Florida Mayor Attacked at Town Council Meeting

Florida Mayor Attacked at Town Council Meeting

A town council meeting in Florida was abruptly interrupted when the mayor was attacked and knocked to the ground, Fox 35 reported Tuesday night.

Town of Windermere’s mayor Gary Bruhn got into a shouting match with the town manager’s husband. The meeting was adjourned, and police officers evacuated the building, but before the room was cleared, someone punched or pushed Bruhn, knocking him to the ground.

Paramedics arrived and transported the major to a nearby hospital, which was later placed on lockdown.

The altercation comes a day after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released its findings into an investigation of Town of Windermere’s police department. The FDLE report revealed that money, weapons and confiscated drugs were missing from the department’s evidence and property locker. FDLE announced additional charges levied against Daniel Saylor, the town’s police chief.

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Florida Mayor Attacked at Town Council Meeting

You know, it seems like things are tough for Mayors in a lot of places lately.

Mayors and City Managers not getting along. Mayors and Council members not getting along. A City Council meeting breaking out into a fight. For crying out loud, a FIGHT? Really?

And a Police Chief having charges brought against him?

The details of meeting’s fight are still unclear. Earlier in the evening, Mayor Bruhn suggested in an address that the council fire Town Manager Cecelia Bernier. He cited several of the FDLE findings regarding mismanagement of evidence and an accusation that Bernier even voided traffic citations for people she knew.

“Our residents’ safety was compromised by tickets being voided, cases dropped and our reputation tarnished,” he said.

I am pretty sure that OUR Mayor tried to have OUR City Manger fired too.

Lord knows, it wasn’t for any of the reasons that Mayor Bruhn stated for wanting to fire Bernier. Ours was over ideological differences, differing opinions on what was best for the City of Rowlett and how to achieve it. There was never even a hint of malfeasance or favoritism mentioned.

The thing about OUR Mayor and his differences with OUR City Manager is this, the Mayor was the one that pushed really hard to get City Manger Lynda Humble hired to begin with, so I have been told. I was also told that OUR Mayor was SO impressed with Ms. Humble’s ability that he tried to give her a raise in pay.

That must have been some pretty doggone impressive work in MY book, especially when you consider the battle being waged here in Rowlett in an effort to bring our budget under control.

Now before anyone goes and gets the wrong idea, Ms. Humble, so I am told, turned down that raise in pay because of the budget crisis that we are suffering. I am told that she told OUR Mayor that the city just couldn’t afford it.

I have to state, unequivocally, that action, turning DOWN a raise, when brought to MY attention, coupled with the reports I was hearing from persons with the City regarding Ms. Humble’s outstanding job performance, caused me to gain a healthy level of respect for her.

And you know, it really makes you wonder…how did Ms. Humble go from being the well thought of City Manager that OUR Mayor felt was doing such a wonderful job that he wanted to give her a raise, to being the bastard red-headed step-child in such a short period of time?

You would almost think that Ms. Humble had committed a vile act that wasn’t allowed, like maybe disagreeing with the Mayor or something… Just sayin’…

Windermere police officers told Fox 35 that they believe the mayor was punched, or pushed, by the husband of the town manager. The mayor offered a motion that Bernier be removed. No one would second the motion so it died, which means that for now, Bernier retains her position.

OK, now I’m confused. The Windermere Mayor made a motion to the Council, the Council didn’t second that motion and the motion died? The Mayor didn’t have the 100% support to the death of his city council and he didn’t yell, scream, make insulting and denigrating remarks and then threaten to walk out and QUIT? I don’t understand…how can that be?

The entire council wasn’t accused of being RINOs that were attacking and turning on the Mayor?

The council wanted to talk about the issue some more and never voted on it. That’s when Bernier’s husband went to the podium and made some statements.

Bernier’s husband left the police department Tuesday night after being questioned. He wouldn’t answer any questions from the media. It is still unclear if he will be charged or arrested. Authorities are still investigating.

So far, nothing like that has happened here in Rowlett, Texas. Ms. Humble is, to the best of my knowledge, not married, so, there’s been no husband to come forward and break out that Can of Whoop-Ass mentioned in one of my posts recently, and so far, she and the Council have maintained their civility and haven’t resorted to name calling or fisticuffs.

Last year, Saylor was arrest after FDLE agents said he used his position to hinder a sexual battery investigation against one of his friends. Saylor, 44, was charged with one count of giving unlawful compensation for official behavior, a second-degree felony, and one count official misconduct, a third-degree felony.

I don’t say this to imply or suggest that OUR Police Chief has done anything even remotely criminal, but in an odd turn of similarity, I was asked about any knowledge I may have concerning a NO CONFIDENCE vote that may be coming up against the Chief of Police here in Rowlett.

As a matter of fact I was asked about it by OUR Mayor. Probably because he knows I am very committed to Law Enforcement and because of my association with The Thin Blue Line.

I had to tell OUR Mayor that I had little, if ANY knowledge about anything police related here in Rowlett because the police knew that I had supported OUR Mayor in the last 2 elections, and for some reason, reasons that I will NOT go into at this time, the police here in Rowlett detest the Mayor, or, so I am told by police sources outside of Rowlett that are familiar with the reasons.

Yeah, it’s gotta be tough being an elected official. You don’t always get your way, you have to deal with insubordinate underlings that don’t measure up to your level of greatness, and well, it’s just got to be tough on those that are so much more brilliant than we mere mortals.

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3 Responses to Florida Mayor Attacked at Town Council Meeting

  1. cary says:

    All right, Fred - come clean. While in the service and serving overseas, you pissed off an old tea-leaf reader, didn’t you?

    May you live in interesting times.”

  2. TexasFred says:

    No, actually, I am one of those folks that look into things and sees them as they really are… It takes a few close looks sometimes, but it’s rare I get fooled by 1st impressions…

    Regarding Hizzoner, I got fooled badly… :(

  3. TexasFred says:

    And OUR Hizzoner thinks WE have problems…

    In a Southern California Suburb, Layoffs for Nearly Half the Staff

    COSTA MESA, Calif. — To solve a looming pension crisis and budget gap, city officials here said, they needed to take drastic action. And everyone agrees on one thing: they did.

    Nearly half of this city’s workers were told late last week that, come September, they would probably be out of a job. Nearly every city department will be eliminated. More than a dozen tasks will be outsourced, including graffiti removal, firefighting, building maintenance and street cleaning.

    Unlike the drama that played out over the last two months in Madison, Wis., the battle over public workers in this bustling suburb and upscale shopping mecca in the heart of Orange County is happening at lightning speed.

    Layoff letters went out last week to more than 200 of the city’s roughly 450 workers, sending many of them into a panic as they scurried to look for new jobs. The move will, in one great swoop, reinvent municipal government here, and perhaps lead the way for other cities.

    Full Story Here:
    Costa Mesa, Calif., Laying Off Hundreds

    Rowlett laid off 5 workers, TOTAL, and at least one of them was a retirement, one was a voluntary cutback of hours, a building inspector position was outsourced at a much less expensive rate so, 2 people actually LOST their jobs, and OUR Hizzhonor went nuts…

    Good thing he’s not the Hizzhonor in Costa Mesa… :?

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