Rowlett Mayor Accuses Council and others of Attacking Family

Rowlett Mayor Accuses Council and others of Attacking Family 

This is an EXACT copy of the email letter I sent to Rowlett Mayor Dr. John Harper, the Rowlett City Council, City Managers Office and to City Attorney David Berman. I didn’t want there to be ANY misunderstanding or misrepresentation of MY words this time. 

I am ANGRY now. I was getting to the anger stage prior to the Harper story that was posted by The Rockwall News, but after seeing the virtual *suck-up* done by that newspaper, I was compelled to write this piece and the accompanying blockquotes.

Sir, I am hard pressed to decide whether you are delusional or a pathological liar. 

After reading this piece from the Rockwall News, I am seriously having my doubts. 

From this story:
Rowlett mayor says he will likely step down soon

Yesterday, at his monthly “Breakfast with the Mayor” at Hubbard’s Restaurant, he said he’s had enough of all the lies, name-calling, lack of support and personal attacks on him and his family by the City Manager, Council members and special interest groups.

The only name calling that anyone has heard has been done by YOU. And it’s on the TEA Party video that many have seen and several sites have posted.

The only threats I have heard uttered have been made by YOU, or are reported to have been said by YOU. “If you cross me, I will castrate you”, does that ring any bells Mr. Mayor? How about the threats you made when addressing a group of Rowlett Senior Citizens a while back” “Don’t piss me OFF, I WILL walk out”. Does that one still resonate Sir? 

The most heinous denigration I have EVER heard was made by YOU, against the City Manager. You don’t really want to go there do you Sir? 

And for the record, please spell out, EXACTLY, who has made a personal attack against your family.

I would think a person such as yourself would have come to the defense of a family member that was dragged into this fray. I would expect you to proceed with some sort of LEGAL action against ANYONE that attacked a member of your family. If that allegation is true I should say. 

You wanted an investigation into MY sources didn’t you? Anyone that would attempt to trample on the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, well, there’s no way you would let something as serious as an ATTACK against your family go unanswered, would you?

Mr. Mayor, you have threatened, repeatedly, to resign if you didn’t get a PACKED Council that would vote YOUR way. You have threatened, repeatedly, to resign over the current conflict you are having with the Council and City Managers office.

Now you again threaten to resign over “name calling and personal attacks” made against YOU, and more specifically, your family? As I said, I’m not sure if you are delusional or a liar, but in MY opinion, it’s one or the other.

Mr. Mayor, if you have the best interest of Rowlett in your heart as you say you do, RESIGN NOW, you have become an embarrassment to this city, the Council and all parties concerned.

If you have read the full story from The Rockwall Times you will have seen some incredibly lopsided reporting. Strangely enough, a couple of days ago Mr. J.J. Smith, the Publisher of that paper, sent me an email attempting to engage ME in an email conversation regarding Mayor Harper. 

Mr. Smith also made mention of the fact that I didn’t have any kind of support for, or words by Mayor Harper. Apparently, since I didn’t give Mayor Harper a *kiss on the cheek* I was engaged in *one-sided* blogging and wasn’t following the rules of journalistic integrity that I embrace.

This is an EXACT copy of the comment I have awaiting moderation on the story at The Rockwall News, let’s see if Mr. Smith will publish it, and engage me here, or on his paper, in a debate about journalistic integrity.

And J.J. Smith has the GALL to say that MY reporting is one-sided?

As I said J.J., when you criticized me, I already knew YOUR slant, and I was right on the money too…

You can come to my blog and register if you like, comments there are welcome, but I won’t engage you in a battle of words in email.. Let’s take it public, shall we??

Mr. Smith, all you have to do is let my comments through on your paper, or register here and I will let yours through, and we can discuss the one-sided reporting that YOU engage in, and the outright LIES that Mayor Harper has told, and that you have published.

That said, my blog is an open book, I don’t hide anything I have to say, I don’t sugar coat anything and I never make statements that I can’t back up with links, witnesses and/or 1st hand knowledge.

 And I don’t back down.

Our Mayor has crossed the line. He has made accusations of personal attacks being launched, against him and his family, attacks that were, according to Mayor Harper, launched by the Rowlett City Council, the City Managers office and some unnamed special interest group(s).

