Crash the Tea Party – IDIOT EXPOSED!

Crash the Tea Party – IDIOT EXPOSED!

From my buddy Rob at American and Proud, with a Hat Tip to IOTW

This is the face of THE ENEMY, but you won’t see him at any TEA Party gatherings. He’s a bit of an instigator but he won’t show up now that he’s been *outed*. That’s pretty typical, people like Jason think up these kind of disruptions, get their 15 minutes of Facebook fame and then fade off into the basement at Mom and Dad’s…

Jason Levin

Tea Party Infiltrators – Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!!!

Many have asked about the news that there may be “infiltrators” at tea parties around the nation. A website Crash The Tea Party! was recently set up. The creator, though he tried to hide his identity, has been outed; his name is Jason Levin, and he’s a middle school teacher in Beaverton, Oregon. He’s on record saying that you might see some of his team in Nazi uniforms at your local tea party pretending to be racists and other offensive characters. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? And one has to ask the question; if tea partiers are racist, anti-Semitic homophobes, and it’s so obvious, why does he need to plant people who pretend to be those things at your tea parties? Ah…leftist logic and tactics…there is no way to understand their twisted thoughts. But you do need to know what the left is up to.

And by the way, if you’d like to let Mr. Levin’s school district know what you think of his behavior, and his potential influence on public school students in Beaverton, Oregon, you can contact them here. And you can reach the Principal at his school, Mr. Zan Hess, at this number: (503) 524-1345. If you choose to contact them, in direct contrast to Mr. Levin’s behavior, please be polite. Remember, just because he’s exposed himself publicly as a vile, indecent human being who will stoop to Nazi symbolism, and the promotion of racism and bigotry to silence those with whom he disagrees, doesn’t mean everyone in the school district is bad.

I’m Calling RIGHT NOW. The busy signal you get will be because of me.


I just spoke to a very nice lady at the above number, who admitted to developing a migraine over this, and she said calls can be directed to


503 591-4360

Read American and Proud, if you think I’m opinionated, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Rob defines bog dwelling, beer swilling redneck! :P

We’re NOT what these people say we are. We are Americans that are tired of the status quo from Washington, D.C.

We aren’t buying the *change* thing that got Barack Hussein Obama elected, but because we’re not buying it, we are branded by the left as racists, radicals, rednecks, homophobes, morons and any other denigration their handlers can advise them to shout.

All I ask you is this, IF you are at a TEA Party function over the weekend, be aware, NO TEA Party person will be engaged in ANY activities that involved violence or radical speech. Any that you see doing so are quite likely these disruptors that are trying to infiltrate the TEA Party and take away it’s rapidly growing credibility!

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18 Responses to Crash the Tea Party – IDIOT EXPOSED!

  1. Robert says:

    Well Thank ya sir….

    I’ve been trying to call but for some reason the lines are busy, I’m sure he’ll have time to answer the phone tomorrow, since he’ll be hiding under a desk somewhere.

    The worst thing about this whole deal is HE is teaching kids in middle school. He is INDOCTRINATING kids in his warped beliefs. HE can’t even understand that having to INFILTRATE a tea party and place racist signs in the group in order to show the racism of the party is complete idiocy. IF the tea party were racists no infiltration would be necessary, basically THANK YOU Jason, you just legitimized the entire movement…

  2. Vigilante says:

    He’s probably one of those unionized teacher assholes,…….and from oregon yet!!! Those people in oregon make idiots proud. Where else is it against the law to pump your own gas?? As for crashing a TEA Party, he’s no better than that bunch of westboro baptist shitbags.

  3. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Oh this is just the thing for me to relieve my stress with!!! You know some of my over zealous chums on Facebook have been on the site raising Cain with the libbers. One is a female law enforcement officer from Michigan. She told me she got thrown off 2 days ago for “Making Sense”!!! LOL!!! I think we all need to plaster this guy all over the internet and on posters at our tea parties! You know, the “Don’t let this happen to you” warning! Or “Is this guy brainwashing your children”??? LOL!!! I am so glad this idiot got OUTED! Three cheers for Rob and THANK YOU Texas Fred!!!

  4. PatriotUSA says:

    Fred, I live in the crappy state of Oregon and will be CP this at Patriot’s Corner later on. I have read several different takes on this loser and like this one the best. Thanks.

  5. TexasFred says:

    Anyone that would stoop to Nazi symbolism, and the promotion of racism and bigotry to silence those with whom he disagrees is not fit to teach ANYWHERE…

    I called the school where he works, got through the 1st time, and left that message with the Principal! Very diplomatic too, I represented well, if I do say so myself!

  6. ChicagoRay says:

    Good job here I’ll post this guys face on my blog too…you’re right about the basement hiding and I guarantee 3/4 of that movement is an internet mirage. However, we’re as real as a headache can be, and these miserable fu**s are gonna find that out all summer long.

  7. Gawfer says:

    Jason’s quite a popular dude these days. Seems Mike Gallegher got his info as well, subsequently broadcasting all kinds of interesting information on his nationally sindicated radio talk show.

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  9. HoosierArmyMom says:

    I imagine he’ll be starring on Fox soon!

  10. Ron Russell says:

    Damn Fred he looks like a redneck! These people will go to any links to get the desired results, nothing is out-of-bounds with them. Sometime I think we must fight the same way to defeat these bastards, but then I have second thoughts. I would really like to take this guy on a hunting trip—nope I’m not joking!

    As the Tea Party Movement becomes stronger one can expect more of this sh*t! And you can bet the MSM will pick up on every little incident and blow it all out of proportion to fit their view of the tea party.

    Glad this guy has been exposed! Wonder what his school will do. Bet they are cut from the same cloth.

  11. Robert says:

    I don’t think you guys are seeing the silver lining…This ploy has been exposed, the tactic has been all over the networks and the web, now if we do have some idiots at a party they will be immediately labeled a plant. See that’s how this game works…

    And you know if I was a super vindictive type and had a real mean streak, I’d paint a swastika on a piece of cardboard with the N-word underneath, and look for a reporter, then spout all kinds of leftist dribble and say Levin told me to come out and expose the Tea Party….But I’m not that petty…Mmmm.

  12. TexasFred says:

    @Rob— Yes you are…

  13. HoosierArmyMom says:

    The Plot Thickens as Levin’s feet get held to the fire!!!

    Tea Party “Crasher” Is Now Under Investigation by his Employer

  14. tonydowning says:

    This creep is a slanderous manipulator looking for an incident, just so he can then say, “there was an incident!”

  15. ChicagoRay says:

    TonyD I agree…they’re always looking for a wet spot on the floors at the abortion clinics and other places they hang out like roaches to slip and sue so they can embellish their SSI or welfare. Most of them can’t get disability because they never had a real job.

  16. ablur says:

    I live in the Northwest and have to deal with leftist loons every day. You see, you used logic and disarmed the whole movement in seconds. Liberals don’t follow logic so this was foreign to them. They are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out how they got caught.

    I called the school to ask if someone who advocates lying and deception should be instructing children. I was told the school does not support his efforts and further investigation will follow.

    I thought it was a local issue. I am glad to hear it went national.

  17. Katie says:

    When I was in Middle School (We called it Junior High School then.) our teachers taught us reading, writing, history, arithmetic and science. Our history teacher had the class memorize the Constitution, learning each part of that document (God Bless you Mrs. Johnson!), but never once would they have done this.

    Where did we go wrong?

  18. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    His people are going to dress up like Nazis, and this man is teaching our children? Wonderful!

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