GOP candidates’ sniping fuels debate in governor race

GOP candidates’ sniping fuels debate in governor race

DENTON — Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison clashed repeatedly in the first Republican gubernatorial debate, speaking over one another and all but calling the other a liar.

Activist Debra Medina pushed for a place apart, describing Perry and Hutchison as politicians who embrace big-government solutions to Texas’ problems. After one overlapping exchange of sniping between Hutchison and Perry, Medina expressed frustration.

“This squabbling isn’t getting us anywhere,” Medina said.

The debate was a key exchange between the candidates leading into the March 2 primary. Only one other debate currently is scheduled for the Republicans. There is no Democratic debate scheduled between the front runners, former Houston Mayor Bill White and millionaire businessman Farouk Shami.

Perry, as the incumbent, was the one to beat going into the debate. And while he repeatedly showed he was willing to take the contest to Hutchison and Medina, they would not back down.

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GOP candidates’ sniping fuels debate in governor race

Now Debra Medina has MY attention!! Very PRO guns, Texas sovereignty and strong borders, that is a lot more than can be said about Kay Bailey Hutchison. KBH never met a bailout or an amnesty plan that she didn’t like.

Perry and KBH both ignored the idea of sovereignty and the 10th amendment. Debra Medina did NOT, and so far, that is her saving grace.

Perry has his faults, but I am notorious for NOT voting for the *lesser* of the evils and have, on occasion, voted for a 3rd party candidate. Medina isn’t a 3rd party candidate but she doesn’t have the money or PARTY support behind her, at least, not yet.

In my own personal opinion, KBH is as close to being a Washington insider and is as evil as it gets. I honestly don’t think Perry is evil. I do think he has a few ideas that aren’t in the best interest of Texas.

Imminent domain and toll roads are very high on Perry’s list of priorities. That may be a real problem for him. Toll roads are a real *stone in the shoe* of many here in Texas.

Perry kept insisting that Texas had created, and not LOST jobs, I have to say, noble thought Governor, and yes, Texas is a place where a lot of people are turning to make a new life for themselves, but we have lost jobs.

Perry was touting the way property taxes have gone down under his administration. That is something I just haven’t seen.

Kay Bailey Hutchison said basically NOTHING worth writing about. That sums up what I feel about her becoming our next Governor!

I just don’t think Debra Medina starting out as Governor is a good thing, just like I personally feel that Sarah Palin hasn’t got a bit of business being on the nationwide political stage and touted as a GREAT choice for POTUS. The future may present some changes that I can embrace, but as of now, NO.

It seemed to me that Debra Medina is a good person, and she seems to have the best interest of Texas at heart, but as a friend pointed out, some of her figures on taxation seemed a bit fuzzy. I have to agree with that, and vague, all inclusive answers are not what the voters of Texas want to hear or what we will settle for.

Over all, this is how I look at the candidates running for Texas Governor on the Republican ticket; Medina needs seasoning, Hutchison needs a nice quiet retirement home and Perry needs to MAN UP and become a REAL Conservative and not just pay *lip service* to what he thinks will get him re-elected.

At this point in time, Rick Perry is still the best choice for me, with Debra Medina running a bit behind him, but with all things considered, the entire GOP needs a *gut check*, they need to get back to the business of being the Republicans and not a herd of RINOs.

The Democrats running for Texas Governor are BOTH disasters and won’t get one kind word from me or this blog. Both are so bad that should the GOP race come down to KBH against the Dem, I would have to, as many said about John McCain, hold my nose and vote GOP.

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6 Responses to GOP candidates’ sniping fuels debate in governor race

  1. Silver Fox says:

    Good, strong conservative candidates are as rare as hen’s teeth and sadly in most places when one does crop up that get so battered by the press, that they seldom if ever go far. I am familiar with both Perry and Hutchison, but know absolutely nothing of Debra Medina. Like you Fred, I always lean toward the true conservative when one can be found.

    Like you, I have a problem with toll roads and feel they are at the least inconvenient and at the most a burden on those who must use them daily. I know you will like this, but south of Mexico on a long section of Mexico 95 there are long sections of toll roads, however they have an almost parallel old road that does not have a toll—slower but no toll. If we must have toll roads, then at least have an alternate for those who wish not to pay!

    In a three way race, should no candidate recieve a majority is there a provision in Texas for a run off. I would hope so in that I never like to see a candidate win with only a plurality. Some states do that and others, well they say its to expensive.

  2. mrchuck says:

    Glad you brought up Debra Medina, as I also was impressed. She said she is a Conservative, and her answers confirmed it.

    By her answers and comments, she is 100% pro gun and 2nd Amendment, and Bill of Rights.

    This is good, and about time someone stepped up, man or woman.
    This may not be her year, but a lot of people got her message, loud and clear.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, Fred.

    Medina is certainly a true Texan, and I like what I’m hearing from her, but I don’t find her seasoned enough to deal with some of the issues at hand.

    Perry has proven to be a good governor, not perfect, mind you, but pretty decent in comparison to some others we’ve seen. I do see a bit of job loss, and as far as property taxes, they’ve increased across the state. Part of that is a result of increased infrastructure, to be sure.

    KBH should not just limit herself to retirement, she should go all the way and check into a retirement home, as her apparent Alzheimers has made her completely forget her constituents. I’ve never gotten a favorable response from her, never gotten anything more than “Thanks for your time, but I disagree with you so I don’t care what you say or think.” or just nothing at all.

    At least we Texans have better options in front of us in this governors race than the nation did in the last election.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Have not heard of Medina until reading an article about the debate this AM in the paper. She has gotten no publicity from any media outlet here in South Texas. Nice to know there may be a true conservative out there for future reference. Still voting for Perry this time around.

  5. Robert says:

    Sounds like you guys have at least 2 folks running that would be acceptable…Unfortunately, if Kay was running in California she would be considered a FAR RIGHT Conservative, and I hate to say it but she would be better than any of our current seat fillers…that’s a damn shame. (McClintock aside)

    I think maybe California needs a mass deportation to Texas, We’ll give you Pelosi, Boxer, Swarzenegger, McGavin, and 7 future draft picks for one of your conservatives…..Sounds like a deal.

  6. TexasFred says:

    To ALL of the Debra Medina people…

    GO SCREW YOURSELF, you’re as disgusting as the Ron Paul supporters.. When I start emailing YOU and telling YOU who to vote for, then YOU can do the same to me.. Assholes…