NBC rejects ad from conservative group

A HUGE Hat Tip to Guy K. at Charming, Just Charming for posting this, I stole the video from him, and it’s short, watch it, and read the BS story below as to WHY the idiots at NBC won’t post it…

WASHINGTON - NBC has rejected a TV ad by Freedom’s Watch, a conservative group that supports administration policy in Iraq, that asks viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.

NBC said it declined to air the ad because it refers to the group’s Web site, which the network said was too political, not because of the ad’s message.

“Anybody in the world who would look at this ad would come away with nothing other than we should be thankful for their service,” Freedom’s Watch president Brad Blakeman said.

The spot was to be part of a seven-figure campaign that includes newspaper ads and television commercials. The ads are to run on CNN and Fox News Channel and are running in various newspapers. The New York Times ran a full-page Freedom’s Watch ad Friday that said “Thank You!” and depicted a soldier reading a letter. The newspaper ad also contained the Web site address.

Full Story Here:
NBC rejects ad from conservative group - Yahoo! News

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15 Responses to NBC rejects ad from conservative group

  1. GUYK says:

    The best thing we can do is boycott the sumbitches…fuck ‘em…hit ‘eem where it hurts..in their gotdam pocketbook. There are millions of us vets and vet’s families out here and if we refuse to watch NBC then they will lose advertisement…and my bet is that they will be more then happy to run the ads…

  2. Kate says:

    Posted it this afternoon. (imagine many MANY four lettered words coming out a southern lady’s mouth!) I quit watching NBC last year.

  3. jo says:

    I did not believe it when I heard this on Fox this afternoon. No one could really be that shallow, right?
    Well…kept watching, checking, waiting on this mistake to be cleared up and it didn’t. I am enraged by this. I enjoy the ad, and have been trying to figure ut how to get my 2 Jim’s to see it.
    As far as I’m concerned it’s now NB? WHO ?????
    I can hold a grudge a loooooong time. This one I take to the grave.

  4. Ranando says:

    WOOOOOW wait just a minuet.

    This group refuses to say Merry Christmas, I thought we all boycotted websites, businesses or whatever for not saying Merry Christmas.

    Am I wrong or is it OK for these people?

    Just asking.

    Do I agree with NBC, no I don’t but then I don’t care about the Merry Christmas thing, I just support our troops.

    All of us here at my household say Merry Christmas and that’s all that matters to me.

  5. TexasFred says:

    It’s not about saying Merry Christmas, that’s not the issue, it’s about saying thank you during the holiday season, to our troops, troops of ALL religions, and in that setting, ‘The Holiday season’ is a most appropriate way to put it, it encompasses ALL holidays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years…

    Kind of a non specific thanks guys

    That’s ALL it is… A very simple thank you…

  6. BobF says:

    NBC wouldn’t want their viewers to think that their are actually folks in America who want to thank the military for all they do. Worse of all, their viewers might think NBC is thankful for what our military does.

  7. ARRA Editor says:

    When I heard this on Fox News, I was disappointed. Thanks for the story, saved us a lot of work! Posted the story on the ARRA News Service with “hat tip” to TexasFred and Charming, Just Charming.

    I wish I could boycott NBC more but I do not watch them. I can’t understand why Pat Buchanan hangs out on NBC with Brian Williams, Peter Siegenthaler and the other left leaning biased reporters.

    President of Freedom’s Watch, Brad Blakeman, [ http://www.freedomswatch.org/tabid/83/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/41/Freedoms-Watch-Letter-to-NBC.aspx ] issued a letter to John Kelly of NBC to express their deep disappointment in the station’s decision not to air their new ads thanking the troops for their service. Freedom Watch ads are their way to express appreciation for the sacrifices the troops make.

  8. RTaylor says:

    Finally got this posted with a big thanks to TexasFred (my air card signal is so slow it’s going backwards) for alerting us to this. Like ARRA Editor, I don’t watch NBC - but if I did, I’d stop now :)

  9. cary says:

    Posted, with HT to you and Guy K.

    Crummy NBC weasels. Smooth move - piss off a large portion of the citizenry!

  10. MoFiZiX Gr4FiX says:

    NBC: Neo Bastard Commies

  11. Miss Beth says:

    I don’t watch NBC-but I certainly have no problem posting this at all! Haven’t watched NBC since before “Friends”-just don’t like their programming. Don’t watch much ABC either-unless it’s a completely family friendly show and then it hadn’t better be a Disney show/spinoff. I don’t have cable because I can’t stand Disney. Yes, yes, I know you can block it at the box-not the point, they would still get my money and they don’t get my money. ABC is part of Disney, which also owns Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network (Ain’t I just the meanest granny?). I only watch CBS for the crime dramas-and then I generally watch them on my computer or on non-alphabet stations, independents.

    Will GLADLY post this though-our troops deserve-AT THE VERY LEAST-a thanks (and a whole lot more in my opinion).

    Thanks Fred-bookmarking it now so I can post it tomorrow while the kids are re-arranging furniture (I think up diabolical punishments for not keeping rooms clean-then they get to clean the yard in a storm). Of course, hot chicken soup and hot chocolate will be waiting for them when they come in. Then they get to spit shine the kitchen.

  12. Faultline USA says:

    Just proves that the NeoCommunists at NBC care nothing about our troops. Don’t forget that NBC is controlled by General Electric.

  13. Serr8d says:

    NBC is long known for it’s liberal bias. From KOS-like commenter Keith Olbermann on MSNBC to syndicated pundit Chris Matthews (who worked for Tip O’Neil) and Tim Russert (worked for Mario Cuomo), there’s always some slap at conservatives….

  14. Kate says:

    Hmmmm…. I think I need to send Jr to Miss Beth’s house.

  15. Miss Beth says:

    Kate-lol…I have a 12-almost 13 yo, bipolar girl and my son will be 16 in a couple of weeks-I have to be creative! Even taking away my son’s learner’s permit didn’t work-so, now, it’s creative time. If they REALLY get out of hand I send them to my oldest’s house so they can babysit the grandbabies (there’s a 10 year difference between oldest and son), and 3 kids under 6 wear these two out!

    I’m a horrible, mean mom in other ways, too-they’re not allowed their own TV’s or computers-everything has to be in plain site so I can monitor. And, my youngest decided door slamming was a good idea-until I took the door off its hinges and put it in the shed. She has to earn her door back.

    They may not like my rules, but they are learning what most kids these days don’t-and the reasons behind my motivations (support the troops, the very people defending your rights) in peaceful means such as this-post about places like NBC. My son is his teachers’ worst nightmare (they learned I’m a conservative blogger and don’t hesitate to demand balance, question accommodations give to certain groups, etc) because he questions them.

    I digress-I apologize Fred. Off to post this now!