Perry rules out special session to challenge federal health-care reforms

Perry rules out special session to challenge federal health-care reforms

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry tamped out rumors today that he would call a special legislative session to consider whether Texas should seek to exempt itself from federal health care law.

Harris County Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill has circulated a petition in hopes of prompting Perry to call a 30-day special session to consider “nullification” as it relates to health care. Nullification is a largely untested legal theory which holds that states can ignore federal mandates that they feel constitutionally overreach.

“I don’t think there’s any need for any of that,” Perry told The Dallas Morning News.

Nevertheless, he said, he’d listen to legislators wanting to advance the idea. So far, none has contacted him, he said.

“We’re so close to a regular session,” Perry said. “But if members call and say this, we’ll have a conversation.”

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Perry rules out special session to challenge federal health-care reforms

I have one BIG question for Gov. Perry, just WHEN is this next session we are so close to and what are YOU going to do in respect to Texas and denouncing the ObamaCare debacle?

The next regular session begins next January. Lawmakers already will be tackling at least two contentious issues, redistricting and what to do about a projected budget shortfall of around $18 billion.

Oh, so it begins in January! Well, yeah, that’s pretty close Mr. Perry. And for goodness sakes, don’t do anything that may actually get you some support before the gubernatorial election.

By coming out HARD against ObamaCare and this debacle being foisted off on Texas, and the rest of this nation, I am pretty well convinced that you could actually reinforce your claims of solid Conservatism Sir! Maybe add some serious credibility to your claims!

And while I’m asking, WHAT, if anything, are you going to do in support of Texas Sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment as it applies to Texas rights Mr. Perry.

And one other thing, while I’m asking, I might as well get it all in there, what about BORDER SECURITY Sir?

You ARE aware of the dangers faced by TEXANS living on the border? Aren’t you? What have you done about that one Mr. Perry? Other than send a few Texas DPS Rangers down there to sit around in local cafes, shaking hands, drinking coffee and touting YOU as the SAVIOR of Texas?

Gov. Perry came out as a HARD CORE Conservative over the last year or so. He attended many TEA Party events across Texas, he pandered the TEA Party and gave outward appearances of being a strong Conservative and a supporter of Texas Sovereignty and The TEA Party.

He even made a few great and inspiring remarks concerning Texas Sovereignty and secession.

Then he stands in solidarity with Sarah Palin. The same Sarah Palin that stood in solidarity with the biggest RINO in the history of the Republican party, John McCain!

It is MY opinion that those that stand with RINOs, those that SUPPORT the RINOs among us, are nothing but RINOs themselves. Republicans In Name Only!

There are many within the TEA Party, TEA Party groups all over this nation, that tout Palin as the 2nd coming of Joan of Arc. She is perceived to be some kind of serious Conservative and political leader. I honestly have NO understanding of why they feel that way.

Palin ran with John McCain in a less than stellar, and losing attempt at the White House. She QUIT on the state of Alaska. And before ANYONE starts in about how persecuted poor Sarah was, I have heard ALL the reasons regarding WHY she quit too, so save the key strokes, she by God QUIT! That is a sign of weakness and shows absolutely NO degree of stick to it. Are these TEA Party folks that LOVE Palin so much also blinded by her? Do they not realize that the job of President will bring her even MORE heat? More pressure? More criticism? MUCH MORE?

Don’t you folks see that there is a possibility that when the going truly gets tough, when a few TEA Party Head Cheerleader speeches are not the only thing on her daily agenda, don’t you even remotely see the possibility that if the weight of the world were placed on HER shoulders, that she would QUIT on America too?

And Rick Perry considers her to be a friend, an ally and an asset.

Still, many Texas lawmakers, particularly Republicans, are concerned about the potential impacts of the health care reform bill recently passed by Congress at the urging of President Barack Obama.

Perry pointed to lawsuits filed by Attorney General Greg Abbott, a fellow Republican, and other state attorneys general that challenge the federal law’s mandate for individuals to buy insurance.

“At this particular point in time, we’ve got torpedoes in the water that are primed and ready,” he said.

Mr. Perry, it is painfully obvious that you have NEVER been to WAR. You can never have too many torpedoes in the water. You can never strike the enemy too hard or too often. Make NO mistake Sir, Barack Hussein Obama, his entire administration and this ObamaCare debacle ARE the enemy of FREE American Conservatives.

We don’t feed at the public trough Sir, and we expect our Texas leadership to come to the aid of Texas citizens in doing away with these incredibly anti-American posers and their ideas of how to socialize our nation!

Mr. Perry, take note and pay close attention, ANY Texas leader that doesn’t come out against the ObamaCare disaster is NOT a leader, is not fit to BE a leader and is, in all truth and actuality, nothing more than a RINO himself. The people of the great state of Texas will NOT tolerate that behavior is our leaders!

The Texas Legislature normally meets at the start of odd-numbered years for a maximum of 140 days. The Texas Constitution gives the governor the power to call lawmakers to Austin for special sessions that can last up to 30 days, on topics of his choosing. But lawmakers are under no obligation to take any particular action during those special sessions.

Call that special session Mr. Perry. Show the people of Texas, and Washington, D.C. that you are a TEXAN 1st and have the balls to take on Washington, or be prepared to suffer as you rapidly lose support from VERY Conservative Texas patriots that really ARE Conservative and TEA Party members!

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14 Responses to Perry rules out special session to challenge federal health-care reforms

  1. Okay, so what’s his deal, Fred? Is he afraid of “alienating” independents and “moderates”? Can you think of any other reason he’d apparently let an opportunity slip by when he himself has said he wouldn’t necessarily be unamenable to something of that nature?

