Cotton Balls Left At Black Culture Center

Cotton Balls Left At Black Culture Center

COLUMBIA, Mo. — University of Missouri police are investigating after someone scattered cotton balls outside the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on the Columbia campus.

Students and staff discovered the cotton balls littering the grass and sidewalk outside the building Friday. Witnesses told campus police that two people were seen running from the area sometime before 2 a.m. Friday.

Several hundred people packed a town hall meeting Monday night to discuss the possible hate crime, KMBC’s Martin Augustine reported.

“I am a bi-racial child. I can assure you that my Caucasian mother is just as outraged about this as my African-American father,” one student said.

The cotton balls are seen as a racial slur — the cotton harkens back to the days of slavery, when slaves were forced to pick cotton. Students said it’s an act of psychological violence.

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Cotton Balls Left At Black Culture Center

Cotton balls are a symbol of racism? A slur? An act of psychological violence?

Seriously? Cotton balls?

Who knew?

These harmless looking COTTON BALLS are, apparently, a sign of racism.

A VILE symbol of a long dead way of life, slavery. A life that no one today can recall, in any manner, other than as a HISTORY lesson!

And I have to tell you, I want me some reparations for this COTTON BALL insult thing. My mother picked cotton. Her mother, her aunts, uncles and cousins, they all picked cotton.

They plowed, they worked the fields, planted crops, harvested them and kept the family fed. Cotton was one of those crops.

My mother told me, many years ago, she hated to work in the fields as a child, but, like everyone else, she had to do it, and SHE was forced to PICK COTTON.


Maybe that’s why I have the feelings I do today. My MOTHER was forced to PICK COTTON. I am entitled to reparations for the travesty suffered by my mother. I am traumatized by this oh so diabolical insult to ALL that have ever PICKED COTTON.

I would have to suppose that since my mother was a nurse back in the days when those vile and racist COTTON BALLS we used in conjunction with alcohol to sterilize a needle and skin patch before a patient was given an injection only traumatized her even more.

Damned racist COTTON BALLS.

Oh, wait… She couldn’t have been traumatized by being forced to PICK COTTON and further forced to use racist COTTON BALLS later in life. And I have no right to demand reparation on her behalf either I guess. We’re WHITE folks, and we don’t play that traumatized BS over things that happened a century and a half ago. Plus, we’re not looking for reasons to BE offended.

The same people offended by these RACIST COTTON BALLS are the exact same type of person that was offend in this article: San Diego students storm offices after noose found.

Are YOU thoroughly offended now? 😛

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24 Responses to Cotton Balls Left At Black Culture Center

  1. The BoBo says:

    Well, there ya go. Label me racist once again! I’ve been using cotton balls forever. I’m quite sure my mother used cotton balls to swab my ass as a baby. Oh well - I’m white, the cotton balls are white, my t-shirt is white - I guess I’m a racist. I guess I’m raising racist kids too since we use cotton balls in the home to help swab their cuts and scrapes.

    Oh lordy - I just realized - my kids’ private catholic school must be racist too! Even though the Nun running the school is black - she insists on allowing our kids to create arts and craft projects using those damned racist cotton balls.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Damned racist Nuns… 😐

    Wait… What? A BLACK Nun?? 😕

  3. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Oh Lord, thank God they didn’t “hang” white toilet paper from the trees! You can only imagine what would be made of that! We would have to wipe our butts with “white racist toilet paper”!!!!

  4. Eric says:

    It is getting ever so close to Easter, maybe someone was simply spreading some early cheer. A little “here comes Peter ‘cotton’ tail…” symbolism?

    Yes, I did spend a little time trying to google a black bunny with white tails to try to make the whole thing work . Got Obama. 😐

    Fred you know I’ve never been right.

  5. TexasFred says:

    LMAO @ Eric… 😛

  6. The BoBo says:

    LOL..Yup - Sister Regina. She’s from The Dominican Republic.

  7. The BoBo says:

    Hey - I found a picture of a black bunny with a white tail!

  8. James Shott says:

    Oh, man, I’m REALLY worried. I not only use cotton balls every now and again, but I also use Q-Tips, and they have white cotton on both ends!

    Does that make me a double racist?

  9. ng4779 says:

    What imbecile would think that cotton balls are racist? I am dumbfounded.

  10. Kate says:

    @Eric O……….M…………..G………… caaannn’t breeeeeaaath

  11. mrchuck says:

    What happens when I feed ducks “white bread”??
    This sort of crap is what the black racist mind now detonates on.

    How about all you black folks go out into your own Ghetto Apartments in Dallas and start cleaning up the absolute mess and crime you black folks cause whenever 2 families start to live!
    Huh,,,,, That’s where you start.
    How about you black folks get married, quit having all these illegitimate babys, and get them schooled properly in a home with a mother and a father who are married, and who will keep these children in our schools, and nuture them through grade school, middle school, high school, and have them actually graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!!
    HUH, is that too much to ask all you black folks out there to do.

    I can’t even imagine any black folk out there who would object to these demands.Can You????
    I see the black folk problem as a very simple one to complete.
    You black folks out there had better get these above requests done ASAP, because most white folk are just plain tired out taking care of you through our taxes from our work, just so you can live in ghettos and commit crimes.
    Tired of having to pay for your own “plantations”,,, so to speak.

    So, print this out, pass it on to the black folk out there that can read and comprehend these English words and thoughts.

