Saudis Arrest 172 Militants in Plot

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Police arrested 172 Islamic militants, some of whom had trained abroad as pilots so they could fly aircraft in attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, the Interior Ministry said Friday. A spokesman said all that remained in the plot “was to set the zero hour.”

The ministry issued a statement saying the detainees were planning to carry out suicide attacks against “public figures, oil facilities, refineries … and military zones” - some of which were outside the kingdom.

“They had reached an advance stage of readiness and what remained only was to set the zero hour for their attacks,” Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Mansour al-Turki told the Associated Press in a phone call. “They had the personnel, the money, the arms. Almost all the elements for terror attacks were complete except for setting the zero hour for the attacks.”

The ministry did not say the militants would fly aircraft into oil refineries, as the Sept. 11, 2001 hijackers flew planes into buildings in New York and Washington, but it said in a statement that some detainees had been “sent to other countries to study flying in preparation for using them to carry out terrorist attacks inside the kingdom.”

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Saudis Arrest 172 Militants in Plot

And another segment in the continuing saga, ‘As the Worm Turns’…

Nearly all of the 9-11 terrorists that struck the USA were of Saudi decent if I am not terribly mistaken, and that has led to the belief by many, myself included, that the Saudis had a fairly big role IN the attacks of 9-11, covert involvement, but involvement none the less…

It’s possible that the Saudis didn’t have the involvement with 9-11 that some of us have suspected or, it’s possible the Saudis have pissed off the more radical of their brethren, with moonbat terrorists, you never know, but in any case, the Saudis have shown us all what a strike against terrorism looks like, and it didn’t resemble a ‘surge’, it looked like a ‘sweep’, and maybe that’s what needs to happen in Iraq, sweep up the trash and get rid of it…

And you can bet that the Saudis won’t mollycoddle anyone that threatens their nation, they don’t play PC bullshit, they execute criminals, readily, and often…

Whether the Saudis are truly our friends or not is a question I don’t have a definitive answer to, our president seems to think so but I am not convinced, but I do think this story bears watching, I want to see exactly how the Saudis handle this threat, how open and honest they are in their prosecution of these people…

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8 Responses to Saudis Arrest 172 Militants in Plot

  1. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Flying planes into oil fields? Once more, fiction sets the pace for reality. Flying planes into the White House? Dan Brown and Tom Clancy. Flying a plane into oil fields? Oliver North in his book “The Assassins.”

    I too am waiting to see which side of the line the Saudis fall. They customarily play both halves against the middle.


  2. TexasFred says:

    Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    April 27th, 2007 at 12:01 pm
    I too am waiting to see which side of the line the Saudis fall. They customarily play both halves against the middle.

    Exactly… Those guys have no plans of being caught with their britches down…

  3. Ranando says:

    Should we be following their lead? Yes, we should.

    On my recent trip to Vietnam I met with Government Officials in Ha Noi. The purpose of these three days of meetings were to find ways to improve trade between Vietnam and The USA, Vietnam is now a member of the WTO.

    Joining me on this trip were developers, manufacturers and investment bankers from the USA. In the second rounds of meeting the news broke that Intel had chosen Vietnam as the country where they would build their one billion dollar flagship manufacturing plant in Ho Chi Minh City.

    I was surprised at the main concern of Intel, Microsoft and many other large Fortune 500 Companies was how is Vietnam going to deal with terrorism? They told us that terrorism would never be a problem in their country, when I asked why; they simple said that they had gone to the Muslim Community in Vietnam and told them this…

    “If we ever have a terrorist attack brought on by Muslims, we will round up every Muslim in our country and either detain them or slaughter them, attacks will not be allowed.”

    George Tenant writes in his new book, At the Center of The storm. “Al Qaeda is here (USA) and they are planning their next attack.”

    Where are these people if here in our country? They are hiding in the Mosques, in the Muslim neighborhoods, they want to blend in and not be noticed.

    Doesn’t it make sense to go to these areas, not to talk peace but to warn these people as they did in Vietnam? One more attack or planning a attack and you’re gone.

    It’s either us or them, I really hope it’s us.

  4. TexasFred says:

    But, but… But it wouldn’t be politically correct to take actions against a people that have done us no wrong… {sarcasm}

    Ranando hit that one out of the park… We HAVE been attacked, and we had 3,000 or so people killed right here in the USA, killed by Muslim moonbats, and it’s going to happen again, there’s too many of them, and as Tenet says, the plans are in the pipeline…

  5. Ranando says:

    Vietnam looks at PC Bullshit as just that, Bullshit

    It’s survival to them as they enter the World Market and believe me, they will survive.

    Will we?

  6. bernie says:

    China vets their Imam’s sermons and watches very, very, very closely over their Muslim communities.

    See my post The Year of the Pig

    Why is it they see the threat clearly and in this country two planes flying into our buildings is an accident, a Jewish conspiracy, or a Bush plot?

  7. Basti says:

    I’ve wondered from the onset why this hasn’t been tried overseas or in this country for that manner. I know I’d though of it years before 9/11 and I wasn’t the only one.

    And if oil fields, then why not chemical plants, power plants, or major bridges. The Japanese Kamikazes of WWII wrote the book on this and its surprisings that the Moon-Bats of the world have been so slow on the up-take.

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Ranando’s comment is worth a series of posts in and of itself.