Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012? You betcha?

Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012? You betcha?

Conservative superstar Sarah Palin opened the door yesterday to joining forces with Mitt Romney for a 2012 White House run - a hot ticket that has some Republicans licking their chops at the prospect of unseating President Obama.

“Sounds pretty good,” Palin declared at yesterday’s Tea Party Express rally on the Common when asked about pairing up with the former Bay State governor - giving the idea a big thumbs-up as she left the stage after her headline speech.

Last night, as Palin stopped for cannoli at Mike’s Pastry in the North End, she said she was “serious” about the idea.

“I have a lot of respect for Mitt,” she told the Herald.

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Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012? You betcha!

Oh dear God! Please wake me up when this nightmare is over! And for the record, I didn’t title this piece, it is the original title from the source.

I am going to say this as plainly, and with as much civility as I can muster; if America is happy with having Barack Hussein Obama as it’s president, if you feel that Obama can’t do enough damage to these United States in a four year term, if you truly believe that America can stand an additional 4 more years added to the current Debacle in Chief’s term of office, just go ahead and let the GOP/RNC run a ticket of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney in 2012. That will give The Obamanation another 4 years to further take America into the abyss of socialism!

Asked who would be on top of the ticket, Palin roared, “Ha! I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet.”

Well, by golly I have, you betcha I have! And I am pretty well convinced that it doesn’t matter too much who’s on top, it’s a losing ticket no matter HOW you cut it.

RomneyCare is the template for ObamaCare. Is that what we want in the White House? The guy that started the ball rolling towards socialized medicine? RomneyCare is considered to be a failure on many levels, SOURCE, as the ObamaCare package is rapidly proving itself to be.

Romney, a presumptive 2012 Republican presidential contender who recently embarked on a nationwide book tour, has not ruled out an alliance with Palin, the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential candidate.

“Mitt Romney respects Sarah Palin and he appreciates the contributions she makes to the party,” said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. “But his immediate focus is on helping Republicans win back the Congress in 2010.”

Personally, I have NO respect for Mitt Romney, I don’t trust the guy. I have serious doubts regarding his conservatism and there’s something else that I can’t quite put a finger on, but I don’t trust him.

Sarah Palin… She is a GREAT cheerleader, but that’s where it ends for me. You see, even in school I didn’t particularly like cheerleaders. I have a real problem with *air heads*, and again, just MY opinion, Sarah Palin is an air head.

She is shrill, she is annoying, she makes nails on a chalk board not seem too terribly bad. Yeah, she drives the libbers crazy, but she’s rapidly losing any credibility she may have had as she alienates Conservatives with her continued allegiance to John McCain.

She is a proven quitter. I don’t care how Pro 2A she is, I don’t care if she knows how to skin a moose and make moose burgers. I’m not planning on getting stranded in the frozen north.

Palin is NOT the Star of the TEA Party as the media insists. At the huge Lone Star TEA Party rally we had on April 15th, her name was NOT mentioned in ANY capacity. She doesn’t resonate with many of us here in Texas. Her political acumen, such as it is, escapes many very deep and committed political thinkers.

I have to admit, Palin does have her useful side, she is great for fund raisers, she can pull ’em in for some reason. Use her in that capacity but NEVER again let her run as a candidate for the office of President.

Some veteran political observers were intrigued by the notion of the two telegenic former GOP governors on the same ticket.

“They both have a lot they can offer a campaign,” said Douglas Lorenz, a California-based GOP consultant.

A California-based GOP consultant? OK, pay attention, I am only going to say this once; a GOP consultant from California has, in MY opinion, little, if ANY credibility in predicting the person or persons that the average American voter will accept.

The California GOP is NOT a Republican organization, they are a RINO organization. The term Dem Lite comes to mind. These are the people that gave California Arnold Schwarzenegger for crying out loud! Do we want them to be handicapping the nations choice for POTUS?

“I want to tell ’em, ‘Nah, we’ll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion - and you can keep the change,” Palin said, later adding, “Yeah, let’s drill, baby, drill; not stall, baby, stall - you betcha.”

Think long and hard America, is this the person you want representing America on the world stage? Is this the one we want addressing world leaders? You think some of Obama’s gifts to heads of state were an embarrassment? Palin would be the gift that keeps on giving, and never shuts up!

Long time readers know, I tried to tell people in 2008, McCain and Palin could NOT defeat Obama. I am going on record, right here, right now, and saying, Romney and Palin can’t get the job done either. And even if they did, I’m not convinced we’d be ANY better off. Just because there is an *R* behind their name doesn’t necessarily make them Republican or Conservative.

No more RINOs America! Never again!

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25 Responses to Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012? You betcha?

  1. Always On Watch says:

    it’s a losing ticket no matter HOW you cut it

    Very likely — unless voters will cast ballots for anyone except BHO.

    Now, I disagree with you that Romney didn’t have a chance in 2008, but I’m convinced that he won’t in 2012 — now that ObamaKare, modeled after RomneyKare has been passed over the will of WE THE PEOPLE. Besides, Romney is a RINO.

