Gov. Perry defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP primary

Gov. Perry defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP primary

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Texas Gov. Rick Perry tapped into a rising wave of anti-Washington ire and rode it to an easy Republican primary win over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, once seen as the candidate who could block his march toward four more years in the state’s highest office.

Perry emerged from the rancorous battle with Texas’ senior senator and a third candidate backed by some in the tea party movement to face a Democrat in many ways his polar opposite. Former Houston Mayor Bill White, a calm consensus-builder, easily defeated six opponents to win his party’s nomination.

Shortly after Hutchison called him to concede, Perry continued his non-stop attack on the nation’s capital, slamming Washington on spending, job losses and the heath care debate.

“Texas voters said no to Washington bureaucrats … and yes to leadership that controls spending, fights for individual freedoms and the United States Constitution,” Perry told cheering supporters at the famous Salt Lick barbecue restaurant in Driftwood, just outside Austin. “Hardworking Texans sent a simple, compelling message to Washington: Quit spending all the money!”

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Gov. Perry defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP primary

The people of Texas have spoken. Rick Perry is the winner in the Texas GOP primary, and that should send a bit of a chill down Kay Bailey Hutchison’s back. Now she has a good idea of exactly where she stands in the eyes of Texas voters.

Gov. Rick Perry

With nearly all precincts reporting, Perry had 51 percent to Hutchison’s 30 percent. He managed to avoid a runoff even though nearly one in five voters cast ballots for the third candidate – Debra Medina, a GOP party activist who has strong libertarian leanings and supporters in the tea party movement.

The LAME Stream Media, for some odd reason, seems to think that Debra Medina was the main candidate in this race. They appear to believe that Medina was the darling of The TEA Party too.

She was not.

Medina did have some support within the ranks of The TEA Party, something close to the 17 or 18% she received from ALL voters I am guessing. I won’t further denigrate Ms. Medina, she is a *done deal* and there’s no need to beat a dead horse, but the media, in true fashion, once again gets it wrong about Medina and The TEA Party.

Regarding Kay Bailey Hutchison, she is a LIAR of the 1st order.

AUSTIN — The Republican race for governor devolved into a schoolyard taunt of who should be the quitter Wednesday, after Kay Bailey Hutchison said that she would resign her Senate seat within four months to challenge Rick Perry full-time.

Her comments suggest that Hutchison has determined it will take an intense effort to wrest the Republican nomination from the politically astute Perry, already the longest-serving governor in state history. SOURCE from 2009

She did NOT resign her Senate seat. She has missed several votes in the Senate because she was here in Texas, running for Governor, and NOT doing the job we sent her to Washington to do.

If Sen. Hutchison had ANY scruples, she would have resigned that seat, thus allowing Gov. Perry to pick her replacement, then she would have been free to campaign while Texas had a FULL TIME Senator representing them in Washington.

Now we have to wait until she comes up for re-election in 2012 to retire her and place at least one REAL Conservative Texan in the Senate. We don’t have one that can be called a true, hard core, REAL Conservatives at this time. That too shall change!

Hutchison said she tried to remind voters that she always fought for Texas values in Congress, but admitted during an interview last week that Perry succeeded in sticking her with a Washington label.

Kay Bailey Hutchison wasn’t *stuck* with a Washington label by Rick Perry, not unless Perry, by telling the truth, and somehow labeled her. I had posted on several occasions all the reasons why Texas needed to keep Hutchison OUT of our Statehouse and retire her from the U.S. Senate.

I have this post up now, Hutchison: Perry’s tactics tough on her campaign, and it gives several great example of exactly why I feel that way.

Congratulations to Gov. Rick Perry on his resounding win last night and I am looking forward to working at making him the winner in our upcoming Gubernatorial race against Democrat Bill White of Houston.

I also want to congratulate Texas State Senator Bob Deuell on his HUGE victory in the Texas GOP primary. Sen. Deuell, a man of true character, easily won over challenger Sharon Russell.

Senate 2 — eastern Dallas, Hunt, Rockwall counties

Republican incumbent Bob Deuell of Greenville had a large lead over Rockwall’s Sharon Russell, a Tea Party-backed candidate.

Deuell won the seat from a Democrat in 2002 and is the chairman of the chamber’s Republican Caucus.

Russell attempted to paint him as too liberal. Deuell would face Democrat Kathleen Shaw of Cedar Hill in November.SOURCE

Here we go with the TEA Party references again, and as usual, the media gets it wrong.

Sharon Russell doesn’t live in Rockwall, she is a resident of Rowlett. That may not mean a lot to some folks, but to the people of Rowlett it means quite a lot. We like to get things RIGHT, and we are known for being Conservative and truthful. Unlike the media.

Sharon Russell wasn’t backed by the Rowlett TEA Party, I know that for a fact. The Rowlett TEA Party didn’t officially back ANY candidate. We, as individuals, had candidates that were supported, but the Rowlett TEA Party NEVER endorsed or backed anyone.

Ms. Russell tried her best to fragment the Rowlett TEA Party last year, to the point of founding her own TEA Party Group in HER zip code.