That unnamed part tends to give me the idea that these special interest groups are just a figment of the imagination of a man that sees his world spinning out of control. John Harper is NOT a man to sit idly by and keep quiet about ANYTHING, and an ATTACK, personal or otherwise, on any member(s) of his family would have instigated an immediate response from Mayor Harper.

I have NO doubt that our Council members and City Manager have had some serious disagreements with Mayor Harper. I would be surprised if the Council members and the City manager didn’t have some harsh words for Mayor Harper, but I am also fairly certain that if they did, they had the integrity to speak their concerns to the Mayor directly, and to NOT attack his family members in ANY way.

It is my belief that the Council truly needs to address this statement by Mayor Harper that his family was personally attacked. The truth MUST be ferreted out, by ANY means, and IF a member(s) of the Council or someone from the City Managers office engaged in a personal attack against a member(s) of the Mayors family, that person(s) needs to be dealt with severely. 

If it can’t be proven that such attacks took place, if it can be established that Mayor Harper has distorted the truth, or blatantly lied, then HE needs to be dealt with severely as well. 

There must be some sort of serious penalties in place to address a City official that engages in lies or makes slanderous statements against fellow officials and/or City employees and is pushing the definition of *abuse of power* to the edge.

Personal opinion; I think John Harper is trying to play The Victim now and looking to garner some degree of sympathy from the public as he hopes to escape a wave that is rapidly pulling him under.

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9 Responses to Rowlett Mayor Accuses Council and others of Attacking Family

  1. GM Roper says:

    Fred, keep up the good work. Hizzhonor is obviously aware that he is losing the battle and like a cornered rat, his teeth are bared and his claws out. Keep up the pressure amigo, you and the folk on your side are winning.

  2. cary says:

    Now, Fred, remember when you called his family instigators of – no, wait, that was him calling you something.

    Never mind.

    At this point, I’m kind of hooked on all this drama. It will be kind of a let down if he ever does step down, and all this fades into the past …

  3. Robert says:

    Man this saga just keeps getting better. The victim card is played and its now being used in the local media…touche or douche..

    it’s a damn shame too Fred, his policies seem to line up VERY well with MOST conservative ideals. (From what I’ve read) Shame this guy can’t get his head out and do the right thing the right way.

    Good luck.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Gentlemen — Mayor Harper has some absolutely wonderful ideas and he has a great financial mind, but he will argue until hell freezes over, and will spend a DOLLAR to save a DIME if that’s what it takes to prove his point.

    The *Victim Card* has most assuredly been thrown, of that there is NO doubt, and Hizzoner has Drama Queen down to a science.

    All he has to realize is this, his numbers are basically sound, his PEOPLE SKILL sucks scummy swamp water…

    If Hizzoner would use his PUBLIC persona in PRIVATE, he would go down in history as the best Mayor Rowlett has ever had…

    Sadly, he doesn’t, and far too many are wanting to see him go away… Soon…

  5. What an interesting little cautionary tale. Politics and egos. Imagine that. Also imagine an individual such as Fred who tends, most disconcertingly, to rely on facts in evidence. I hope that your mayor has a bottle of ibuprofen nearby. He’s going places it appears he quite ought not to go.


  6. Robert says:

    Yep Fred, that was my point. The man would have had some major support from ALL across the nation with his ideas. He seems to be someone I’d have supported fully. At some point though there is a personality, human element that has to be matched with those ideas. I doubt a strong conservative POTUS who acted in this way would be successful.

    Good luck with this Fred.

  7. Bubba says:

    Ya know, I been a watchin’ all this here bullshit with your Mayor, Hizzoner, that’s funny, I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny.

    Well, Ol’ Bubba ain’t got the whole damned alphabet behind his name, and I ain’t no damned head doctor, but I gotta tell ya’ll, this Mayor, I think that Ol’ Boy has slipped a gear, his cheese done slid off a his cracker.

    In other words, that boy is a crazy as a crap-house mouse.

  8. Robert says:

    Hahahaha.. Welcome back BUBBA!!! LMAO.

  9. TexasFred says:

    Bubba — You have a unique way of putting things… Unique indeed…

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