    And for all you black folks out there that have positively done the above, and now hold good paying jobs, like working for the US GOVT., it is now time for you to get off your lazy butts, and get out into these black communities, where you obviously don’t live,,,, and start helping your own color get educated, stop the crime and drugs!!!
    You can walk into your own color of neighborhoods without worrying about getting robbed or shot.
    Us white folks don’t walk, drive, visit any of your color neighborhoods, because we watch the TV show 48 hours, and know what happens to white folk who accidentally take a wrong turn and end up in your black ghettos.

    This is your mission, written as plainly as I can.
    I would like a “follow-up” report,,,say in 1 year.
    Thanks, and good luck,,,,,, mrchuck

  12. Patrick Sperry says:

    Racist cotton balls… Yeah right!

    I see mrchuck is holding back again… Bad for the b/p.

  13. Vigilante says:

    Oh just great!!!
    Not only does BoBo have a racist nun teaching the children…..he has an illegal alien racist nun letting them use “white” cotton balls for the sake of art!!!
    I really have to wonder, if these students would ever step back and take a good long hard look at each other,……would they ever acknowledge that they are stupid as hell for even considering of flying off the handle for such nonsense. They are supposed to be going to college for higher learning but it sure as hell don’t look like they are retaining any of it. I’ll bet 99 out of a 100 wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what a noose/cotton ball would stand for unless some racist, bastard ass, trouble making shitbags, keep starting the whole rioting incident.

  14. The BoBo says:

    LOL - too funny Vigilante

  15. Butch says:

    Cheap arse racists! They could have at least sprung for some Q-Tips…

  16. minuteman26 says:

    Bet those cotton balls came from South Texas. Cotton is still a prime crop down here. Think those campus cops can lift some prints from all those cotton balls? Bet they will try.

  17. Robert says:

    Cotton balls ARE racist damn it. You need to get with the program Fred, anything that can be used will be used for victimization. We must be more sensitive to the so-called oppressed minorities, even though the CIC is the HNIC holding down the POTUS title….At what point does the “Struggle” end? I’m thinking when the Black Panthers, Louis Fararacist, and Rev Wright are all as powerful as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton….until then damn it, you need to be more sensitive…

    Eric, I’m thinking I got a photoshop mission. that was hilarious.

  18. Ron Russell says:

    Those crazies can kiss my “cotton pickin ass”, yep I picked the white stuff, my mother and father picked it, my grandparents picked it and those that can before them picked it. Last time I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a black face looking back at me.

    Each time I look on my wall I reminded of my “cotton pickin” days. My old single shot Stevens 16 gauge shotgun is a reminder of the good ole days and that summer long ago when I pick cotton for my grandfather for $.02 per pound, that summer I picked 1000lbs and took that $20 dollars down to the local store and purchased my first shotgun at the age of 12.

    As for the cotton balls found outside that building, I would suspect they were left by druggies shooting up before they went inside. Those people just need to get a life and quit blaming everyone else for their failures.

  19. extex_cop says:

    Yep James…I used them Q-tips too. I guess since they have little white cotton tips…..that just makes us a little bit racist.

    I tell you the next thing is they are going to make it a racist hate crime for the farmer to sell his watermelons at market.

    My grandfather was a ‘Share Crop Farmer’….and he grew cotton. My dad and uncles would help him hoe the weeds out during growing season and then they would all take vacation to help him pick the cotton when it was ready. I use to carry the water bucket for them as the all drug those long cotton bags behind them. Their fingers where bloody at the end of the day…so does picking cotton make my family slaves??? I think not….they were just hard working people trying to make a living.

    I’m really getting sick and tired of all this racist cries…get over it and get a life.

  20. Deron says:

    So now that Cotton is a “Racist Item”, does that mean we have to start wearing more animal hides? Why is it that everything has to be classified by race. If we as Americans would start complaining about everything like everyone else, we would still be “Racist” but, at least we would get to “Bitch” like everyone else does. I am offended when I see and hear blacks wearing a medallion with Africa on it but, that is ok because I am white and only White People are Racist. If I am a Racist then I am Damn Proud to be a RACIST! There are no such things as African Americans, Muslim Americans, or any other type of __________ American.

    If you don’t want to be an American then get the HELL OUT of my Country. I’m sure we can find someone willing to pay for a free “One-Way” ticket to your “Motherland”. Next thing you’ll see is the NAACP and the ACLU trying to take the “WHITE” stripes out of our FLAG! Don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it. We are not allowed to show our Pride and Heritage because we are being “RACIST” so, next time I hear someone say they are offended by something, I will remind them that we don’t have a Miss White America or a National Association for the Advancement of White People.

  21. Kate says:

    Well crud. All my dad and uncles did was transport bootleg outta Louisiana. If they ever pick cotton, they sure didn’t share that with us young’uns.

  22. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    I have to admit, I never knew that cotton balls were racist. That is new to me, what a joke!

  23. TexasFred says:

    What’s next? No more VANILLA ice cream? 😕

    God help ya if you want *Chunky Monkey*, there’s gotta be a denigration of FAT people and monkeys in there somehow….

  24. minuteman26 says:

    The Hags song “I’m a White Boy” should be required listening on the college campus these days. These kids don’t realize that they’re all going to have to “hump and get it” when they get out of school if they want to get anywhere. Me thinks most of these kids think Obama is going to throw them a freebe and they will live blissfully forever.

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