Why, you ask? Simply because the good folks of Rowlett knew her all too well and wouldn’t let her take over just because SHE SAID SO, or so I have been told. 😈

As I understand it, from information received from unnamed sources, she failed miserably in an effort to start a separate Rowlett TEA Party. Now she’s failed to unseat the best State Senator we could ever have.

Apparently her false accusations and smear tactics against Sen. Bob Deuell backfired on her and just didn’t get the job done! 😛

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14 Responses to Gov. Perry defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP primary

  1. Texasperated says:

    Texas Fred,

    Probably the FUNNIEST comment I heard last night was on 1080 radio in which an admittedly Democratic sooth-sayer, errr I mean pollster, claimed that the REAL reason we voted for Perry to win without even a runoff needed was that we were voting for KBH to stay in Washington where she can do the most good!

    What a hoot!


  2. Ron Russell says:

    From an outsider’s view it appears that the “best man” won. I’m sure KBH is feeling the bitter taste of defeat this morning, probably her first defeat in many years and perhaps her first ever, don’t really know her history.

    Like you I noticed the MSM’s attempt to tie the Tea Party to the losing candidate, Debra Medina, when in reality I think most supported Rick Perry. Seems they will not miss any opportunity to denigrate the tea party movement. I suspect we will see a lot of that this election year as the effects of the movement is felt more and more across the nation in the various elections. Those in the MSM hate what many of them refer to as “tea-baggers”!

    Perry ran a great campaign and hit the proverbial “nail on the head” when he tied KBH to run-a-way government spending and backroom deals in Washington. This should be an eye-opener for so-called moderates in both parties. Big spenders and big government advocates in Congress have been put on notice by the electorate, not only in Texas, but in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey. Their days are numbers and they will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Texasperated, that IS a hoot…

    KBH is on her way out in 2012, I am just hoping that now that she hasn’t resigned, now that she has further shown Texans that her WORD means NOTHING, I am hoping that Michael Williams will continue his efforts and stays in the race…

    Hutchison has got to go, and Cornyn needs NEXT tattooed on his forehead…

  4. seaspook says:


    KBH has just heard the death knells of her political career. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have gravely wounded the nation, but may have done it a great service. They have shown us that we, the voter must begin taking responsibility in maintaining the Republic. I’m not much of a fan of Perry, but as with most elections, you have to hope for the best you can get.

    The Tea Party movement is our last hope of saving this fine idea of America and I’m heartened to see it’s apparent early effects. Even if we are finally able to get some real leaders in office to start bringing back the America we know and love, it’s going to be a very painful process in undoing decades of Progressivism and dependence and it’s going to take some strong, thick skinned people with an iron will and a lot of support from us.

  5. What’s that sound..? Why, it’s the fat lady getting ready to sing!

    Texas did well yesterday, and will do so again!

  6. Kudos to the great state of Texas for showing the nation how people vote in their own best interests! Congratulations to the Republic of Texas on a victory for freedom!!! Good show!

  7. minuteman26 says:

    Yesterday was a great day for Texas conservatives. KBH is now an afterthought at least until 2012. Rick Perry now has to get down to business and kick White’s ass in November.

  8. TF: you hear about JIM BUNNING?

    Now THAT is an ACTUAL Republican.

    I’m gonna do a post on him shortly. That guy needs to be bronzed.

    In the meantime, clearly Texans spoke. And I’m assuming you spoke the same language as GOVERNOR Perry!


  9. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    You must be jumping for joy at the outcome of this election, I know how you feel about KBH. I don’t know much about Texas politics but I did read that Medina was the Tea Party candidate who could throw this race into disarray. Apparently that wasn’t quite true. Congrats on your victory last night!

  10. TexasFred says:

    Yep, the MEDIA had Medina doing everything except founding The TEA Party…

    The media has a serious case of dumb-ass…

    I am a TEA Party member, was a Board member, I never heard anyone say that Medina was a member, much less the *Belle of the Ball*…

    Medina was a legend in the media’s mind…

  11. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It sounds like they were trying to pump her up to take votes away from Governor Perry, after all he has been pretty vocal about healthcare reform in the past.

  12. Texasperated says:

    Mr. Pink Eyes,

    I am saddened by the rhetoric coming from many of Ms Medina’s supporters after her overwhelming rejection by the Texas voters. Amazingly, they have fourteen or seventy reasons why she lost to Gov. Perry, but not one of them was “the Texas voters prefer a known conservative, anti-Washington governor to an untried woman who speaks the conservative tongue fluently, but has a hard time figuring out if her government helped orchestrate the 9-11 tragedy.” Frankly Ms Medina lost any hope of receiving THIS tea-partier’s vote when she refused to say she would support the candidate of her party.

    Here are the facts in a nutshell — there were almost TWICE as many voters in the republican primary as we usually have in an off-year, and they voted overwhelmingly in favor of Gov. Perry.

  13. Texasperated says:

    Fred, I stole your Pogo. Many Americans remember that Pogo originally said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.” But without the use of google, I wonder how many can remember the original source of the quotation, “we have met the enemy and they are ours?”

  14. TexasFred says:

    Well, Texasperated, I’m one smart redneck, I know who it was… 😛

    Oliver Hazard Perry…

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