American Held in Pakistan Worked for CIA

American Held in Pakistan Worked for CIA

WASHINGTON—The American detained in Pakistan in the killing of two armed men was working secretly in the country for the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. officials say.

The disclosures about Raymond Davis, a former Army Special Forces soldier who worked as a contractor in Pakistan for the CIA, might complicate U.S. efforts to secure his release and exacerbate growing tensions between between U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agencies. Pakistani intelligence officials say they weren’t informed by the U.S. about Mr. Davis’s role with the CIA and warned that ties may have been damaged beyond repair by the case.

Mr. Davis has been held by Pakistani authorities in the eastern city of Lahore since late January. He was on a contract with the CIA as a protective officer, responsible for providing security to American personnel, including intelligence officers who help orchestrate covert operations against al Qaeda militants and their allies, U.S. officials said.

The CIA carries out drone strikes in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan that are deeply unpopular in Pakistan, and U.S. officials fear the release of information about Mr. Davis’s ties to the CIA could endanger his life in detention. As a security officer, U.S. officials said, Mr. Davis wasn’t directly involved in the CIA’s spy or drone operations. “Rumors to the contrary are simply wrong,” a U.S. official said.

The U.S. says Mr. Davis, 36 years old, shot the two men in self-defense when they tried to rob him.

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American Held in Pakistan Worked for CIA, Say U.S. Officials

With the admission that Mr. Davis works for the CIA, in ANY capacity, the Obama administration has signed a death warrant for Mr. Davis. Obama and company have just condemned this man to death.

Raymond Davis

There was once a time when the U.S. government would have disavowed you, they would have denied that you ever existed, but they wouldn’t have told your captors that you were a CIA employee, as an Officer or a contractor in ANY capacity.

There was a time when these guys may have had you killed if you had been captured, especially if you had some sensitive data that they didn’t want discovered. They may have offered an exchange, if they held a person that your captors wanted back. They would have tried to make a rescue if at all possible, particularly if you were a valued asset. But under NO circumstances would they have given you up as a CIA contractor of Officer.


A senior official with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, said Pakistan wasn’t initially aware Mr. Davis was working for the CIA.

Maybe the Pakistanis would be happy if ALL CIA personnel came in country and presented a business card and a dossier.

The official said he believes the U.S. could be using other undeclared operatives like Mr. Davis as a way of circumventing visa restrictions imposed by Islamabad on the U.S. spy agency.

Here is a bit of personal opinion; if the CIA and/or the Obama administration keep on giving up the identity of Officers and contractors, pretty soon there won’t be any officers left to give up. Unlike the FBI and Secret Service, the CIA is not a bunch of Federal Agents and automatons that blindly, and mindlessly follow the orders and wishes of the President.

The CIA will carry out the missions given them, and they can also brew up their own missions if nothing is particularly piquing their interest, but they won’t go needlessly into the fray in an effort that requires they sacrifice themselves for moronic leaders. Think Obama.

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12 Responses to American Held in Pakistan Worked for CIA

  1. This stinks on ice. The CIA decided to make the reveal after hearing the ISI acknowledge Davis is CIA. But…the ISI didn’t know about it until they did – know about it. Then “news organizations” decided to report the story and it was good to go. Who are the “news organizations?”

    Between this and Bradley Manning, I think it is impossible for us to have any secrets. What a sad day this is for America. The CIA should have taken this to their graves, because that is exactly what Raymond Davis will have to do.

  2. Bob Mack says:

    Maggie’s right–something about this story smells like week-old fish.

  3. extex_cop says:

    I know someone else that has worked in this same field…except in different countries…but all are still hostil areas for American’s to be in…now add the fact that they work as a contractor for the CIA…it makes it even more dangerous. The money is great…tax free…and a lot of it. He was doing almost the same thing as he did in uniform, but now he is getting paid what he should be and what he is worth.
    Congress and Senate made a big stink over that braods name being released…and she wasn’t even active any longer…so who are we going to burn this time now that a Democrat holds the high office? No one….except Mr Davis that is.

  4. mrchuck says:

    Leon Panetta’s(CIA) head should roll for this. But he is a demorat of the worst kind. This proves to me that our potus, obummer, is truly and for all times a muslim.
    And there will be other traitors to this USA, in his czars and lackeys.
    Vote OBama, the muzzie, out of office, if he hasn’t been proved to be there, ie,,,,his birth location, his passport, etc.
    What is happening to our USA is appalling!!!
    I went to war for this Republic, left body parts and my blood on the battlefield, to keep it the USA.
    I’m an old fart now, but the old “skills” are as sharp as ever.

  5. minuteman26 says:

    Obama just threw another one under the bus. Mr Davis family might as well plan the funeral now. He’s not coming home; the Pakis will have him killed. Its what happens when traitors are running this country. My advice to the CIA; plan your next operation in DC. Its time for a clean up.

  6. Robert says:

    I can’t believe there hasn’t been a mass exodus of intelligence operatives since Obama took over. Remember the first couple of months under the Obama regime and the FBI/CIA/NSA brooHaha???

    This particular administration is worse than ANY ENEMY we’ve ever had. Hitler was a tyrant but he wasn’t in charge of anything here. Obama has the keys to the most powerful car on the lot and he’s intentionally driving it blindfolded on a mountain road covered in ice….Not good.

    God better save this republic because if he doesn’t Patriots will and it’s going to get REALLY BAD before it gets better.

  7. BobF says:

    extex_cop, good point. They made a big stink over Valery Plame’s name being released and she was only an analyst who went home every night and bragged to her neighbors about her job. This man was out in the field, in one of the most dangerous places on earth, and US Officials gave him up. Let’s see if Congress and the media go after this administration for outing a true operative like they went after Bush over an analyist.

  8. @BobF – hey friend, how are you? Great point about Valerie Plame!

  9. Just when I thought this POS POTUS scum could sink no lower… he does! I shouldn’t be surprised, as this POTUS hasn’t worked an real job or done any honest work in his miserable life and he sure hasn’t shown an ounce of respect for our military. Of course a narcissistic man can’t show respect for brave men and women when he is a coward in every way possible.

    I certainly hope that someone, somewhere grows a pair and goes after this illegitimate POS before he destroys this nation we love. There is certainly enough crap gathered on this jerk to prove him a liar and traitor. Lock him and his minions in jail! I know… I’m dreaming. They didn’t wait when they pursued Nixon and forced his resignation, I felt that justice could prevail, even when it was a President back then. Now I have no such faith.

  10. Precisely.

    You operate now?

    You’re on YOUR OWN.

    Thanks Obaka.

    And despite this, we STILL find young men who wish to SACRIFICE for their country.



  11. TexasFred says:

    In the spirit of FAIR and BALANCED disclosure: The U.S. Senate and The State Department were snooping around this thread earlier today…

    Big Brother IS watching…

  12. minuteman26 says:

    Wonder if “Big Brother” has the balls to do the right thing. State Department won’t as its imbeded with too many Commies. Watch the “Fairness Doctrine” doesn’t bite you in the ass Fred.

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