    I think the Republicans still don’t “get it.” Apparently the TEA Parties haven’t spoken quite loud enough.


  2. TexasFred says:

    BZ, the key word being YET!

  3. And the key point is: we CAN’T let up!


  4. phred says:

    Some good news, we ousted Delwin Jones. Replaced him with tea partys Charles Perry. A GOOD START.
    Palin is a Quitter – Presidential material ? NO !
    I hope no one wastes a nomination on her.
    Rick Perry ? Another career politician.
    Remember… ” I will NOT vote for ANY incumbent “. Lets clean house and start over again.

  5. john says:

    Rick Perry is on record attending a Bildeberg meeting. This is a group of powerful elites (including Bernanke, head of the Fed Reserve) that gather once a year to discuss public policy in absolute secrecy with no press present. This is a clear violation of the Logan Act.


  6. minuteman26 says:

    All Perry needs to do to insure reelection is to forcefully speak out against Obama Care and reinforce the Rangers along the border with the Texas Guard. Why he is not willing to do either at this time is a mystery. He needs to tell the feds to go pound sand.

  7. Vigilante says:

    “Gov. Perry came out as a HARD CORE Conservative over the last year or so. He attended many TEA Party events across Texas, he pandered the TEA Party and gave outward appearances of being a strong Conservative and a supporter of Texas Sovereignty and The TEA Party.

    He even made a few great and inspiring remarks concerning Texas Sovereignty and secession.”

    But did he SAY anything about shutting down the Texas/Mexico border and telling the federal scum to eat shit and die?????? NO!!

    Didn’t think so. They always try and skirt the main issue with some other frikken excuse to get the people looking the other way. If the truth be known he won’t say diddly shit about the border, because, elections are coming and if the shitbag muslim gives’em all amnesty, then, he might not get elected to office. Does that make sense??

    I’m with Phred……vote all their incumbent arrogant asses OUT!!

  8. TexasFred says:

    OK guys, I have to play *Devils Advocate* now…

    Vote em ALL out… Sounds like a great idea huh?

    NO, it’s NOT even a good idea, a few of our elected official are doing a STUNNING job of representing us as we need to be represented, you actually want to vote THEM out? I don’t think so…

    And before anyone starts that *Vote em Out* stuff regarding the gubernatorial race here in Texas, our ticket is set,we have a quasi Conservative running, Perry, and we have a HARD CORE liberal asshole running, Houston Mayor Bill White…

    Vote em ALL out??? Yeah, that’s the ticket…

    But I have to say this, look at the word gubernatorial..

    It starts with a*guber*… :?

  9. john says:

    That’s why he is not going convene a special session to nullify Obama Care, or protect our border. He knows he owns you! Conservatives will not vote for Bill White and he knows it. Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn’t get us anywhere; it just gets us evil and we lose no matter who wins.

  10. minuteman26 says:

    We will all be considered “Goobers” if we don’t force the border states and feds to secure our nation’s lines in the sand. If govt doesn’t due their duty to protect its citizens maybe a little vigilante justice will. Now that would embaress a whole lot of politicians and reduce their perceived new voting block at the same time.

  11. john says:

    We will not receive any assistance from the govt as this goes against their agenda.

    Back in 2005, George W. Bush pursued the Security & Prosperity Partnership with Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Paul Martin of Canada. Under this agreement, they would create one common law under one common court that we would be forced to comply with superseding our U.S. Constitution and the will of the American people.

    The ultimate goal however, is to dissolve U.S. boundaries with the two states creating a one block nation. Therefore, do not look to the govt to secure our borders because they want open borders. These meetings and all its contents were kept secret from the public and suits had to filed to gain access through the Freedom of Information Act (not even Fox News reported on this).

    So, if you think we have a security problem now, just wait until Rick Perry begins his pet project the I-35 Trans Texas Corridor which is one phase of the SPP plan. It will run from Mexico to Canada with no border check points providing easier access for human and drug smugglers. Further, Perry, or whoever succeeds him in the gubernatorial race, will use eminent domain to seize over 600,000 acres from farmers and ranchers–the biggest land grab in the history of this state! Contrary to the news from Austin, the plan is not dead but is now being called a “road improvement”. Gee, who would oppose that.

  12. I say we need to put feet to the fire… politicians and government like we are doing now through the Tea Party, and THE RNC!!!! We cannot let up. If we have to stage protests of elected leaders and do what the libs did to Palin in Alaska… look for any and every charge we can press against politicians that are elected and don’t do their job, then so be it. You all can send one heck of a message to Perry if you start leaning on him NOW, especially on the border issue.

    John, my son told me all about the “open borders” deal, and right after that the Treaty of the Sea was signed giving our enemies the right to drill off our shores while the liberals keep us from it. Talk about a sovereignty killer! Then Bush bowed to International Law on the Hague’s decision that Mexican murderers shouldn’t answer to our laws and should be retried if they didn’t get a visit from the Mexican consulate!!! Bush should have told them all to go to hell!
    We haven’t had good leaders in so long, I’m not sure anyone knows what one would look and act like! There is evil about and we need to fight with every breath. That’s JMHO.

  13. Truth Be Known says:

    I do remember the two Houston girls who were brutally raped and murdered by an illegal Mexican alien. Bush tried to interfere with the Texas justice system to have him released into the custody of Mexico. When that failed, he used taxpayers’ money to take it all the way to the Supreme Court in Medellin v. Texas! Not surprising from a man who prosecuted and sent to jail two Border Patrol agents for shooting a fleeing drug smuggler at our border.

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