Japan stricken by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami

From the Associated Press

Hundreds killed in tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake

TOKYO (AP) - A ferocious tsunami unleashed by Japan’s biggest recorded earthquake slammed into its eastern coast Friday, killing hundreds of people as it carried away ships, cars and homes, and triggered widespread fires that burned out of control.

Hours later, the tsunami hit Hawaii but did not cause major damage. Warnings blanketed the Pacific, putting areas on alert as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West coast. In northeastern Japan, the area around a nuclear power plant was evacuated after the reactor’s cooling system failed.

Police said 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in Miyagi prefecture, or state, closest to the epicenter. Another 137 were confirmed killed, with 531 people missing. Police also said 627 people were injured.

The magnitude-8.9 offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot (seven-meter) tsunami and was followed for hours by more than 50 aftershocks, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.

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Hundreds killed in tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake

From the Associated Press

Tsunami swamps Hawaii beaches, brushes West Coast

HONOLULU (AP) - Tsunami waves swamped Hawaii beaches and brushed the U.S. western coast Friday but didn’t immediately cause major damage after devastating Japan and sparking evacuations throughout the Pacific.

Kauai was the first of the Hawaiian islands struck by the tsunami, which was caused by an earthquake in Japan. Water rushed ashore at least 11 feet high near Kealakekua Bay, on the west side of the Big Island, and reached the lobby of a hotel. Flooding was reported on Maui, and water washed up on roadways on the Big Island.

Scientists and officials warned that the first tsunami waves are not always the strongest and said residents along the coast should watch for strong currents and heed calls for evacuation.

“The tsunami warning is not over,” said Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie. “We are seeing significant adverse activity, particularly on Maui and the Big Island. By no means are we clear in the rest of the state as well.”

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Tsunami swamps Hawaii beaches, brushes West Coast


Japan quake 5th largest on record; hundreds dead

TOKYO — A magnitude 8.9 earthquake — the biggest in modern Japanese history — slammed the island nation’s eastern coast Friday afternoon, unleashing a 23-foot tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland and prompting a “nuclear emergency.”

Hours later, the tsunami reached Hawaii, with initial reports citing little damage. Warnings blanketed the Pacific, putting areas on alert as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast.

According to Japanese police, 200 to 300 bodies were found in Sendai, the coastal city closest to the epicenter. Another 137 people were confirmed killed, with 531 missing. At least 627 people were injured.

TV footage taken from a military plane showed fires engulfing a large waterfront area in northeastern Japan. Houses and other buildings were ablaze across large swathes of land in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, near Sendai. The city, with a population of 74,000, has residential, light industry and fishing areas.

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Japan quake 5th largest on record; hundreds dead


Japan braces for economic aftershocks

The widespread damage from Japan’s deadly earthquake and tsunami will create economic and financial aftershocks for dozens of specific companies and industries. But the overall impact on Japan’s beleaguered economy may be relatively small.

Ironically, the influx of insurance claims to repair and rebuild could even provide a short-term economic stimulus.

The human toll is still being assessed after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered a deadly 23-foot tsunami that swept away people, cars, houses, boats and planes. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds more are feared dead and tens of thousands have evacuated their homes.

Initial reports indicated that Tokyo, Japans’ financial center, was largely spared serious damage. The quake was centered in the northeast city of Sendai, a rice-growing region that is also home to auto and chip manufacturing plants.

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Japan braces for economic aftershocks

From the New York Times

Waves Hit Hawaii and Head Toward California

SAN FRANCISCO — A tsunami emanating from the massive earthquake that hit Japan on Friday sent 7-foot waves into the Hawaiian islands, but appears to have caused only minor damage there.

A tsunami warning, which directs residents of low-lying regions to move inland and to higher ground, have been issued along the West Coast of the United States, from central California to Alaska.

But by mid-morning in northern California, the waves hitting beaches were of a modest size and posed no flooding danger.

The effect of the tsunami, at least in the Bay Area, is expected to be minimized because waves spawned by the 8.9 earthquake in Japan are arriving during low tide. In Hawaii, far larger waves started hitting the islands early Friday and have caused damage to piers and marinas, officials said. There are no reports of deaths or injuries.

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Waves Hit Hawaii and Head Toward California

And finally, from a beach house in southern California comes this:


I wonder? Is Obama’s birth certificate SAFE in Hawaii? :?

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8 Responses to Japan stricken by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami

  1. Robert says:

    Obama will say the 3ft wave that hit the coast of Hawaii wiped out his birth certificate so the debate ends today…

    We’ll be praying for those affected by this natural disaster… And for the United States affected by this man made one…

  2. GM Roper says:

    Fred, maybe we should take a couple of weeks, head for the islands and do a thorough search for the document.. after all, it would be our patriotic duty. :D

  3. GM Roper says:

    P.S. Nice theme, easy to read and well presented.

  4. TexasFred says:

    GM — Thank you sir… The changes were subtle, and most haven’t realized that this is a completely different template… That was the goal…

    And it appears we have succeeded… :)

  5. TexasFred says:

    When it rains, it pours…

    Indonesia volcano erupts, spews lava and gas

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - One of Indonesia’s most active volcanos has erupted, sending lava and searing gas clouds tumbling down its slopes.

    Volcanology official Agus Budianto said Friday that authorities were still trying to evacuate residents living along the slopes of Mount Karangetang.

    There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage.

    The 5,853-foot (1,784-meter) mountain is located on Siau, part of the Sulawesi island chain. It last erupted in August, killing four people.

    Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is located on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanos and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin.

    The eruption happened hours after a massive earthquake in Japan that triggered a Pacific-wide tsunami.

    Indonesia volcano erupts, spews lava and gas

    And so it goes, when the plates start moving, it’s HELL on earth…

  6. Smokey-Blog says:


    As for O-Bow-More’s birth certificate, we really should organize a “salvage mission” to ensure “sensitive documents” are not lost due to this. After all, we learn from history, and having dealt with the Government trying to get my Grandfather’s service records, only to learn they “most likely” were destroyed in a fire, we need to make sure these records are safe! I’m thinking scan everything, then store it on a minimum of 100 different hard drives, just to make sure there is always a copy available, right?

    And I like the new look too!

  7. NativeSon says:

    Fred, to answer your question: NO, it’s not safe in Hawaii (’cause it’s NOT THERE!!!) Never was!!!
    :) :) :-)

  8. HoosierArmyMom says:

    LOL!!! As always, I love the lively comments! The format rocks Fred!

    Can I help with the search and rescue mission in Hawaii??? Always willing to help our pandering Poser-n-Chief out you know!

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