    Sarah Palin needs to stay out of the political arena. Instead, let her be a gadfly and do her amateurish criticisms, some of which have merit.

    A you betcha going up against slick BHO will end in another victory for BHO, as far as I can tell at this point.

    Damn. I’m worried that the GOP is going to blow opportunities to wrench control away from the Dems. The GOP isn’t focused at all right now.

  2. sdkar says:

    This has been a question I have been wondering for some time. WHO DO WE SELECT FOR OUR LEADER?

    Now, I like Sarah Palin, although lately she has been testing my loyalty. One of my biggest reasons for liking Palin is that Not too long ago, she was a working class person just like most other Americans. Her and her husband worked hard, cut coupons, struggled to raise a family, blah blah blah.

    However, I am starting to feel the distance being placed between Palin and the average American person. I guess there is something about having a stupid amount of fame and/or money that throws your brain out of whack and you no longer have any idea what “normal” means anymore. I suppose once this type of fame and fortune is achieved, regulare everyday American function becomes alien to them.

    Kinda like how I would view the poorest parts of India and look at them and feel bad for their way of living. I feel somehow superior to them because I have a car, air conditioning and eat reguarly. I can not connect to what these poor “hindu” Indians are going through. I think this is kinda the same thing. Our elite and “potential” leaders have gone so far that they can no longer relate to us. Am I wrong? I know it may not be the best analogy, but it’s how I am trying to make sense of them.

    We really really really need to pick a CONSERVATIVE leader real soon, or we are going to continue on this path.

    Just my two cents.

  3. TexasFred says:

    AOW, I didn’t mention Romney’s chances in 2008… But apparently, since he didn’t get the nod, he didn’t stand a chance in any case…

  4. TexasFred says:

    Everyone pretty much agrees, McCain and Romney are BOTH RINOs and losers, what the hell does that make Sarah Palin?

    She hitched up to McCain in ’08 and is looking at hooking up with Romney in 2012?


  5. minuteman26 says:

    A big thumbs down on Romney/Palin!! Time for a military officer with balls so we can reverse this shit.

  6. Basti says:

    Both if they want to lose big time. Neither if they want to have a chance at winning. I’m betting on the first option though.

  7. Truth Be Known says:

    The TEA Party must pull its head out of the sand and quit throwing their support behind RINOs, neocons, and pseudo-conservatives who make empty promises to get elected.

    The Republican Party has taken over the TEA Party and is neutralizing it. We are stuck in a Republican vs. Democrat paradigm when it should be about restoring constitutional govt.

    It’s about saving a country not a political party. Dems and Reps be damned! Long live the U.S. Constitution! Let’s show solidarity in supporting real conservatives that are constitutionally minded instead of voting for the same career politicians and hoping for change.

    The poor shape that our country is in is due to both parties showing a disregard for the law of the land.

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    So who’s waiting in the wings? Who looks good?

    Should we examine Paul Ryan?


  9. TexasFred says:

    Truth Be Known, sadly, there are many in the TEA Party that have NO concept of true Conservatism, they buy the GOP mantra lock, stock and barrel…

    We have leaders that are terribly weak, we have leaders that aren’t leaders… They might make good members, but leadership skills are sorely lacking in a lot of areas..

    You’re right, we MUST get the GOP out of the TEA Party, the GOP is nothing more than Dem Lite, and that is totally unacceptable… But when some in positions of leadership place more emphasis on social events and being the social butterfly, well, you get my drift…

  10. TexasFred says:

    BZ, Mike Pence immediately comes to mind, as does LtCol. Allen West and Michelle Bachmann…

    Another name being bandied about is Paul Ryan of Wisconsin I believe… Certainly worth a look..

    David Petraeus is a a good one to look at… Bobby Jindal is also worth as look… J.C. Watts of Oklahoma is a good one to place in the race too…

    Newt, Palin, Romney, Rick Perry or Ron Paul are a guaranteed 4 more years for Obama…

    And ANYONE that touts John McCain needs to shot in the head, they are too STOOPID to live…

  11. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Agreed, McCain is another guaranteed loss, without a doubt.


  12. cary says:

    Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012


    No. No.

    No, no, no.

    Not for my TEA Party.

    Maybe for the weak-assed rePUKElican, or even the demoncRATs, but not for my TEA Party.

    What the heck was that champion of RINO politics doing at a conservative gathering, anyway? What are some branches of the TEA Party thinking?

  13. TexasFred says:

    What are some branches of the TEA Party thinking?

    Indeed! I somehow don’t believe they ARE thinking..

  14. Longstreet says:

    I agree. Romney-Palin guarantees Obama another 4 years!


  15. Vigilante says:

    I wonder if we could “draft” someone? We need to get the TEA party
    to start courting these people. Asking questions, choose, then get behind them. Screw the Republican RINO’s.

    I’m steadfast on Col. Allen West, and dearly love Michell Bachman.

    Fred, why not start a poll on here to see who the favorites are??

  16. TexasFred says:

    There’s one problem with LtCol West, he has NO political experience, but he has a hell of lot of military experience, I still think he needs to actually serve in an office, a FULL TERM, before he’s considered for higher office…

    Barack Obama never finished a damn thing before he was run as POTUS, see what that got us?

