Group Accuses US of al-Qaida Video Leak

NEW YORK (AP) - The director of a group that monitors Islamic militant Web sites said the government leaked an Osama bin Laden video that was passed along to senior U.S. officials on condition that they keep it secret. She claimed the leak rendered certain intelligence-gathering capabilities ineffective.

The White House said it was not responsible for the leak, and a senior official said the director of national intelligence should investigate the allegation.

Rita Katz, who runs the Washington-based SITE Institute, said her decision to pass the video to an official in the Bush administration has had an impact on the ways that the group has for obtaining these videos before they are made available by al-Qaida.

“Due to the leak, sources that took years to develop are now ineffective,” Katz told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “A rare window into the world of al-Qaida has now been sealed shut.” She declined to elaborate on whether she meant people or methods.

In a story first reported by The Washington Post on Tuesday, Katz said that on Sept. 7 she contacted White House counsel Fred Fielding, whom she had met before and trusted, and offered the video and a transcript, long before anyone else had a copy.

Katz said she wanted to give the government a head start on the video, which she expected al-Qaida to release in the coming hours. She said she did not expect payment for passing along the information.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said the White House was not responsible for the leak and was “concerned about it.”

They are “concerned about it“, well, that’s comforting, I’d hate to think that the clowns running President Numbnutz administration didn’t care, and it’s even MORE reassuring to know that the White House isn’t responsible, many of us have known the White House wasn’t responsible for a long time, but for them to admit it, wow, that’s a huge move, and it thrills me to no end just knowing that our Intelligence community is still obviously populated by the same brainless asshats that were left in place when the Clinton debacle was rendering them useless eunuchs…

“When the White House refers information from an individual or a company, we refer that appropriately to the intelligence community. That’s what happened here,” she said.

Fran Townsend, assistant to the president for counterterrorism and homeland security, told reporters that she would leave any investigation to the director of national intelligence “to ascertain what’s the appropriate way of dealing with this and understanding what happened, so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Ross Feinstein, spokesman for National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, said his office had not yet opened an official investigation, but was looking into the matter.

And you can bet the farm on this statement coming to fruition, there will be many fingers pointed and a couple of guys will fall on their swords and that will be the end of it, it WILL be buried or altered and made to look like it never happened in the 1st place, look at WHO we’re talking about, deception IS their job, dis-information is their shield and they are damn good at covering their own asses in the process…

Katz said Fielding referred her to Joel Bagnal, deputy assistant to the president for homeland security. Bagnal asked her to pass the transcript and video on to Michael Leiter at the National Counterterrorism Center. Katz said she also copied Fielding in on the e-mail.

About an hour and a half after sending her e-mail, she saw news outlets reporting that the government had obtained the video. And soon after that, a transcript appeared on the ABC News Web site and later on the Fox News site.

And there is your answer to the WHO of it all, more or less, either there is a direct leak in the Intelligence community or the MSM has figured out a way to view Intel emails and thus the ability to ferret stories from them directly, or the sender(s) may have done a Bcc and sent it themselves, and if they did, and it was an accident, that’s an accident out Intel people can’t afford to make, and if it was deliberate, well, the word treasonous pops into my mind for some reason…  

In any scenario, the perpetrator needs to be publicly hung by the neck until DEAD…

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Group Accuses US of al-Qaida Video Leak

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4 Responses to Group Accuses US of al-Qaida Video Leak

  1. Ranando says:

    I have to tell you when you want the true news you visit TexasFred.

    I knew nothing about this, I’ve been in a meeting all day in Los Angeles.

    Hang’em all, each and every one.

  2. GUYK says:

    as I said earlier this morning at my place..the white house took several hours to leak it..if it had been congress they would have had a news conference as soon as they got it

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    This is VERY disturbing in any administration at any time. We can never, NEVER afford to shoot ourselves in the intelligence foot because we have so damned LITTLE of it. We relied too hard and too long on ELINT, COMINT and SIGINT and COMPLETELY neglected (thanks, Jimmy) the HUMINT side of the equation. We have, what, four or five guys in the entire FBI that speak Farsi, for example? Much less agents in place from any of the other Alphabet Agencies? We CANNOT afford to be stupid with our intelligence.


  4. Robert says:

    I saw this on Fox news at work today, I was SHOCKED, I visit SITE institute often, they have the most up to date stuff on terrorist communication, or they USED to….

    Damn, how much more of this incompetence can we as a nation afford?

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