Busted! Pima Sheriff Knew Loughner was Dangerous

Busted! Pima Sheriff Knew Loughner was Dangerous

Calls for Dupnik to resign mount, click here, Mark Williams predicted.

 As I predicted, this one has been a no-brainer from the instant that bumbling Pima County, Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik first opened this trap blasting Sarah Palin, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, political debate and our democratic republican form of government in general as being solely responsible for the Safeway slaughter in his jurisdiction.

The inspector Clouseau of Tombstone kept ratcheting up the hateful rhetoric even as his veneer of competence was unraveling with predictable speed but it was a fool’s errand. That is because the mentally frail, elderly lawman somehow managed to forget a wise old saying from his youth attributed to Mark Twain; “Never pick a fight with somebody who buys ink by the barrel.” That goes double in our 24/7, voraciously hungry news cycle.

January 10:  Mark Williams wrote:

“It will eventually be revealed that the inept and blundering sheriff bears as much responsibility for the shootings as any third party can and that his shear negligence in that, and irresponsible on the record statements will be almost single-handedly responsible for the muting of the punishment of pure evil as represented by apparent devil worshiper turned shooter Jared Loughner.”

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Sheriff Dupnik’s culpability in the murders and attempted murders in Tuscon is eclipsed only by the ideological ambulance chasing and ghoulish exploitation of the tragedy by the malevolent Left wing which immediately seized upon the transparently self-serving Dupnik narrative in order to squelch legitimate examination of their efforts to destroy all that is holy.

Duplicitous collaborators with evil in the media (such as MSNBC), vapid talking heads like Nancy Skinner, along with a collection of office holding hypocrites and on line reprobates have all descended on our Liberty like a starving pack of hyenas on a fallen zebra. They smell Lady Liberty’s blood and have pounced in an effort to finish us off, to extinguish the lights in the Shinning City on the Hill

All that stands between them and victory is a morally corrupt and undependable GOP. They are supported largely by legions of passionate yet skittish tea partiers with an organizational record of caving in to political pressure and hobbled by a national leadership diluted by mailing list accumulators and fund raising charlatans.

The effort to save our legacy and pass it on to our children is in your hands. Each individual must be a Tea Party of One and strive to do several things. Chief among those things is to stand strong in the face of political correctness and its devastating blow-back. Each of us must vow to recognize that the letter “D” after a politician’s name is a metaphorical Mark of the Beast, inasmuch as that party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the domestic enemy, and that to repair and make again effective the Republican Party we must each do our part to take control.

Register to vote as a Republican, especially those of you sitting on the sidelines as “independents”… words like “independent” and “moderate” are synonymous with “uninvolved” and “cowardly”, they signify a willingness to leave the hard work up to somebody else and a lack of desire to join the fight, while watching and throw barbs from the peanut gallery. Then infiltrate and dominate your local Republican organizations and purge them of the weaklings who use the word “compromise” to mask their true message of ”surrender”. Own your local Tea Party and reject those who would cynically exploit you as a marketing product or organizational ATM.

Above all you must speak up.

God Bless America and God Damn her enemies.


Mark Williams

Mark Williams speaks his mind.

Mark Williams, the flamethrower leading the battle against the Ground Zero mosque, was kicked out of the National Tea Party Federation Saturday for a racist blog post.

He shrugged off the diss, calling it “grandstanding” from a “minor player on the fringe.”

A California radio host and leader of the Tea Party Express, Williams had labeled the Manhattan boro president a “Jewish Uncle Tom” and President Obama an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug.”

But when he posted a satirical letter supposedly from “the Colored People” to President Lincoln praising slavery, that apparently crossed the line.

Full Story Here:
Mark Williams kicked out over ‘Colored People’ letter

Mark is a TEA Party guy that IS an activist and a leader, qualities that are drastically lacking in far too many TEA Party groups.

A quote from the above story, “The effort to save our legacy and pass it on to our children is in your hands. Each individual must be a Tea Party of One and strive to do several things.”

It IS better to be a TEA Party of ONE than to be a part of an apathetic ‘chat circle’ that believes the TEA Party needs to stand on a street corner waving signs, or has leaders (former leaders) that believe the local TEA Party needs to take on the United Nations in a one-on-one battle, and the other assorted people that just can’t grasp the concept that the TEA Party has 3 or 4 specific points of contention, God, religion, homosexuals and abortion NOT being those points!

A TEA Party of ONE can accomplish just as much as the above described group, and that is, sadly, very little. The TEA Party is nothing more than an IDEA, a very good idea in many ways, but to play on THE BIG STAGE, the TEA Party is going to have to rally troops under one united banner, a national platform and a duly elected group of leaders that are motivated activists and have great leadership skills.

As many are aware, I have cut ALL ties with our local TEA Party over differences of opinion, a belief by some that the Libertarian platform is the way to go and the overall inaction and apathy that I personally detest.

The GOP has it’s problems, but it is the last best hope Conservatives have to save this nation, IF we can rid the GOP of RINOs and return it to being The Party of Reagan.

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6 Responses to Busted! Pima Sheriff Knew Loughner was Dangerous

  1. ng4779 says:

    I think his own parents knew he was off. Sheriff Clueless should stop spouting.

  2. GM Roper says:

    I’m not a big fan of Mark Williams, but he has nailed these creeps to the barn door and I don’t mean with 10 penny nails. Railroad spikes is more like it, hammered in with a 15 pound sledge!

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    It is now obvious that the Sheriff was spouting off to deflect the blame from himself. He had heard reports that Loughner was dangerous and did nothing to stop him. I am as big a supporter of the second amendment as there is, but Loughner never should have been allowed to legally carry a weapon. Not that that would have stopped him, but it shows us that this sheriff was incompetent and that he knew eventually we would find out, so he tried to steer the conversation away from himself.

  4. mrchuck says:

    I knew it, I knew it. The Sheriff’s actions and the perp being the son of an important County employee, and the Sheriff giving this piece of crap a pass.

    Yes America, this sinks this Sheriff who thinks County politics is more important than putting all perps in jail.

    This Sheriff could of stopped ALL this from happening, the way it did.

    Maybe later, the perp after all of the analysis and treatments would have still gone out and killed people.

    We’ll never know, but this Sheriff Dubnik has now been shown to have had a hand in this terrible shooting, by not following thru on earlier investigations of this perp Loughner.

    Mark Williams is 100% correct, and God bless him for having the balls and “where with all” to bring this critical information into the spotlight.

  5. This REALLY fucking pisses me off, Fred!

    Whenever I SUPPORTED Mark Williams I was predominantly portrayed as a Moonbat.

    Yet you here, you portray the truth, that he made some revelations — which were truthful — and there is veracity.

    I am thankful that your readership realizes the truth here now, that Mr Williams isn’t the damned LOON that so many other TP realms would have everyone believe.

    I couldn’t quite pull this off with my readership; clearly you have done so. The truth IS what it IS.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I couldn’t do it with my own minimalist blog. You can do it with yours.


  6. Right Truth says:

    This sheriff is a disgrace to all law enforcement.