    Palin freaking QUIT as Governor of Alaska, and still so many self professed Conservatives want her to be POTUS… I honestly have to wonder about the political acumen of those individuals…

  17. Ron Russell says:

    The 2012 election is too far off for me to even consider who will be the best candidates. I do feel if the unemployment rate is around 10% and the economy is still in the tank, it will not matter who runs against Obama because he will lose. Americans just don’t vote for those in power when the economy is poor. I have mixed feelings about Palin, but am dead set against Romney—he is without a doubt a RINO. For now even the election in 2010 seems a way off. A week in politics is an eternity and things can change on a dime.

  18. ablur says:

    I don’t think anyone who has held office is more qualified. We need better business and constitution savvy leaders. Newbees who haven’t been tainted by DC deals.
    The last thing we need is a bunch of beltway boys back on the hill after Nov.2010.

    As far as 2012, I think the Sun will expose the best candidate after mid 2011. The new congress will have a chance to act and real leaders with new ideas and a promising direction will stand out.

    Let’s not rush anyone in to fill the vacuum. Let the current crop die off.

  19. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    2012 is a long way off, but within the next several months we will begin to see candidates really start making a move towards running for president. Much can change between now and then, but I just don’t see who the best conservative canidates are. Sarah Palin is not the answer, I think that there is no way that she can win a general election. RomneyCare is going to kill Mit Romney, he may have had a chance of Obamacare never passed, but Obamacare became such a divisive issue that Romney will be tied to it. Primary opponents will tie Mitt Romney to Barack Obama. I don’t think he can survuve that.

  20. BobF says:

    No one man or woman can do everything. What makes a good leader is the people they surround themselves with. Your best military commanders learned early in their careers to surround themselves with the best NCO’s they could find. What Obama did was surround himself with what he knew, Chicago style thugs and people of questionable character.

    Palin, by her support of McCain, has shown she will put personal feelings and perceived obligations ahead of her principals and beliefs. She claims and touts the same conservative principals as JD Hayworth but supports John Kerry’s vice president wannabe, McCain. Early on I supported Palin but now I doubt she possess the necessary leadership skills and ability to make the hard calls necessary.

    LtCol West may not have the experience but I believe he has the leadership skills to choose the right people for key positions. Hopefully he’ll win his election and get some needed experience. I think him and Bachman would make an excellent team but 2012 is a long way away. One thing about West, he knows our enemy and what it will take to win. This is a long video but well worth listening to.

  21. Always On Watch says:

    I stand corrected. I must have been interrupted while reading the post.

    I really don’t think the GOP as a whole gets it that RINOs are the path to destruction and defeat at the ballot box. The reason that many stayed home in November 2008 was that they couldn’t bring themselves to vote the McCain-Palin ticket.

    As for Palin’s appeal, I don’t quite get it. I WANT to like her, but something about her grates on me.

    The other day, a friend of mine — not a BHO supporter by any means, said, “If the election for POTUS were held today, I’m not sure that he wouldn’t win.” The stuff of nightmares that BHO might win in 2012. I think he just might!

    I agree with this portion of Vigilante’s comment: “I wonder if we could “draft” someone? We need to get the TEA party
    to start courting these people. Asking questions, choose, then get behind them. Screw the Republican RINO’s.”

    If, somehow, the Tea Parties could take over the Republican Party and steer that party into the conservative direction.

    I do worry that the Tea Parties have become too much social events — people out in the streets just for fun.

  22. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Fred, every candidate you list sounds viable and is on my watch list. Pence is solid gold in my book, and Lt.Col. West is too. Funny that the RNC is giving such a man zero attention… which is a red flag that indeed “they don’t get it”!!!! Ryan, Jindal, Bachmann, Petraeus, Watts are all good potential.

    So my question is… What can we do to put pressure on the RNC / GOP??? We are trying to do it with the Corrupt Congress Critters, via the Tea Party Movement. Shouldn’t we focus as much toward the RNC as kind of a WAKE UP campaign???? They aren’t showing anymore judgment than they did when they put McPain in… “because it was HIS TURN”??? Puleeeezzz!!!

  23. Vigilante says:

    Yeah, but Fred……….

    “”Barack Obama never finished a damn thing before he was run as POTUS, see what that got us?””

    You can’t compare SHITBAG against Col.West!!! Col. West has got military experience, common sense, and Patriotism, and SHITBAG has nothing except his self glorification.. One thing is for sure, he wouldn’t be bowing to any third world dictators like SHITBAG for starters. Look at Ike, he was a military man and a lot of countries were scared shitless when he was elected for fear he was gonna tie their testicles in a knot if they tried anything funny. I’d like Ike to be president right now and see just how much bullshit he’d put up with from ahamanutjob’s muslim ass. Ike was a good President, and
    he also showed the bleeding hearts how to deport illegal’s.

  24. ASM826 says:

    No. Not my vote. I will stand down and not vote if the GOP puts that anti-gun lightweight up for election. I’d rather watch the reelection of BHO than vote in Mitt Romney.

    I might even go in and vote Democrat just to make sure.

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