6 guards fatally stabbed in Afghan bank heist

6 guards fatally stabbed in Afghan bank heist

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Six Afghan private security guards were poisoned and fatally stabbed during a bank robbery in northern Afghanistan, police said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, insurgents wearing suicide vests tried to storm NATO’s largest base in the south, but did not breach its defenses, officials said.

In the east, a NATO service member was killed Tuesday during an insurgent attack. The coalition did not release details about the death or identify the nationality of the service member.

Alhaj Zaher Vahdat, deputy governor of Balkh province, said one person has been arrested in connection with the robbery Monday night at a branch of Kabul Bank in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

Sherjan Durani, a police spokesman for Balkh province, said someone apparently mixed the poison into the guards’ food. The guards showed evidence of having vomited, he said. The robbers used small and large knives to stab the guards in the neck, stomach and heart, then fled with about $269,000 in U.S. and Afghan currency. Earlier reports that the guards had been beheaded are inaccurate, Durani said.

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6 guards fatally stabbed in Afghan bank heist

Looks like we’re doing a dandy job of winning *hearts and minds* as we wage the most PC war imaginable, even if it does place OUR troops in mortal danger. Ya know, some places aren’t worth saving, I made these same statements about Iraq too by the way.

After 9-11 I felt that Afghanistan was exactly the right place to go, but just when things looked good, when it looked like victory was at hand and the Taliban was in serious trouble, we traipsed off to Iraq on a mission that was NOT one of vital importance to national security as we were led to believe.

Now, we’re mired in a war led by a CiC that is more afraid of hurting the feelings of our enemies than he is with killing them. THAT is the real atrocity.

Kabul Bank officials declined to comment on the incident until it has been investigated.

For those unfamiliar with politics in Afghanistan, the investigation will consist of a consultation with some radical Mullah that entails looking into some way to blame America for this attack. I seriously would not be at all surprised to hear some Afghan official blame CIA operatives for this one, if not to actually place direct blame on the CIA itself.

The assault on Kandahar Air Field started just before midday Tuesday with two rockets fired into the base, then a handful of would-be suicide bombers assaulted the outer gates, said Commander Amanda Peterseim, a spokeswoman for NATO forces.

She said there had been no reports of NATO casualties, and that all of the attackers were killed in the fighting. Peterseim said there were “approximately four” people in suicide vests.

“They either detonated themselves or were killed,” Peterseim said.

In any case, these attackers are presently in negotiations for a few virgins. 😛

In Kabul, meanwhile, a task force set up to tackle corruption announced the conviction Tuesday of a regional police commander alleged to have taken thousands of dollars in bribes from drug runners across his five-province command.

I say this in ALL sincerity, and I DO NOT parse my words in saying so either; corruption is the order of the day for Islamic governments. They play by the *golden rule*, he who has the gold makes the rules. Payoffs in Islamic countries, to their governments, military and police, are at least as commonplace as they are in Latin America and Mexico. The task force itself will likely be bought off, or killed if they can’t be bought off.

That is politics in an Islamic nation. The *Religion of Peace* isn’t peaceful at all, PEACE is a misnomer, *The Religion of Corruption, Hate, Violence and Murder* is much more appropriate I believe.

Islamic warriors follow NO rules save one, do whatever it takes to WIN, if murder is an effective means to an end, by all means, murder those that oppose your particular strain of Islam, but do it in the name of Allah, and then, it’s all OK. Allahhu Akbar

It’s not just *Death to America* now, it’s death to ANY that oppose a particular sect or branch of Islam, it’s death to any that have more than you, that way you can TAKE it from them, it’s death to anyone that won’t conform to a 5th century false prophet and pedophile called Mohamed.

The Afghan government has pledged to clean up endemic corruption across its ministries and security forces after heavy criticism from Western countries, particularly the U.S., that are propping up the government with tens of thousands of troops to fight the Taliban.

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4 Responses to 6 guards fatally stabbed in Afghan bank heist

  1. extex_cop says:

    I guess when the Drug Cartel from Mexico takes over the USA….there will be a fight with the Afghan poppi farmers over who will lead the drug suppliers to the American citizens that are left.

    Notice the trend her…Mexicans & Muslims…which ones do we fight first???

  2. minuteman26 says:

    To even think about nation building in this fifth century cesspool is ludicrous. We need to destroy our enemies and get the hell out.

  3. BobF says:

    What does Obama’s ROE’s in Afghanistan get us? Read this and get your blood boiling; four Americans and an Afghan soldier needlessly killed, their pleas for artillery and air support ignored.

    Heroism in ambush may yield top valor awards

    The military has declined repeatedly to release the full report, but Marine Corps Times obtained a declassified version that not only outlines heroism on the battlefield by numerous troops, but raises new questions about the mission’s failure, the Army officers in charge and why repeated, frantic pleas for air and artillery support from troops on the ground were ignored.

  4. Vigilante says:

    I get so sick and tired of reading/hearing about our troops
    having to put up with this yellow bellied bunch of scum and their PC bullshit it makes my head start to throb. WHAT, in Gods name is wrong with these assholes that want to send our men and women to this shit infested hole and then hog tie’em from fighting a war and winning it? I wouldn’t blame any of them for ever volunteering to fight, (and I use that word loosley,) ever again. What turd head doesn’t realize is, he’s creating a militia to take this country back from this domestic bunch of assholes, and I welcome the day when they lead his muslim ass and his “czars” out of the oval office in handcuffs.

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