes, Estes Rocket Motors…

    Just saying…

  18. BobF says:

    Harry Reid, George Sorros, and the DNC are going to do all in their power to ensure this bill passes. They will threaten and ostracize any Democrat senator who indicates they may not vote for the bill. They will cut off all reelection funds from the DNC and support other Democrats who challenge their seats. For the most part, Senators don’t care what their constituents say or want. All they care is about the power they wield and getting reelected.

  19. Silver Fox says:

    I can’t agree that if this bill becomes law that everything is over and nothing can be done. Even Constitutional Amendments have been reversed on occasion. The path will not be easy, but an aroused electorate can do wonders. I agree however it a tough road if this moster becomes law. Many Deomocrats will bite the dust next year for voting this way.

  20. Papa Ray says:

    Yep Patrick, I am holding back. There is a lot you can say on the net but everybody should start remembering that there are a lot of things you shouldn’t say. Don’t forget that we have been classified as potential if not outright terrorists.

    So I don’t say everything that I’m thinking.

    Precious Metals may or may not be good barter in the coming years. I tend to think food, fuel and ammo will be the best bartering goods. But that is just me.

    Those other things you mentioned to collect might be good if that is all you can get. I think I know a few people that when and if the shtf can come up with better solutions. If you know what I mean.

    See you around.

    Papa Ray

  21. capitalisa says:

    I’m with you, Fred!! And with all the rest of you who are willing to do what is necessary to save our country. The line in the sand has been drawn and our toes are upon it.

  22. Paladin says:

    The next step in Obama’s plan is to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. The free health care is just another incentive for the illegals to vote Democratic. Also, Obama is setting aside funds to bring large numbers of Palestinians and Kenyans to the United States. Sound like a takeover yet?

    It will be difficult to take back the government with millions of instant Democrats flooding into the country (who are beholden to Obama).

    This plan has been decades in the making, and it won’t be undone easily. I have to give an employer any personal information he/she requests to get any job. However, Obama reveals nothing about his personal past, and there is no outcry form the mainstream. This Gordian Knot will require men of action to uncoil, not politicians. We are being taken down from within.

  23. Doc Roy says:

    This so-called health care bill is not about health care, it is about obtaining the power to control every twitch of our lives, a power grab—and make us pay for it! I’m with HoosierArmyMom, this health care thing makes me sick.

  24. minuteman26 says:

    Medicine for this sickness comes in three different forms; 7.62mm, 5.56mm and 45acp.

  25. Patrick Sperry says:

    Not a problem at all Papa Ray, and yes, I know what you mean, and I am also “holding back.”

  26. SierraCheryl says:

    Militias are forming every day. I joined one. Time to take action rather than just b*tch about the illegal acts this presidency and Congress perpetuates against our beloved Constitution.

    As they say, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

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