Bush, Texas at Odds Over Death Case

Bush, Texas at Odds Over Death Case

WASHINGTON (AP) – To put it bluntly, Texas wants President Bush to get out of the way of the state’s plan to execute a Mexican for the brutal killing of two teenage girls.

Bush, who presided over 152 executions as governor of Texas, wants to halt the execution of Jose Ernesto Medellin in what has become a confusing test of presidential power that the Supreme Court, which hears the case this week, ultimately will sort out.

The president wants to enforce a decision by the International Court of Justice that found the convictions of Medellin and 50 other Mexican-born prisoners violated their rights to legal help as outlined in the 1963 Vienna Convention.

That is the same court Bush has since said he plans to ignore if it makes similar decisions affecting state criminal laws.

“The president does not agree with the ICJ’s interpretation of the Vienna Convention,” the administration said in arguments filed with the court. This time, though, the U.S. agreed to abide by the international court’s decision because ignoring it would harm American interests abroad, the government said.

Texas argues that neither the international court nor Bush has any say in Medellin’s case.

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Bush, Texas at Odds Over Death Case

Here’s the bottom line, up front, so to speak, George W. Bush is a Mexican loving, Globalist moron. Can I put it ANY more plain than that??

When Bush was governor here in Texas he KNEW he’d better preside over executions and not be issuing ‘stays’ and pardons, he KNEW that the people of Texas would put his ass OUT of a job, now he has enough bleeding hearts backing him, and just enough lefties on the SCOTUS, he may get what he wants.

It doesn’t matter what the law is here in Texas, the state where the crime was committed and the sentence was imposed, it doesn’t matter that the girls are long dead and buried and this Mexican murderer is still breathing air, the families of the girls, well, they don’t matter too much either apparently.

All that matters to El Presidente Numbnutz is he gets to save another Mexican and is keeping up appearances with the world and his One World Government buddies, Globalism 1st, that’s the Bush doctrine, to hell with America and the American people, an America 1st attitude would piss off too many of Mr. Bush’s international friends.

Wait a minute, I thought most of the international community looked at Bush as a bigger buffoon than the majority of the American people do?? So, just who is Bush really trying to help here??

Can you say, “Presidente Bush es el amar mexicano, asno que besa a artista de la mierda del toro”?? You know you can, repeat after me, “Presidente Bush es el amar mexicano, asno que besa a artista de la mierda del toro”.

See, you can say it, now wasn’t that easy?? :P

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4 Responses to Bush, Texas at Odds Over Death Case

  1. Basti says:

    Fuck Bush and his whole greaser loving, dick-headed family. Just cause Bush and his family want to sleep with these greaser bastards, don’t mean the rest of us do! Execute this child murdering bastard, ASAP!

  2. R Willey says:

    The whole Bush family has been infected with the “New World Order” philosophy. I have no doubt that as the Bush children grew up in an environment where their father painted globalism in wonderful colors and nationalism was viewed as a world problem, this element that is eroding our country got securely into “G-Duba’s” brain.

    All of mankinds wars have arisen from Nation fighting against Nation. The human race has suffered two horrible world wars due to nationalism. The sulution………..globalism and the new world order. Melt down national borders and individual characteristics. We all must be melded into one people. It’s the only way to save the planet and eventually mankind.

    The result……..No border controls…….Massive immigration into the country of peoples from around the world…….Elimination of nationalism.

  3. BobF says:

    I hope he doesn’t send his good friend Johny Sutton to Texas to prosecute and jail the arresting officers of this child molesting product of inferior breeding. He is overstepping his bounds in this matter and he knows it. He would have never stood for Clinton doing this while he was Governor of Texas.

    Here’s a former Michigander, now a Texan, who has the right idea of what to do about molesters and other criminals. You’ve got to love Ted Nugent.


  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I don’t know where to start after reading this so, as this isn’t my blog, I’ll leave the multi-paragraph rant alone right now because, after all, I think I made up some invectives NO ONE has read before.


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